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Lake Superior News and Thunder Bay Live are co operating  to help candidates running in this October's Municipal Election to provide the candidates with double the exposure.

On Lake Superior News when a candidate provide their election profile we will include the video from Thunder Bay Live to help you get your message out.

All you need to do is email us your candidate profile with a photo.

Thunder Bay Live 

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 Election Day October 27, 2014
Voting hours from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Map of Ward Boundaries

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If you have registered and are not listed below, please contact us

Candidates City of Thunder Bay Mayor


Mayor (Vote for 1)
Keith Hobbs                  14,463
Ken Boshcoff                12,051
Shane Judge                   9,531
Colin Burridge                    412
Douglas David Mackay      362
Henry Wojak                      304
Total Votes                   37,123

Candidates City of Thunder Bay At Large

Councillor At Large (Vote for 5)

Iain Angus                15,861
Larry Hebert             14,664
Rebecca Johnson     14,620
Aldo Ruberto             14,311

Frank Pullia                14,112


Tamara Johnson         10,207
Lawrence Timko           9,164
Barry Streib                  8,972
Terri-Lynne Carter        6,586
Andrew Brigham          5,752
Sargon Khubyar          5,465
Robin Rickards            5,082
Chris Holland               4,475
Diane Armstrong         4,406
Kimberly Coreau         3,714
Norm Sponchia          3,029
Ian Convey                 2,856
Wolfgang Schoor       2,783
Ed Hailio                    1,011
Total Votes            147,070 

Candidates City of Thunder Bay Wards

Current River Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Andrew Foulds             3,098
Andy Wolff               698     
Claudio Monteleone           532
Dick Waddington           448
Total Votes             4,776

Red River Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Brian McKinnon             3,341
David George Noonan         2,072
James Marsh               558
Paul Sloan               386
Total Votes             6,357

McKellar Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Paul Pugh             2,237
Kristian Kuznak         1,099
Douglas Powell               923
Total Votes             4,259

McIntyre Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Trevor Giertuga         2,363
Wesley Ramage             1,402
Logan Ollivier             1,007
Mike Komar               780
Total Votes             5,552

Northwood Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Shelby Ch'ng             2,157
Mark Bentz             1,639
Jim Mauro             1,184
Frank Armiento               639
Total Votes             5,619

Westfort Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Joe Virdiramo             1,680     
Frank Scarcello         1,635     
Beatrice Metzler         1,406     
John P. Radl               805     
Total Votes             5,526     

Neebing Ward Councillor (Vote for 1)
Linda Rydholm             2,141     
Geoff Abthorpe               821     
Austin Haner               695    
Total Votes             3,657    

Candidates Shuniah

 Name  Position  Municipality  Incumbent
 Wendy Landry
 Reeve  Shuniah  No  Yes
 Maria Harding
 Reeve  Shuniah  Yes  
 Don Smith
 Councillor  McGregor
 Name  Position  Municipality  Incumbent
 Erwin Butikofer
 Councillor at large  Neebing  No



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