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 Picasso In The North
Picasso In The North


Lake Superior Shipwreck Map
Lake Superior Shipwreck

Dead, male cougar was found south west of Thunder Bay - Sunday, March 26, 2017

#LSN_Outdoors   Mandi Weist hand by Cougar Paw

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO March 26, 2017  (LSN)My boyfriend, my two friends Casey Nykyforchyn and Istvan Balogh and I, had gone out shooting Saturday afternoon at a gravel pit on the boreal road, south west of Thunder Bay, Ontgario Canada . On the way back, at about 2:00pm, we noticed this van parked on the side of the road at about km 13 on the road. Making sure they were not in any trouble, we had asked them if they were okay. They had told us they were, and that they were just stopped to check out the dead mountain lion on the bank. Being shocked, we had to check it out as well.
We approached the animal and we realized that it was 100% a mountain lion by the colour, the giant teeth and paws, and of course the long tail, lying dead on a patch of snow partially frozen. The cat had porcupine quills in its shoulder and cheek and had looked really thin and starved. Being as it was such a rare find, and had been solid proof that these elusive cats actually do prowl the forests of northwestern Ontario, we couldn't leave it behind! It would be such an amazing animal to have preserved!
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Federal budget punts major decisions - Thursday, March 23, 2017

#LSN_Opinion    Policy uncertainty hovering over the Canadian economy

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ,  March 23, 2017  (LSN)  Wednesday, federal budget adds fuel to the growing problem of policy uncertainty hovering over the Canadian economy. It’s essentially status quo. It fails to chart a clear course for taxpayers, entrepreneurs and businesses, and risks making Canada even less competitive.

Put simply, the government has punted major policy decisions into the future, causing further uncertainty about the economic environment in Canada. Without a clearly expressed policy vision, entrepreneurs and business investors will likely continue to sit on the sidelines, or worse, take their investment elsewhere.
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Roger Blough cleared the Aerial Bridge - Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Roger Blough

#LSN_Shipping   Roger Blough cleared the Aerial Bridge at 7:46 a.m.  Photo by Paul Scinocca

Duluth, Minn., USA -  March 22, 2017  (LSN)  What a glorious way to start the day!  First light, first laker.  The Roger Blough cleared the Aerial Bridge at 7:46 a.m. today – heralding the official start of the 2017 commercial shipping season in the Port of Duluth-Superior.

 The first U.S.-flag laker Roger Blough cleared the Aerial Bridge at 7:46 a.m. today departed the Port of Duluth-Superior , Wed.,  March 22, signaling the start of the 2017 commercial shipping season at this, the farthest inland port on the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway system.
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Catch-and-release summer walleye season announced for Mille Lacs Lake - Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Mille Lacs Lake

#LSN_Outdoors  Fisheries Chief Don Pereira                                                       DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA,   March 21, 2017  (LSN)  Catch-and-release summer walleye season announced for Mille Lacs Lake 21-day walleye closure in July expected to help extend fishing season through Labor Day
Catch-and-release only regulations needed to rebuild Mille Lacs Lake’s walleye population will again be in effect when anglers hit the water on Saturday, May 13. The 2017 walleye season on Mille Lacs is scheduled to run through Monday, Sept. 4. 

“Our goal is to have the longest fishing season possible while ensuring the conservation of the lake’s future walleye spawning stock,” said DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr. “We understand catch and release is a difficult option for anglers who enjoy a fish meal, but we are using everything in our management toolbox to ensure a heathy and plentiful walleye population for future fishing seasons.”
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Canada can build its economy without outside help - Sunday, March 19, 2017

#LSN_Opinion   #LSN_Ecom     Notley  Trudeau  hat in hand begging for money from Wall Street

CHILLIWACK, B.C./Troy Media/ – Over the past few weeks, both Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have travelled to the United States to drum up interest in the energy industry and promote investment in the Canada.

Why do Canadian politicians go to the U.S. for investment capital?
Conventional wisdom says Wall Street (and, to a lesser degree, Bay Street) controls all the investment capital in North America. The premier and prime minister are simply following standard protocol: if you want money, go where the money is.

What’s wrong with this picture?
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Superior Theatre Festival 2017 - Sunday, March 19, 2017
Superior Theatre Festival 2017
#LSN_Arts   Superior Theatre Festival

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ---  March 19, 2017  (LSN) This summer Thunder Bay's Superior Theatre Festival is from July 27th - 30th and it will feature a variety of out of town and local productions and it will be home to a youth summer theatre program that will also present a piece that they create during the festival.

