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Inspire Thunder Bay - Culture Plan in the Works


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  March 24, 2010 -----  The creation of a Cultural Plan Inspire Thunder Bayfor the City of Thunder Bay is an exciting opportunity for theentire community to participate in shaping the future of one of our most valuable resources - ourunique and authentic local culture - which is a valid economic driver for our great city, and animportant contributor to its sustainability. Because a plan of this nature is only as diverse asthe individuals and groups that contribute to it, all citizens of Thunder Bay from emergingartists, avid concert fans, and cultural supporters, to those who simply want to learn more aboutlocal arts and heritage and the role they play in Thunder Bay, are invited to be a part of sculpting this Plan and our future cultural landscape.

On Monday, March 29 from 6:30-9 pm, there will be a Community Open House to introduce the CulturePlan consultant team, planning process and objectives, and to explore what culture means toThunder Bay. The Open House will be followed by a daylong Public Forum on Tuesday, March 30 from9-5 pm to delve into a collective vision, strategies, and actions that will shape the Plan. Bothpublic events will take place at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium and are free of charge toanyone who wishes to attend.

Every great city acknowledges the importance of a thriving cultural scene, and Thunder Bay is noexception. It seems that no matter the day of the week or time of year, there is always something‘cultural’ going on here. While our city capably attracts many national and international names,it is the overwhelming number of local artists, artisans, writers, historians, dancers, actors,film makers, and musicians who live and work here every day that shape our cultural landscape. The City of Thunder Bay is taking pause to acknowledge and celebrate these individuals and theorganizations, businesses and events that represent, employ, and present them, through thecreation of a Municipal Culture Plan. Culture affects us all and whether we recognize it or not, it is woven into every aspect of our community and daily lives. In its commercial form, culture is the music we listen to, the booksand magazines we read, the movies we watch, and the pictures and objects we decorate our homes with. At the community level, culture is everything from concerts and events like BluesFest andSummer in the Parks, to the art and music classes our children take in school. The voice of the cultural sector and its supporters has been growing louder by number for some

time now and it is this voice that has given rise to the need for a Cultural Plan for the City ofThunder Bay. A Cultural Plan for the City will identify of all of our cultural assets (the notionof culture as an asset and economic driver may be foreign to some), assess of the needs and potential of local art, culture & heritage professionals and groups, and finally result in thecreation of a dynamic strategic document that will provide the City of Thunder Bay with directionfor its process of supporting, investing in, and developing the local cultural sector in thefuture.

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