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THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   October 5. 2011  ---  This year marks the Third Annual October Studio Walkabout, a walking Mark Nisenholt tour of five studios/homes in College Heights and Mariday Park, in the north end, showcasing the work of ten local professional artists.
The October Studio Walkabout came about when several artists got together to discuss the possibility of creating a venue to showcase and sell their work, in a setting that offered the public an opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work in their own studios.
Their mandate was to keep the group small and to select people who were professionals with extensive experience in their media. The quality of the work was of primary importance for all the members, and a desire to limit the number of studios so that there would be time for the public to see the work and spend time with the makers. Thus, an eclectic group of painters, sculptors, potters, glass artists and printmakers, living within close proximity to each other comprise the group. This year’s tour features the work of ten artists, Tim Alexander, John Books, Joshua Dowback, Alison Kendall, Sarah Link, Luke Nicol, Mark Nisenholt, Liz and Peter Powlowski and James Woodbeck.Tim Alexander - Island Pottery
The Walkabout has now become a must see for local art lovers. It is held during the third full weekend in October which gives the public an opportunity to view and purchase new work from the artists and get an early start to holiday shopping.
This year there are five locations, 184 McKibbin Street, 121 Prospect Avenue, 14 College Street, 373 Tupper Street and 119 Regent Street.
Maps are available at Kleewick Glass, 601 Simpson Street, Fireweed, 182 Algoma St., and Lake Superior Art Gallery in Victoriaville.
The tour takes place from October 21 to October 23, Friday 6.00 to 9:00, Saturday 10:00 to 4:00, and Sunday noon to 4:00
All work is for sale. Admission is free.

On the weekend of the sale, look for the sandwich boards and banners on McKibbin, Prospect, College, Tupper, and Regent. Maps available.
This is a great opportunity to go for a fall walk with friends, see original arts and crafts, meet the artists in their studios or homes, treat yourself to an original work of art, or get a start to your holiday shopping.


1. 184 McKibbin Street - Sarah Link & James Woodbeck - pottery, sculpture
Alison Kendall - prints, books, beadwork
2. 121 Prospect Avenue - Mark Nisenholt - prints & drawings
3. 14 College Street - Tim Alexander - Island Pottery
John Books - sculpture
4.  373 Tupper Street - Josh Dowback - Kleewick Glass
Luke Nicol - painting
5. 119 Regent Street - Elizabeth and Peter Powlowski -
Strawberry Hill Pottery
Maps available at Fireweed 182 Algoma St. and Kleewick Glass, 601 Simpson St.
On weekend of sale: look for the foot banners and sandwich boards. Maps
 Walk About Map

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