This year, in partnership with Urban Abbey, STF is beginning a new venture called the North Shore Indie Stream that is committed to celebrating NorthWestern Ontario voices. 
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Norskies – Lakers 1st round playoff schedule - Sunday, March 19, 2017
SIJHL Norskies – Lakers

#LSN_Sports   Norskies vs Lakers

THUNDER BAY, Ont. – March 19, 2017  (LSN)  The Superior International Junior Hockey League announced Sunday the game schedule for its upcoming first round quarter-final play-in series between the No. 4 seeded Thief River Falls Norskies and No. 5 Fort Frances Lakers.

This best-of-five affair will commence Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Ralph Engelstad Arena with Game 1.
The Norskies will also host Game 2 on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
Switching venues, the series will then shift to Ice for Kids Arena in Fort Frances where Game 3 while be held on Friday and features another 7:30 p.m. start.
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Chippewa Park Wildlife Exhibit
#LSN_Outdoors  Chippewa Wildlife can not be relocated

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --- March 18, 2017 (LSN)  In an open letter to City Manager Norm Gale, The Friends of Chippewa Park are expressing their concern that over one third of the animals at the Wildlife Exhibit cannot be relocated to other facilities across the country and will require the continuation of the high level of care that these animals require.

Friends President Lorraine Lortie-Krawczuk noted recent media reports that point out an inspection by the Canada Food Inspection Agency veterinarian indicated that the hooved animals could not safely be tranquilized for a series of TB tests, let alone transportation and must stay in the park.  She went on to remind Gale that Fluffy the Bear was also identified as being at risk and must stay but then reported that the aged wolf is also in the same category.

“With over one third of the animals having to stay at the Wildlife Exhibit, and that these animals require nearly 50% of the animal keepers time each day, it does not make any sense whatsoever to close the Wildlife Exhibit” said Lortie-Krawczuk. “These 8 animals require significant care in order to remain healthy and it is not in the best interest of the City, the animals nor the community to remove the trained animal keeper or close the doors of this very popular facility.”

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DANNY JOHNSON & FRIENDS IN CONCERT - Saturday, March 18, 2017
#LSN_Arts Danny Johnson & Friends

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- March 18, 2017 (LSN) For two exciting nights, Danny Johnson, a Thunder Bay favorite, will be rocking the Magnus Theatre stage. On March 24th and 25th at 8pm, Danny will entertain audiences with a vast selection of songs that will have something for everyone. Danny will perform his own songs, as well as hits from his favourite songwriters. Johnson is bringing his friends, as he will be joined by a cast of very special guests including Dan Zadkovich, Jim Differ, Dave Isherwood, Susanna DiGiuseppe, Rob Jardine and other fantastic local talent.

DANNY JOHNSON & FRIENDS IN CONCERT debuted in 2015 and has been a rousing success for the past two years. Funds raised by the concert go toward the Magnus Theatre Capital Fund. As a not-for-profit professional theatre company, Magnus depends on fundraisers such as this, to ensure it can continue to produce top tier Canadian and International plays on its main stage, as well as run it Theatre in Education department, Theatre for Young Audiences School Tour, and summer programming. “I'm excited to share the stage with these great, accomplished musicians. It is a privilege to play one's own music for people and I want to leave the audience with a sense of having experienced something worthwhile and with some depth. We're looking forward to playing and sharing some new music that we've worked on and plan on doing a great show for our audience.” Says Johnson.
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Cutter Alder starts breaking ice Thursday - Monday, March 13, 2017
Cutter Alder Duluth
Cutter Alder #LSN_Shipping

SAULT STE MARIE, Mich. — March 13, 2017  (LSN) U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alder is scheduled to commence spring break out operations in the Duluth-Superior area Thursday.
These operations will continue periodically over the next few days and weeks to prepare regional waterways for the start of the Great Lakes commercial navigation season.

Initially, ice breaking operations will occur inside the Duluth and Superior Harbors. The ice breaking work will expand in the following days to prepare Two Harbors, Minnesota; Taconite Harbor, Minnesota; Silver Bay, Minnesota; and Thunder Bay, Ontario for commercial ship movements.

