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BARRIE, ON  –  September 3, 2011   ---  “Dalton McGuinty doesn’t think tracking high rDalton McGuintyisk offenders’ whereabouts is a real issue. He seems more worried about the privacy rights of these criminals, than the safety of Ontario families.  An Ontario PC government will make public safety a priority and use GPS technology to monitor the people who threaten us.”  “We are the only party that will use twenty-first century technology to protect innocent families from dangerous criminals.  Police will be able to monitor offenders and, if needed, react immediately to protect the community.”  said Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader

Today, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak announced his plan to keep Ontario families and children safe by requiring high risk offenders who are released into the community to wear GPS tracking devices. 

Too often high risk offenders who are very likely to commit further crimes are allowed to roam freely.  These criminals are hard wired to threaten law-abiding citizens.  Stalkers, serial wife abusers, gang members, and sexual predators are some examples of dangerous criminals whose whereabouts should always be known.

Hudak said he will protect families by putting GPS devices on these high risk offenders, giving police the tools they need to track them and, if needed, react immediately to protect the community. 

"I am very proud of this initiative as I believe that the first duty of any government is the protection of its most vulnerable citizens; our children. This will go a long way to provide the police with the tools they need to proactively monitor the management of high risk offenders and sexual predators in our communities."  --Joe Wamback, Co-founder, Canadian Crime Foundation

GPS Tracking Devices On High Risk Offenders:

● Police currently do not have access to some of the leading edge tools to track or monitor
high risk criminals who are released into Ontario communities. For example, last May,
high risk offender Robert Van Braeckel was released on probation into a Waterloo
community. Van Braeckel has been convicted for crimes including sexual assault,
assault causing bodily harm, weapons possession, unlawful entry, theft, and numerous
driving offenses. He has since reoffended by harassing a woman he had previously
sexually assaulted. He is now back behind bars. GPS tracking devices could have
prevented this.

● The Criminal Code allows provincial governments to request the use of electronic
monitoring devices like GPS to track high risk offenders. But Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal
Government has chosen not to use this important tool to help keep Ontario communities

● GPS technology would allow law enforcement officials to track high risk offenders in real
time by exact street addresses, and even speed. GPS devices can also be set to send
immediate alerts when an offender misses curfew, enters an exclusion zone such as a
school, or commits other violations.

● Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, the Canadian federal government, and more than 40
American states currently use GPS technology to monitor high risk offenders.
A Tim Hudak Government Will Get Tough on Crime:

In addition to requiring high risk offenders to wear GPS bracelets, a Tim Hudak government will:

  •  Develop a public website that lists the names and addresses of registered sex
    offenders who are living in Ontario.
  •  Toughen our treatment of criminals. We will require provincial prisoners to work up to
    40 hours per week of manual labour. This includes picking up litter, raking leaves, cutting
    grass, and other tasks. These tasks will provide an extra means of giving back to
  •  Create a provincial registry of houses previously used as grow ops and meth labs. In order to keep our neighbourhoods safe, we will establish a registry to allow realtors and future homeowners to know whether or not a property was ever used as a grow op or meth lab.

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