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Interpretive Nature Painter Shows at Lake Superior Art Gallery


THUNDER BAY, ON ------  August 19, 2010  -------   Interpretive nature painter, Pat BigelowPatricia Bigelow is showing some of her artwork at Lake Superior Art Gallery in Victoriaville Mall, Thunder Bay.  Her showing will run until September 17.

Pat is a multifaceted person, as most interesting people are. She has lived and studied in the States, and has travelled around the globe all the while painting and at the same time developing a career as a computer scientist. She now resides in Nolalu, just west of Thunder Bay. She is now retired from Computer Science, so one would think she would devote all her time to her artwork, but she divides her creative talent by making concrete sinks as well. (They are made to go with granite countertops!)

In perusing her works at the gallery I had a sense of déjà vous, I had seen works similar to this at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. She has often been told that her works resemble those of the group of 7, but alas if you did not Hot Springs Icelandinvent the style then you don’t get the credit. Just the same if you like the style there are some very nice pieces hanging on the walls of the gallery. One of the painters who inspired Pat was Ohio artist Charles Birchill. “He would paint nature as if it were music”, she says. She is also fond of the works of Emily Carr. When painting landscapes,  she paints with an interpretive process. She uses acrylic, watercolour and encaustic wax as favoured mediums for her artwork. In examining some of her wax works you can see the unique side of artist Pat Bigelow. There is not a trace of Emily Carr of the group of 7 in these works. The medium allows her to express herself in three dimensions and her creations are vivid and will become a focal point and topic of discussion in any room. “Art needs space and a good frame to draw attention to itself”, she says.

When I commented I did not see too many people in her artwork she said “I prefer painting nature to painting people, although she did paint a picture of Buzz Algren stepping on the moon!” She loves water and coastlines and has travelled to New Zealand and Iceland looking for unique landscapes to paint.

You can have a chance to work with this talented artist. She has been making A Match Madeprints since the 1970’s and has constantly been looking for a better way to transfer images. In the third week of September she will be offering acourse on Solar Print Making. Using small glass photo sensitive glass plates she will guide participants through the process of making their own small prints. All the participant needs to bring is a small image about 6x8 inches and attend the course. Materials will be supplied from the course fee. One display in the gallery are some of Pat Bigelow’s prints. “I limit myself to ten prints per image” she says. This allows her to maximize the return on her art while at the same time offering a more affordable value to her patrons. There are some fine pieces hanging on the walls at Lake Superior Art Gallery. While some of her work is based locally her view is always global, and her vision extends beyond Thunder Bay to include the wider art community of which she is a part.

Bert Rowson

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