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Dramatic Society OPEN AUDITIONs Cambrian Players - Monday, March 13, 2017
Open Auditions Cambrian Players
OPEN AUDITIONs Cambrian Players #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ---  MArch 13, 2017   (LSN) The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

A Comedy by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr.
Directed by Beverley Gravelle-MacLeod

Every community theatre group has experienced the horrors of what can go wrong on opening night and the ladies of the F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are no different, with the possible exception that almost everything that could happen, does as the ladies present their ambitious evening's entertainment with the cunning whodunit, "Murder At Checkmate Manor."  The group rises above the slings and arrows of outrageous dramatics to save the situation and provide the final inventive twist.

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Magnus Theatre Of Humane Bondage - Friday, March 10, 2017
Magnus Theatre Of Humane Bondage
Magnus Theatre    #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  --  March 10, 2017 (LSN) Of Human Bondage, Magnus Theatre’s latest production, holds something for everybody.  Steamy romance, philosophical commentary, complex human dynamics and nineteenth century history weave their way into this vivid performance.  The production’s portrayal of the best and worst of human nature is capable of breaking down the viewer’s faith in humanity and, just as steadily, building it back up again.  

Written by Vern Thiessen and directed by Thom Currie, Of Human Bondage is based on W. Somerset Maugham’s novel of the same name.  It transports the viewer back to nineteenth England, where Philip Carey is learning medicine.  Around his hospital peers, he presents as cautious and practical in nature. We are quick to learn that Philip is in fact an artist at heart, wistfully reminiscing with artist friends about his painting days in Paris.
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Northern Ontario Falconer Hunting Regs - Thursday, March 9, 2017
Jenn Salo
Jenn Salo  #LSN_Outdoors

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  March 9, 2-017  (LSN) Being a falconer in Northern Ontario is an exciting and fascinating recreational outdoor activity. It presents a unique and rare experience to hunt and train with a wild bird of prey. This sport gives the hunter a much different perspective into the world of hunting and provides an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. The proposed changes to the small game hunting regulations could potentially have a significant impact on my ability to find suitable game to hunt throughout the season.    

    As an apprentice falconer, I have the permits and licences to legally trap, train and keep in captivity a Red-tailed hawk.
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Elliot stops 33 as North Stars blank Iron Rangers - Sunday, March 5, 2017
North Stars blank Iron Rangers
Elliott second  shutout     #LSN_Sports

HOYT LAKES, Minn. – Thunder Bay North Stars netminder Jordan Eliott turned aside all 33 shots he faced to post his second shutout of the season in a 5-0 victory over the Minnesota Iron Rangers Saturday in Superior International Junior Hockey League play at Hoyt Lakes Arena.

After a scoreless first period, Thunder Bay struck three times before the middle session was five minutes old to take control.
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO March 3, 2017   (LSN) – Members of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) Board were on hand to address important issues with provincial ministers at the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) conference held this week in Toronto. NOMA met with Minister McGarry (Ministry of Natural Resources), Minister Del Duca (Ministry of Transportation), Minister Bill Mauro (Ministry of Municipal Affairs), Arthur Potts, Parliamentary Assistant (Ministry of Environment and Climate Change), and Joe Dickson, Parliamentary Assistant (Ministry of Northern Development and Mines).

In its presentation, NOMA addressed hunting tag fees and access with Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Hon. Kathryn McGarry. NOMA pointed out that the movement to eat local has increased interest in consumers accessing naturally sourced food including wild game. NOMA encouraged the Minister to look at a reduction in the fee for deer hunting tags siting that the cost of meat from forest to table is higher than commercially purchased meat. NOMA also highlighted the distribution of bear tags in the province with the introduction of the spring bear hunt pilot project.

“Northerners are looking for ways to provide healthy meals in a cost effective manner,” said Mayor David Canfield, NOMA President. “We wanted to highlight that access to naturally sourced food is an important resource to many in our region and encouraged the Minister to consider a reduction in the cost of a deer tag,” added Canfield.

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Thunder Bay CEDC Launches New Attraction Tool - Friday, March 3, 2017
Thunder Bay CEDC Launches New Attraction Tool
New Attraction Tool CEDC     #LSN_Ecom

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- March 3, 2017 –   (lsn) Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission’s (CEDC) new attraction tool was launched today. The kickoff took place this morning at the CEDC’s offices. will be used to promote the city on a global level.  The marketing strategy consists of five pillars: Talent attraction, former resident attraction, specialized manufacturing, opportunity awareness, and business succession.

