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THUNDER BAY, ON  ------  September 4, 2014Boshcoff vows to call town hall meeting to address violence in the community,
Ken Boshcoffwithin one week after election.

Since records have been kept by Police no year has ever exceeded the first 8 months for murders as 2014.

You will surely agree that even one homicide is too many. With 4 months to go I share your frustration and your fears about the
direction in which these statistics are heading. Because we all know they are more than numbers. People are dying right in our
neighbourhoods and parks.

Since I have last written about crime and violence I am as shocked as you are that it continues so steadily.

Many of you have called, written, or talked to me when I am out in the community about what can be done.

This matter has become top of mind for everyone in the community. I cannot promise as others have that I can end crime, but I
am certainly willing to work with anybody or any group that REALLY is willing to commit to dealing with this head-on.

Several of you have proposed community-wide rallies, of which the recent Vigil made such an impact. I will go a step further.
Within one week of taking office as your Mayor, I will hold a town hall meeting to rally our community in common cause to end
this senseless violence. I will assemble a team with the capability to 􀃶rst listen to people and then to act on the advice so that a
united front can be formed that will design effective solutions, AND make them long-lasting.

The issues of homicide are many and widespread. Only a united community effort led by determination and purpose can wrestle
this down. The Police need us citizens to back them up. The issues that take Police off the beat and away from crime hot spots
are exactly the kind of matters that we, as a community that wants a positive direction, can focus upon. Addictions, homelessness,
domestic violence, poverty, mental illnesses, are only some of the contributing factors.

I am grateful we have so many dedicated individuals, groups, and service organizations willing to give of themselves towards
􀃶nding solutions.

We have many plans on the books. I am offering my leadership skills to bring people together to seriously drive towards turning
this around. We know that combined efforts can produce real results.

Many many communities have done this. I believe that we, as a community, can engage caring people for lasting change.
Can we do this ? You must believe we can because it is the reason we have such a great community already. We cannot let murders
and violence undo all the good things we have achieved !

Hopefully you will agree that our community must rally to end the crime streak and that you will help me so that WE can achieve
this for our City's future.

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