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Off Shore Wind Farms Blown Away!


THUNDER BAY, ON  -------  February 18, 2011  ---- Thunder Bay Northwester Mountain RangeThe recent announcement by the government to place a moritorium on off shore wind farms is a small step in the right direction.  About time I'd say.  You can't cover up a ineffective program, especially one of this magnitude, with lip gloss and shine.  What a mess this entire Green Energy Act is!  Come clean Liberal Party of Canada, admit your mistake and face your errors.  That's what my mother taught me.  You just don't keep making more mistakes to cover the "other" bigger mistake.  Now that the wind farm environmental, health and cost issues are finally being recognized and heard, let's do this right!  Wipe the slate clean, and start again.
This is how it all started for me said Anna Marchese.  Couple of days back I read the headlines in various newspapers about the Provinical moratorium of these huge industrial structures and I thought (FINALLY!!!) that the same should go for on shore wind turbines too!  The government is pushing their Green Energy Act too fast, too strong, too intensely and without too much care and concern of those citizens who might not be too happy about it!!  The government keeps telling the public about all the safety issues and precautions put in place to minimize harm to the lakes, animals and what have you.... Yet....In all the materials that I have read, reviewed, heard and seen reported, nothing speaks to the SCIENCE of the issue.  Has it been tried and tested in OUR waters?  Do we want it in OUR waters?  Do we research other methods of green energy production before we gamble with OUR waters?  Seems like on or off shore turbines are all about who's making the money.  And the dimly fogged image of saving mother earth, protecting the environment is just a by product of considerable propaganda.  Well, I'm sorry if I sound like I don't trust this government; well, no, I'm not actually sorry.  I just don't trust this government to protect me, the animals, the environment, or our drinking water.  Would you?? 
There are plenty of supporters for off shore wind farms (see M. Gee editorial Globe & Mail Feb. 14 for example) but there is nothing concrete, nothing at all, to determine whether they are safe, off shore or on shore.  Also, and here's the clincher....the price of the energy produced, once all cost factors have been added into the mix, it simply does not become attractive to the people - i.e. the average rate payer.  Or the average business person.  Or the average manufacturer!  And who will it really benefit? 
All Politicians need to wake up and see that the public is demanding true answers, fairness and clarity about costs of producing "green" energy under the so-called guidelines of the freshly written/continually being revised/upgraded Green Energy Act.  (This document seems to favour the developers in every situation...simply a speedway for approvals processes!)
I can only hope that the government, as demonstrated by this moratorium, seems to be finally listening to the people. 
Put the brakes on, back up, park and turn the engine off.

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