The CEDC began the project in 2015 after identifying the need to promote economic opportunity in Thunder Bay and attract new businesses and talent. Input was gathered from community partners including local employment agencies, business groups, both educational institutions, as well as other local business support organizations and partners in economic development.

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Chancellor Derek Burney portrait unveiled - Friday, March 3, 2017
Chancellor Derek Burney Lakehead University
Chancellor Derek Burney portrait    #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  March 3, 2017   (LSN(  A familiar face is now a permanent fixture of Lakehead University’s Senate Chambers.

Dr. Derek H. Burney, Lakehead’s eighth chancellor, proudly looks out from a portrait hanging next to the University’s seven previous chancellors.

Since his appointment as Chancellor in January 2013, Dr. Burney has used his influence and experience as a diplomat, entrepreneur, and strategist to further Lakehead’s academic, political, and philanthropic endeavours.

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Iron Ore Trade Kicks Off 2017 Shipping Season - Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Paul R. Tregurtha
Iron Ore 2017 Season starts   #LSN_Shipping

CLEVELAND, OHIO  March 1, 2017  (LSN) The 2017 Great Lakes shipping season begins February 28th, when the U.S.-flag tug/barge unit DOROTHY ANN/PATHFINDER departs her winter lay-up berth in Erie, Pennsylvania, and sails to Cleveland, Ohio, where she will initiate the shuttle of iron ore from Cleveland Bulk Terminal to the ArcelorMittal steel mill at the end of the navigable portion of the Cuyahoga River on Wednesday.  The vessel will load approximately 15,000 tons that was mined from Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range.

The next vessel to get underway will be the cement carrier BRADSHAW MCKEE/ST. MARYS CONQUEST on March 1.  The vessel will depart Charlevoix, Michigan, with 8,000 tons of cement for Milwaukee.

The western coal trade will resumed on March 22 when the PAUL R. TREGURTHA loads 62,000 tons at Superior Midwest Energy Terminal in Superior, Wisconsin, for delivery to the power plant in Silver Bay, Minnesota.

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Minnesota Moose population remains low, but stable - Monday, February 27, 2017
Minnesota Moose
Minnesota Moose Survey   #LSN_Outdoors

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA ---   February 27, 2017  (LSN) Minnesota’s moose population shows signs of stability when comparing this year’s population estimate of 3,710 northeastern Minnesota moose with estimates since 2012, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

“At this point, results do not indicate that moose are recovering in northeastern Minnesota,” said Glenn DelGiudice, DNR moose project leader. “While it is encouraging to see that the decline in the population since 2012 has not been as steep, the apparent stability does not allow us to forecast the direction of the population’s trajectory into the future.”

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Minnesota Women can learn to bowfish through DNR classes - Monday, February 27, 2017
Women Bowfishing
women Bowfishing      #LSN_Outdoors

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA ----  February 27, 2017    (LSN) Women can learn the fast-growing pursuit of bowfishing through classes taught by the Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association, as part of the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

“Bowfishing is a sport that is fast, fun and easy for all to enjoy,” said Patrick Kirschbaum, a bowfishing association member. “It’s a great way to improve your archery skills.”

Bowfishing involves seeing, shooting and retrieving fish using specialized archery equipment. People bowfishing in Minnesota can target fish like common carp, buffalo, redhorse, sucker and other species that aren’t considered game fish in Minnesota

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Dryden rallies late to defeat Thunder Bay in OT - Sunday, February 26, 2017
SIJHL Ice Dog North Stars
Ice Dogs defeat North Stars     #LSN_Sports          Photo Chris Marchand, Dryden Observer

DRYDEN, Ontario February 26, 2017 (LSN) A Braedyn Aubin power play goal with 39 seconds remaining in overtime lifted the Dryden GM Ice Dogs to a dramatic 2-1 come from behind triumph over the rival Thunder Bay North Stars Saturday in Superior International Junior Hockey League action at Memorial Arena.

With the result, the GM Ice Dogs improved to a SIJHL-best 39-7-4-0 with the victory total also setting a new Dryden single-season record for most wins in one campaign.

The league mark for most decisions in a season was set by the North Stars back in 2005-06 when they had 50 against just two losses in a year in which they went on to capture both the SIJHL’s Bill Salonen Cup and the Dudley-Hewitt Cup Central Canada Jr. ‘A’ crown.

