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Western moose in free-fall since wolf introduction

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#LSN_Outdoors  Western moose in free-fall

Bountiful UT ----   February 6, 2017  America’s moose are in serious trouble. You and millions of other sportsmen, America’s true conservationists, may be the last hope to save America’s moose. We need your help before it’s too late. Here is what is going on.

Just 20 years ago, Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Ecosystem were the heart of the world’s Shiras Moose population. There were literally thousands of moose in the park. People from all over the world traveled to Yellowstone to view and photograph these famous moose. The 1994 wolf introduction environmental impact statement (EIS) indicated that the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone would result in a 7-13% decline of moose. Unfortunately, these commitments have not been kept.

Today, just 20 years after wolves were introduced into Yellowstone, projections indicate that there are likely less than 100-300 moose left in Yellowstone National Park. Those watching resident moose populations indicate that actual numbers could be even lower. This represents a decline of approximately 90% of moose populations in the park.

This past winter, efforts to count moose in Yellowstone show just how serious the situation has become. We have been told that biologists flew over 350 miles of prime moose winter range in the park for over seven hours under prime viewing conditions. Only six total moose were located in the enormous study area.

As sportsmen, we understand the far-reaching impacts of the experimental introduction of Canadian wolves into the Western United States. We have also seen what the years of lawsuit and maneuvering by powerful anti-hunting interests have had on big game populations. We need your help to fight for protection and recovery of the Shiras Moose in America. Without responsible predator management by Western States, there will not be enough young moose to restore these populations to their former greatness.

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