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THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  May 17, 2011  ---  QUEEN’S PARK — “While Dalton McGuinty is squeezing Christine Elliott MPPOntario families and seniors with his increases to taxes and skyrocketing hydro bills, Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs are offering Ontario families relief by ending the sweetheart deal with Samsung that is driving up hydro bills.” Christine Elliott, Deputy Ontario PC Leader

Today, Deputy Ontario PC Leader Christine Elliott said Dalton McGuinty has become so out of touch he actually believes slapping the HST on essentials like gasoline and hydro is providing Ontario families with relief. Elliott added slapping the HST on his expensive energy experiments and hydro bills only adds fuel to Dalton McGuinty’s runaway spending.

Unbelievably, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan actually argued last week that slapping the HST on gasoline is saving families and seniors money at the pumps. It’s the same ruse that Dalton McGuinty used when he said his smart meter tax machines will save Ontario families and seniors money, that his Green Energy Act will only add 1 percent to hydro bills, or that his secret sweetheart Samsung deal adds only $1.60 a year.

Ontario families know Dalton McGuinty is hard wired to tax and spend – spend on his expensive energy experiments, like his sweetheart Samsung deal, and then slap the HST on top of them to make families pay more. Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs will provide relief for Ontario families on their hydro bills by ending Dalton McGuinty’s costly Samsung and FIT programs and giving them choice on time-of-use pricing.

“Dalton McGuinty has become so tired and so out of touch, he actually believes adding 8 percent HST to hydro and gas is relief for families. It’s as laughable as when he said smart meter tax machines and time-of-use will save Ontario families and seniors money.” --Christine Elliott, Deputy Ontario PC Leader


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