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Spring Recitals - Madrigals in May


Spring Recitals - Madrigals in May

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 19, 2015  ---  Thunder Bay has a wealth of talent. For many amateur groups the fruits of their labour are found in spring recitals.

Small groups such as Polyphony have found some expertise in the performance of madrigals. For hos who love to sing in harmony, madrigals are at once a challenge and a source of great satisfaction.

Madrigals can be performed with as little as one voice with instrumental accompaniment,  or several singers each singing their own part.

Singing in a madrigal groups requires a good match. The members must know how to sing in tune, but they also need to sing in tone as well. No one voice should predominate and blend of all the singers is a requirement.

We have had some great choral conductors in this City, but right now there are not many places for people who like to sing to  sing in a really enriched environment. For the most part Polyphony is a group who is attempting to keep good choral tradition alive..

Attending a good choral event is a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. This group is worthy of your support.

Bert Rowson,
Arts Editor: LakeSuperior

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