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Ruth Tye McKenzie Lifetime Achievement Award - Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Ruth Tye McKenzie with MC Lisa Laco, CBC Superior Morning Show, .
Ruth Tye McKenzieRuth  Lisa Laco, CBC Superior Morning Show      #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   February 22. 2017  “For the 7th Annual Arts and Heritage Awards, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery was honoured to nominate Ruth Tye McKenzie​ for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Ruth has been a longtime supporter of the arts and has made a significant contribution to the cultural vibrancy of Thunder Bay as a practicing artist, respected businesswoman, and generous member of the greater Thunder Bay community.

Ruth was instrumental in establishing Artists North of Superior in 1983, has instigated numerous exhibitions, and organized Saturday drop in figure drawing classes for fifteen years at the University.  By establishing the Painted Turtle Art Shop, she helped grow the visual arts in our community, offering high quality artist materials, inspiration, as well as arts education.

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January surprises courtesy of the "Leadership Team" - Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit
Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit   # LSN_Opinion

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- February 22, 2017   (LSN) So the search begins to find places for the animals at the wildlife exhibit.

Compare that to what my ward councillor told me the situation was. You know, information direct from city bureaucrats. The guys you can trust:

"Plan for Existing Wildlife
There are 23 animals and birds currently at the facility. Other zoos that the City regularly trades animals with have already been contacted and they have indicated they would be happy to take the animals and birds. As per past practice, the receiving zoo is responsible for the cost of transporting the animal, so there is no cost to the City for this. Animals will be kept until they are transferred to another facility or they die naturally. No wildlife will be destroyed."

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Trudeau’s economic policies suicidal in wake of Trump quake - Monday, February 20, 2017

.Trudeau’s economic policies  #LSN_Opinion   #LSN_Econ

VICTORIA, B.C. THUNDER BAY, ON  February 20, 2017  / Troy Media/ LSN/  – Donald Trump’s election victory set off a political earthquake that has deeply shaken Americans. Earthquakes are often followed by devastating tsunamis generating huge waves travelling far beyond the quake epi-centre. Yet, even as those “Trump-quake” waves threaten to sink our economic ship, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems determined to maintain his pre-quake course.

Clinging to his current policies could prove to be the biggest mistake made by any Prime Minister in Canadian history

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Magnus Theatre Of Human Bondage - Sunday, February 19, 2017
 Magnus Theatre Of Human Bondage
Of Human Bondage    #LSN_Arts

HUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  February 19, 2017  (LSN)  Up next at Magnus Theatre is Of Human Bondage, an epic tale of obsession, lust, and the pursuit of beauty adapted for the stage by Governor General’s Award winning playwright Vern Thiessen. The play is based on the classic novel by W. Somerset Maugham. “Vern Thiessen’s adaptation of the Somerset Maugham novel is a fantastic piece of theatre, and the Magnus production will thrill our audiences, whether they are fans of the novel or not,” said Magnus Artistic Director Thom Currie.

When Philip meets Mildred, a tea-shop waitress, he finds his yearning for art and experience devoured by his intense attraction to her. Mildred, for all her teasing, isn’t all that interested in him, but rather in flattery, possessions, and security. Yet Philip, in a powerful haze of passion and pride, obsessively pursues Mildred despite the anguish and emotional carnage that repels and binds them at all costs.

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Poll Shows Ontarians Oppose Both Wynne and Brown on Carbon Taxes - Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lack of support for Carbon Tax    #LSN_Opinion

TORONTO, ON: Feburary 19, 2017   (LSN) The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) commissioned an Ontario-wide poll with Nanos Research and is today releasing the results. The Nanos poll of 500 Ontarians, conducted from February 3rd-7th found that across Ontario, over 50.5 per cent of those polled “oppose” cap and trade, and 10 per cent are “somewhat opposed,” for an overall opposition of 60.5 per cent. In contrast, 21.1 per cent “support” and 14.7 “somewhat support” cap and trade, for an overall support of 35.8 per cent.

The results also found that 67.7 per cent of Ontarians believe cap and trade will cost them more than the government’s claim of $13 per month.

“These poll results show how deeply unpopular the new cap and trade tax is. People are unhappy with this new tax that is making natural gas and gasoline more expensive, and which is driving up our already out of control electricity bills. What is surprising is politicians’ continued support for carbon taxes in the face of such strong opposition,” said CTF Ontario Director, Christine Van Geyn

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Dryden claims SIJHL’s regular season title - Saturday, February 18, 2017
Dryden Ice Dogs
Ice Dogs regular season Champs   #LSN_sports

HOYT LAKES, Minn. – February 18, 2017  _ (LSN)  The Dryden GM Ice Dogs stormed back from a two-goal deficit midway through the contest to score the game’s final seven markers in an impressive 7-2 come from behind victory over the Minnesota Iron Rangers Saturday in Superior International Junior Hockey League play at Hoyt Lakes Arena.

