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Eco Depot Waste Diversion

Eco Depot Waste Diversion


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --- April 11, 2017  (LSN) Eco Depot Waste Diversion (Eco Depot) is Northwestern Ontario’s first & only Category A multi-stream composting facility. At Eco Depot, we believe that Northern Ontario should be a leader in the province in building a cleaner, greener world for future generations.

The facility is approved to receive 30,000 tonnes of organic waste annually, and is designed to operate year-round, and service multiple sectors including businesses, municipalities, industry, and residents. For Eco Depot composting operations, the facility is authorized to accept multiple organic waste streams including: source separated organic waste (such as food waste), biosolids, diapers, leaf and yard waste, green wood, wood waste, boiler ash, drywall, cardboard, and paper. Eco Depot is currently constructing the facility, and expects to commence full operations by fall of 2017. At this time, the facility can accept various green wood waste, and asphalt shingles for recycling.


Not only will composting divert organic materials from disposal in landfills, the organic waste received at the Eco Depot facility will also be converted into Category A compost, and various soil amendments. The finished compost will help to return nutrients back to the soil, which will provide valuable material for agriculture, horticulture and landscaping. The finished compost will also help to improve soil structure, help soil retain moisture, suppress plant disease, and reduce dependence on synthetic fertilizers.


The Category A compost can be used in any application, such as agricultural lands, residential gardens, horticultural operations, the nursery industry, and other businesses. Eco Depot will strictly adhere to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Compost Quality Standards including standards for metals in compost, pathogens, foreign matter content, compost maturity, labelling, and quality of feedstock, to ensure that the compost produced is of high quality.


Eco Depot owner John Staal stated, “Composting is the most sustainable option for managing organic waste, because it turns waste into a beneficial product that would otherwise be lost in the landfill. Most importantly, composting fosters regional efforts for local food production and food security."


Eco Depot has commenced discussions within area municipalities and IC&I waste generators to implement waste diversion strategies.


“The addition of a composting facility provides new opportunities for innovative partnerships and collaboration across a broad range of industry sectors while also extending the life of local landfills. This is a win-win for the environment and the economy of Thunder Bay and region,” commented Charla Robinson, President of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.


Oliver Paipoonge Mayor Lucy Kloosterhuis stated, “Oliver Paipoonge is extremely excited about the commencement of operations at Eco Depot. The reduction of organics in our Municipal landfill sites will bring notable savings to our landfill costs”.


In addition to Eco Depot’s composting interests, the facility has also begun an asphalt shingle recycling program. Local residents, contractors and roofing companies can dispose of their shingle waste (including felt and nails) at the facility, to have it ground up and used in hot mix asphalt applications for our roads.


Eco Depot is devoted to continuous environmental improvement through strong partnerships with neighbours, businesses, and the community. We are committed to a sustainable future.


To learn more about Eco Depot or for more information about how to begin diverting your organic waste, please contact:


Samantha Rizzo

P: 476-0666

F: 476-0333


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