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Waterfront Gallery Pottery Creations Show


TWO HARBORS mn  ----   November 25, 2012  ----   Waterfront Gallery's Ceramics Exhibit, November 15 through December Al Omarzu31 in Two Harbors.
The artists exhibiting their ceramics at the Waterfront Gallery's winter show are all experienced potters working with rich glaze colors and reserved ornamentation style.  They create platters, bowls, vases, casseroles, pitchers, covered pots, tea bowls, teapots, and mugs that are functional, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind.  The exhibiting artists come from the area;  Two Harbors, Duluth, along the North Shore, and Nebagamon WI.  Thunder Bay, residents traveling to Duluth are invited to drop in and enjoy this exhibit.

Holiday gifts:  Shopping locally during the holiday season supports the local economy.  Buying artist created one-of-a-kind items not only supports the artist's trade, but ensures a gift that is unique and special.

Dave Yungner Pottery, Rich Red and Golden Glazes
"Potter describes my way of life, not my occupation.  I live simply, work in solitude, and aim for serenity.  Within my modest studio on Minnesota's shore of Lake superior, clay provides a material for creative expression that naturally engages a balance of head, heart, and hand.  My work is meticulously crafted to achieve a style that is both dignified and tranquil.  Typically, my pots begin on the wheel with stoneware clay.  After they dry (which can take a very long time depending on Lake Superior's whims--wind and fog), I bisque -fire then dip them in either and iron-saturated or ash glaze.  I glaze-fire to 2250 degrees F to create decorative pieces and food-safe tableware that can be used in ovens and microwaves".

Martye Allen  Pottery and Sculpture with Animal Imagery 
"Working with clay, I am fascinated by certain forms, movement, and patterns, fusing all three into both the shape of the piece and its decoration.  Imagery and the relationship of images on the surface of the pieces are my main focus.  The greatest source of inspiration for my drawings are the exquisite, funny animals, both real and imagined, on Mimbres pots from the American Southwest.  Cave painting of France and Spain as well as stone carvings of the Inuit people in Canada are also strong influences.  My hope is to incorporate the life and spirit of all these elements into my own work.  My functional pots are porcelain or stoneware, wheel-thrown or hand built.  Designs are created with glazes and a wax resist technique similar to batik or a scrafitto technique in which the image is etched through black slip to the white clay beneath". 


 Dick Cooter
Dick Cooter    Pottery, Wood Fired Kiln
Martye Allen 
Martye Allen  Pottery and Sculpture with Animal Imagery

Dick Cooter    Pottery, Wood Fired Kiln
"I follow the tradition in which making a pot is the collaboration among clay, fire, potter and user," states Dick.  "The potter seeks the tension among them so that each element has its place, and none dominates for too long".  Dick's studio near Two Harbors, MN is familiar to many who make the North Shore trek.  His 125 cubic foot wood-burning kiln is modeled after traditional Korean kilns and is stoked for 36 hours before reaching the 2400 degrees F necessary to fire the work.  "Pots emerge from this river of fire with a richness of surface that can't be duplicated by more modern means,"  says the artist.  Dick's pottery is characterized by wonderfully loose forms and rich glazes that add texture and rivulets to his pieces.  His beautiful large vessels, vases, and bowls are a joy to use domestically and casually.  Dick's dinnerware is in service at the Angry Trout Cafe in Grand Marais, MN.

Al Omarzu  Wood Ash Glazed Pottery
Al works in ash glazes on his pottery that reflect his interests in form and texture.  His influences include Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, Dick Cooter, and traditional English and Chinese folk pottery.  He is interested in anything done by hand and has illustrated books, restored leather flight jackets, and built violins.  "I feel all my artwork, both fine and commercial, is based on my ability to draw.  I grew up in the car culture, and another aspect of my artistic life is the traditional American hotrod.  I consider these cars a traditional American art form much like Amish quilts of Annazi Pottery".

Sheila Staubus Handcrafted Ceramic Artwork
Sheila has had a fascination with color, line, and form since childhood, but had her first class in ceramics in 2001.  After years of workshops and practice she developed her skills in creating functional forms as well as whimsical sculpture.  She currently teaches clay classes at the Duluth Art Institute and assists in managing the teaching studio.  "Teaching forces me to think about how and why I do things a certain way, and what new (or old) techniques I want to try.  I also meet many wonderful and creative people"  Shelia notes how it can take over a months time to produce a piece and how all pieces are unique;  "There are so many variables---position in the kiln, length of firing----one piece will never be the same as another.  This unique quality is part of their charm and should be expected".

Variety of signature styles...............huge selection............... beautiful pottery that is functional

Ceramics Exhibit at Waterfront Gallery
Two Harbors, MN           
November 15 - December 31, 2012
GALLERY HOURS:  Thursday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM.

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