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MARTEN FALLS, ON - March 3, 2011 - On January 25th, 2011, we announced that a blockade will Martenfalls logocommence and asked the companies to comply. To our knowledge, only the Billiken Camp complied; Noront made a statement to disregard the action; KWG made a statement that they obtained permission from Webequie First Nation (wrong First Nation to consult) and therefore, proceeded to disregard the order. This disregarded action has posed a serious threat to dialogue including the LUP (land-use plan with Ontario) process. In order to avoid a complete breakdown of communication and the imposition of a trespass notice to our territories, the following items need to be addressed by both government and the third party:

-No construction
-No plans
-No permit to cross Attawapiskat River Parkway
-Only airlines are busy

2. All-weather road access
-No support for development
-Companies have their own ideas iellslurry pipeline to Webequie, Webequie access road

3. Disregard to Aboriginal concerns in the study of the corridor by KWG, Spider, Cliffs
-We have our own ideas of corridor location like through Marten Falls using our existing access
road plans


4. No satisfactory resourcing for expertise
-No meaningful MOU (memorandum of understanding) development
-No in depth advanced exploration agreements
-No funding for negotiator, facilitator to oversee IBA (impact benefit agreement), groundwork,
groundwork for revenue sharing as Treaty implementation, groundwork for business
development as serVicing camps, camp maintenance, servicing as airport maintenance, fuel
depot development, airline involvement, winter-road us

5. Disregard for Aboriginal and Treaty rights
-no adequate consultation
-no consultation at all iell new camp at Koper Lake, corridor KWG study, the plan to go into
advanced prefeasibility work without adequate consultation or without agreement
L Winter-road
-No construction
-No plans
-No permit to cross Attawapiskat River Parkway
-Only airlines are busy

6. Disregard for Letters of Understanding between Webequie and Ontario signed in September 2010

7. Disregard to the joint MNR-MFFN LUP
-Far North Act used as smokescreen in the continuation of the old Mining Act regime. Our
planning process should have provided safeguards to Aboriginal Treaty concerns ielI ensuring
adequate consultation before any new action after the March 2010 blockade

8. No urgency to complete strip; parties slow to reassign surface rights issues

9. No pre-LlJP agreement for interim monitoring-game and wildlife iellcaribou habitat in drilling
activity, fish in lakes used as airports
-Environmental concerns iellno resourcing for our people to hire a non-embedded

10. We need reimbursement of blockade costs last and this year, including the costs of Aboriginal employees laid-off as a result. The blockade is not our fault, it is the fault of both the government and industry disregarding the Constitution Act Treaty protections.

Chief Elijah Moonias
Marten Falls First Nation
(807) 349-2509


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