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Transport Canada Approves Deicing Fluid Wasaya Airways


Wasaya Airways  Beech

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  April 17, 2015 – – Wasaya Airways of Thunder Bay, announces a major enhancement to its ground de-icing program by introducing Type IV de-icing fluid. Transport Canada has approved Wasaya Airways for the use of Type IV fluid, which will enhance its capabilities for safe, fast and reliable air travel.

Wasaya’s ground de-icing program ensures that the critical surfaces of all aircraft are free from contamination by snow or ice before they become airborne. The benefit to moving to Type IV is the improved holdover time. This is the time period during which the fluid will ensure the aircraft is free from contamination prior to take-off. Currently, the ground de-icing program uses a Type I de-icing fluid which will protect the aircraft for an average of only 2-4 minutes. The short window offered by Type 1 fluid means that the aircraft may have to return for a second application or may not be able to attempt a take-off at all. With the new Type IV fluid, the window for a safe departure is considerably wider as it will protect the aircraft for a longer period ranging from 55 minutes up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Wasaya AirwaysThe new de-icing fluid will be implemented in Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout initially. Red Lake and Pickle Lake bases will see it shortly thereafter for both passenger and cargo services. This change will result in fewer delays for our guests and, when combined with planned upgrades to our freight aircraft, will increase the probability of receiving freight on icy days. Our guests will know when Type IV fluid is used as it appears as a green film when applied to the aircraft.

Wasaya will be the first commuter carrier in Northwestern Ontario to use Type IV fluid on aircraft flying to remote northern comm
unities. The fluid will not only enhance safety but will also improve on time performance and reliability. This type of fluid is designed for travel in a region such as Northwestern Ontario which regularly faces adverse weather elements.

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