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Superior Theatre Festival’s Youth Summer Initiative

Superior Theatre Festival

#LSN_Arts   Night Wings

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  April 12, 2017  (LSN) Superior Theatre Festival’s Youth Summer Initiative for 2017 focuses on performance skills and play creation.  This youth intensive will take place from July 24th - July 29th, 2017 and lead right up to the Superior Theatre Festival which runs July 27th-30th, 2017.

In its second year of existence Superior Theatre Festival will focus on uniquely Canadi-an stories throughout this summer exploration and they are especially interested in the Northern Perspective and Northern Voice.  How can students access the power they have in their own stories and share those with others around them? How are their sto-ries the same as other youth around the country and how do they differ?  These and other questions will be explored in the workshops and students will have an opportunity for sharing and connection via Skype with another arts group outside of Thunder Bay that are engaging in an arts summer program.  This will create further connections for the young artists with other youth across Ontario.

Superior Theatre’s summer youth training project was conceived of by Donna Marie Baratta who grew up in Thunder Bay and who always had a desire to contribute within the community in a way that was centred around theatre.  When Donna Marie lived in Thunder Bay she taught at three dance studios while teaching drama and dance full-time at Westgate CVI.  Every day she would witness the transformative nature that the arts had on young people and see the arts give students purpose and fulfill them in im-measurable ways. 

This program aims to create positive and healthy opportunities for youth to become in-volved in the community and learn in a supportive environment.  STF’s program will bring youth together to create in an inclusive environment with both an Ontario Certified Teacher and artist/educators to build confidence, risk taking, empathy and a vocabulary in the arts.  Students will explore: improvisation, movement work, text work, choral reading, music composition, puppetry, mask work, and play creation.  At the end of the week they will present the work that they’ve created during the week as part of the Superior Theatre Festival in the Spirit Garden.

STF’s philosophy is to provide a fresh perspective to students that already have experi-ence with drama and to ignite a fire in those that are new to it.  This training is based on an experiential model.  Students that are physically engaged in the work and encour-aged to build from their own ideas, will be more engaged and apt to take ownership of their work. 

This training program is an equal opportunity program.  STF hopes to attract youth that are curious and passionate about the arts and youth that have little to no formal training. All are welcome.
Interested participants must be ages 13-19 years old.  Please go to the Superior Theatre Festival website ( and fill in a simple online application form.  It will ask pertinent information about each student and why they want to be involved.  These applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information call: Donna Marie Baratta at 647-983-2482 or email at
from our production of Night Wings and these are our Young Company members: from left to right - Gabby Carlin, Eliza Goodwin, Wes-ley Graham  and then in the role of Jari - Roland Piers.


Superior Theatre Festival


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