With the result the GM Dryden Ice Dogs captured the SIJHL’s regular season title as well as the No. 1 seed for the upcoming Bill Salonen Cup playoffs as they also recorded their 38th win of the season, which matches a franchise single-season high for the club. They are now 22 points ahead of the second place Thunder Bay North Stars and cannot be caught in the overall standings.

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NAN's Statement of the Death of Moses Beaver - Thursday, February 16, 2017
Moses Beaver
Death of Moses Beaver    #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON  --- February 16, 2017 (LSN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Nibinamik First Nation Chief Johnny Yellowhead have released the following statements on the death of Moses Amik Beaver earlier this week and the death of his sister, Mary Wabasse, three days later.

“The sudden and unexplained death of Moses Beaver was devastating to his family and everyone in Nibinamik. Their grieving had barely started when we were shocked by the tragic news that his sister, Mary Wabasse, was killed in a motor vehicle accident while traveling to Thunder Bay to join with other members of the family,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler. “For Moses to die under these circumstances is troubling on so many levels, especially as his death has not been officially acknowledged by those responsible for his care. We are doing everything possible to support Chief and Council and the family of Moses Beaver, and we will demand an investigation into the circumstances around his passing.”

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Chief Brown Martel
Chief Brown Martel #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON: Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) February 14, 2017  Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum welcomed today’s ruling that the Government of Canada breached its fiduciary duty of care and is liable for failing to protect plaintiffs in the landmark Sixties Scoop class action lawsuit from the loss of their cultural identity.

“Today our hearts are with Chief Brown Martel and all of the Sixties Scoop survivors who were taken from their homes as children and raised far away from their communities without their identity and culture. What was taken away can never be regained, but we pray this is a critical step towards their healing,” said Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum. “We are inspired by the determination and dignity of Chief Brown Martel, who never lost hope throughout this lengthy and tiring process. Her strength and courage over a decade of legal battles is an inspiration to us all, and we will continue to support the survivors and their communities in every way possible.

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2017 Thunder Bay Chill Schedule - Sunday, February 12, 2017
2017 Thunder Bay Chill Schedule
Chill 2017  #LSN_Sports

Thunder Bay, ON – February 12, 2017  (LSN) The Premier Development League (PDL) released the 2017 schedule today including the 14 game regular season schedule for the Thunder Bay Chill who will playing in their 18th season in the league. The Chill will also face the Winnipeg Lions in the perennial exhibition series on May 27th and 28th.

The Heartland Division is still at six teams, but the Kokomo Mantis who entered the league in 2016 has suspended operations for 2017. However, there is a second franchise in St. Louis with the USL professional team fielding a PDL team, known as St. Louis FC U23. The Chicago Fire Premier has been re- branded as Chicago FC United.

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Coast Guard, rescue 2 people on Keewenaw - Saturday, February 11, 2017
US Coast Guard
Rescue on Keewenaw   #LSN_Outdoors

HOUGHTON, Mich. --February 11, 2017 (LSN) - Rescue crews from Coast Guard Station Portage, Mich., and the Houghton County Fire Department saved two people after they broke through ice on Portage Lake on the Keewenaw Peninsula in Lake Superior, Friday.

Coast Guard Sector Sault Ste. Marie received a report from Houghton County Emergency Dispatch at about 1:35 p.m. that two persons had broken through ice near the west entrance of Breaker’s Beach on Lake Portage in Houghton County, Mich.

Sector Sault Ste. Marie launched Station Portage's ice rescue team. Houghton County Fire Department and local EMS also responded.

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Trump-style 'Muslim ban' has widespread support — in Europe - Saturday, February 11, 2017
The Rebel Trump Travel Ban
Trump Travel Ban    #LSN_Opinion

LONDON, UK February 11, 2017  (Rebel Media)  (LSN) European attitudes to Muslim immigration are reportedly in line with Donald Trump’s — in fact, according to a new poll, an average of 55% of Europeans agree with the notion that ‘all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’.


