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11:56 p.m. Shuniah Results now in

For Reeve  One to be elected
Maria Harding 891 Elected
Peter Tighe 681

COUNCILLOR – MacGregor – Three to be elected

Ron GIARDETTI 723 Elected
Donna BLUNT 680 Elected
Wendy LANDRY 676 Elected
Jo-Anne HAMELIN 603

COUNCILLOR – McTavish – One to be elected
Alana Bishop    Acclaimed

11:01 p.m. Thunder Bay gets a new mayor.  Keith Hobbs defeated incumbant Mayor Lynn Peterson.     At Large Race Ken Boshcoff, led the polls,  Larry Hebert, Iain Angus, Rebecca Johnson and Aldo Ruberto.  Other winners, Trevor Giertuga , Andrew Foulds, Joe Virdiramo, Paul Pugh, Mark Bentz, Brian McKinnon and Linda Rydholm. 

Hobbs   17,153
Peterson 11,219
Pullia   6,209
Irwin   2,264
Burridge    185
Kwasny     128 

10:02 p.m.  Keith HobbsHobbs continues to take commanding lead with a number of familiar face return to council Hobbs    14956
Peterson  9780
Pullia    5200
Irwin     2031
Bridge     150
Kwasny      97


9:25 p.m. Hobbs takes early lead

Hobbs 3752
Peterson 2631
Pullia 1421
Irwin  566
Bridge 50
Kwasney   31

8:50  p.m.   Some Thunder Bay  polls may close later than 8 p.m. due to lineups results to be delayed

8:20 p.m.   With 89 per cent of polls in Toronto reporting, Rob Ford gains more votes than George Smitherman and Joe Pantalone combined.


October 25, 2010 – The City Clerk’s office is reporting that as of 5 pm, there were 19, 970 voters at the polls across the city, 24.7% of eligible voters. There were 17,537 voters at the polls by the same time in the 2006 election.

Voters are selecting representatives to Thunder Bay City Council and the School Board that they support.  Electors are choosing Councillors for their ward, at-large and Mayor to make up our 13 member City Council.

After 8 pm today, unofficial results will be generated as they are received from the regular, advance and building polls. Official election results will not be available until Wednesday, Oct. 27.

All eligible voters are encouraged to get out to the polls and vote before they close at 8 pm.



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