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United States 
77 Mile Creek Road 
PO Box 421 
Grand Portage Mn USA 


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            605 Victoria Ave East 
 Thunder Bay, Ontario CA


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 For Media Releases Please send them to news @ LakeSuperiorNews  . com

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News  /  Crime / Economy / Environment  /  Arts /  Health  /  Outdoors-Travel  /  Shipping / Sports

 Bert Rowson
Arts Editor
  Maggie Chicoine,
   Travel  Writer
   Mike Shusterman
   Environmental Law Specialist
Dianne Saxe, PhD
   Kevin Gaudet,
Ontario Director CTF
   Millie Gormely, 
Certified Financial Planner

Hubert O'Hearn
Politics for Joe


 Andy Wolff


Getting Started...

Lake Superior News tries to provide news and information which is of interest to our readers from around Lake Superior.  Our website is divided into a number of news sections which are displayed across the top of each page on the website.

Looking for your stories

If you have a news story that you feel would be of interest to our readers please contact us. news at

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