The study, carried out by UK-based think-tank Chatham House found that “majorities in all but two of the ten states [surveyed] agreed” with the aforementioned notion — 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 64% in Hungary and Belgium, 61% in France, 58% in Greece, 53% in Germany, and 51% in Italy. A sizeable minority of 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain disagreed.

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Wynne Plotts for Luxury Vehicle - Friday, February 10, 2017

Cynicism? Or observation?    #LSN_Opinion

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  February 10, 2017  (LSN) The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. So for those non-cynics out there, here are some “observations” about Kathleen Wynne’s newest electric car subsidy scheme, which was announced on February 1st.

First, the Ontario government spent millions of taxpayer money subsidizing the purchase price of luxury electric cars. Second, they capped these subsidies to deal with public blowback for subsidizing luxury cars. Third, they got lobbied by the luxury electric car industry. Then finally, they’ve secretly returned to subsidizing luxury electric cars, now that people have stopped paying attention.

Cynicism? Or observation?

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Employee Gifts Celebrated at Luncheon - Thursday, February 9, 2017
Thunder Bay Regional.
  Employee Gifts Celebrated at Luncheon


THUNDER BAY, ON --- February 9, 2017 (LSN) – Staff at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation were celebrated today at a recognition luncheon for their contribution to world-class healthcare, but perhaps not in the way one would expect.

  Each employee at the luncheon was celebrated for his or her donation to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, made through payroll deduction. “Our Employee Giving Program is an opportunity for any employee to make a donation that directly supports the world-class health care provided here at the Health Sciences Centre,” said Robert Scott Srigley, Chair, Employee Giving Program. “We have a very generous group of employees who go over and above their roles and make a difference where they work. I’m proud to Chair the Employee Giving Committee that encourages philanthropy and allows all of us to give back to a facility that is important, not only to each of us individually, but to our entire community.”

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Cambrian Players Bares All for The Full Monty - Thursday, February 9, 2017
Full Monty
Director Candi Badanai with six Full Monty men  #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  February 9, 2017  In a rehearsal studio just off Simpson Street, six men get ready to bare all. From looking outside of the Cambrian Players rehearsal studio, you would never guess what is going on side this old brick building. I stepped inside the front door, coming out from the brisk winter air, brushed my shoes off at the door and glanced around the room. The walls are covered in old show posters, pipes from the apartments above crossing under the punched tin ceiling high above us. Random chairs scattered around the edges of the room. The rehearsal studio appears to be as industrial looking as the set being constructed in the middle of the room for the musical they are currently rehearsing. The musical is about a town where out-of-work steel mill workers are looking for a new source of income. It begins on the factory floor as the men get their final paycheque. These men don’t have much hope since the factory closed, but after seeing how their wives and girlfriends react to a traveling show featuring Chippendales dancers, they decide to start their own strip-tease act. And so begins the rehearsal for Cambrian Players upcoming musical of The Full Monty.

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Warning signs that current federal deficit spending - Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Warning signs that current federal deficit spending mirrors history   #LSN_Opinion

VANCOUVER BC  February 8, 2017 -- Since Confederation, excluding wartime and recessions, there has only been one period in Canada’s 150 year history when the federal government’s role in the economy—and society more broadly—substantially grew, which in turn plunged the nation into chronic deficits, finds a new study by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

It began under Prime Minister Lester Pearson in the mid-1960s, and continued under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau throughout the 1970s and early 1980s.

“Based on the new federal government’s tax increases and new spending, the question is whether we’re embarking on another period of government growth, financed by deficits and debt,” said Livio Di Matteo, an economics professor at Lakehead University, Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of A Federal Fiscal History: Canada, 1867-2017.
According to the extensive study—which tracks government spending and revenues from Confederation to the present—except for the First World War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the 2009 recession, the only other time the federal government kicked off a deficit-spending spree and expanded the size and role of the federal government was in the mid-1960s and 1970s under Pearson and then Pierre Trudeau.

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Magnus Theatre Of Human Bondage and Flight Path - Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Flight Path Magnus Theatre
Remainder of Season Magnus    #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   February 8, 2017  (LSN) Magnus Theatre announces  cast  for the remainder of the 2016-17 Season.  Of Human Bondage and The Flight Path

The final production for the 2016-17 Season sees a pair of Magnus veterans returning to the Thunder Bay stage. Here On The Flight Path will star Stuart Dowling and Amy Sellors in this classic Norm Foster comedy. Mr Dowling, an award winning performer who has performed across Canada and beyond, is a long-time favourite of Magnus audiences, having appeared in Driving Miss Daisy and Night of the Living Dead. Ms. Sellors, herself an award-winning actor who has appeared in theatres across Canada, (including multiple seasons at the Stratford Festival) appeared at Magnus in Looking and Don’t Hug Me.

