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THUNDER BAY, ON   -----    October 10, 2010   ----  Every year we are subjected to tax increases; Andy Wolffmeanwhile, we watch helplessly as our tax dollars are being spent subsidizing consultants and mega-projects that only benefit big business, in hopes that we revive our suffering economy.  Anytime we suggest freezing tax levels; we are told the only alternative is to cut public and essential services.  I do not believe this to be true!  What we must do is devote time to examining each department’s budget and eliminate the wasteful spending.  Before we embark on major projects we must get spending under control.  Finally, we need to give taxpayers a break by returning the hospital tax back to the taxpayer.  If we can control spending and prevent tax increases, we will gradually start to reduce the debt, since part of our budget is put towards payment of that debt.

I will be holding a second public meeting at Chartwell Select, 770 Arundel Street on Wednesday, October 13th at 7:30 pm.  As a courtesy to all Current River Ward candidates, I invite all Mayoral and At-Large candidates to share their ideas and answer questions by all of those who will be attending.

 Andy Wolff will start the evening by explaining my platform.  I have five main objectives that I would like to achieve as Councillor for Current River Ward.

  • No tax increases and debt reduction
  • Proactive management
  • Reducing crime
  • Better essential and public services
  • Addressing the major issues affecting Current River Ward.

 With recent developments such as the way our waterfront has been developed, to the proposed wind farms, to the discontinuation of our locally operated seniors homes, to the unresolved union contracts with our city employees; our present city council has caused more divisions within our community than the entire history of our city.  A lot of this could have been avoided if the city would have been more proactive in its planning.  This could have been simply done by consulting with the public and having less closed-door meetings.

  Crime has become a major issue of late.  The city is now introducing a ten-year plan focusing on the Crime Mapingprevention of crime.  The question is what are we doing about it now?  I would like to lobby for the return of the Neighbourhood Police program and the organizing of the police department so that more police are on the streets and less are in administration.  When the city has vandalized property, the city should act immediately and repair it.   Click on the image to the right to see how bad crime has gotten over the past 4 years in Thunder Bay. The Thunder Bay Police do not list homicides on their crime maps, Homicides are listed on the crime mapping of other cities to help warn people living in the neighbourhood of the homicides.

 At the present time the city seems to be focusing on major projects.  We should be focusing more on managing our infrastructure such as our roads, sewers, utilities and essential services.  With regards to city employee moral, it’s a disgrace we have 70 plus administrators on the sunshine list continually getting annual raises and pushing for multi-million dollar decisions; yet, we have unresolved union contracts and transit workers threatening to go on strike.  We must set a policy in place that all union contracts must be resolved, before any raises or performance bonuses go to anyone on Senior Administration.

 Finally, I would like to address the issues affecting Current River Ward.  There are some houses in the ward that still have low water pressure.  Once and for all, I would like to see this issue resolved.  Major road repair needs to be done in our ward.  Cumberland Street in particular is in dire need of upgrading.  I will make this priority #1 for road repair.  I am and will be consulting with residents and businesses within our ward to see what their issues are and address them in an effective manner.

 I look forward to seeing a number of people at my second meeting and look more forward to having them offer their input.  We need a city council that talks less and listens more.  LET THE PEOPLE COUNT!

 Andy Wolff
Candidate – Current River Ward Councillor


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