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Western moose in free-fall since wolf introduction - Monday, February 6, 2017
Gig Game Forever
#LSN_Outdoors  Western moose in free-fall

Bountiful UT ----   February 6, 2017  America’s moose are in serious trouble. You and millions of other sportsmen, America’s true conservationists, may be the last hope to save America’s moose. We need your help before it’s too late. Here is what is going on.

Just 20 years ago, Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Ecosystem were the heart of the world’s Shiras Moose population. There were literally thousands of moose in the park. People from all over the world traveled to Yellowstone to view and photograph these famous moose. The 1994 wolf introduction environmental impact statement (EIS) indicated that the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone would result in a 7-13% decline of moose. Unfortunately, these commitments have not been kept.

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Thunder Bay BluesFest 2017 - Saturday, February 4, 2017
Thunder Bay BluesFest
#LSN_Arts  Thunder Bay BluesFest 2017

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ----  February 4, 2017   (LSN)  Thunder Bay's Summer Musical Tradition returns for its 16th year, bringing the best names in
Blues, Roots and Rock to Thunder Bay July 7th, 8h, and 9th! at Marina Park

One of Canada’s best blues festivals, Thunder Bay’s Canada 150 version features a strong array of national and local favourites.

This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and Bluesfest has hired an even stronger, all-Canadian lineup featuring Amanda Marshall, Barenaked Ladies and Randy Bachman.

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Duluth Air & Aviation Expo - Saturday, February 4, 2017
Duluth Airshow Blue Angels
#LSN_Outdoors  Duluth Airshow

DULUTH, MINNESOTA  -- February 4, 2017 --- (LSN)  Are you ready for the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and CF Snowbirds For the first time in Minnesota's history not one (1) but two (2) major military demonstration teams will perform at this year's Duluth Air & Aviation Expo, presented by St. Luke's.

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Fort william Historic Park Winter Carnival - Thursday, February 2, 2017
Family Day Fort William Historic Park
Family Day Winter Carnival  #LSN_Outdoors

Thunder Bay, ON, January 30, 2017 –  (LSN)  Visit Fort William Historical Park this Family Day Weekend for the 2017 Voyageur Winter Carnival. Come dressed in your warmest this February 18th, 19th & 20th from 11:00am to 5:00pm and enjoy Northern Ontario’s largest winter carnival! Find your way through our giant snow maze, enjoy the tubing and sliding hills, strap on your skates and take a turn around our skating rink, sit back and relax on a horse drawn wagon ride, try your luck at the winter carnival games, enjoy live indoor and outdoor entertainment, and so much more! New this year, take an exhilarating hovercraft ride on the Kaministiquia River!

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EcoSuperior Painted Rain Barrel Art Project - Monday, January 30, 2017

Ray and Angela 2016 Entries    #LSN_Arts

Thunder Bay, On  —    January 30, 2017  (LSN) EcoSuperior is accepting design submissions for the 7th annual Painted Rain Barrel Art Project, presented by Landale Gardens. It’s a fun and creative fundraiser with something for everyone.

Each year EcoSuperior invites local artists, community groups and schools to enter their design ideas to be painted on a rain barrel. The initiative promotes water conservation and offers cash prizes for the artists, while also raising funds for environmental programs in the community.

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Regional divisions will continue to deepen without real Senate reform - Sunday, January 29, 2017
real Senate reform

Trudeau and O’Leary real Senate reform?  #LSN_Opinion

CALGARY, Alta. -- January 29, 2017 /Troy Media/ LSN /Serious or not, O’Leary’s proposal is in keeping with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vision of the Senate as little more than a blue-ribbon advisory panel. Trudeau wants the upper house to be filled with admirable Canadians who provide friendly, non-partisan advice to the government. His recent appointments are a step in this direction.

What O’Leary and Trudeau don’t seem to understand is that the Senate has a much more important role to play – a role that’s vital to the success of our country.
That role is rooted in two facts.

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THUNDER BAY, January 28, 2017   (LSN)

Telemann! Enjoy an evening of gentle chamber music in an intimate atmosphere as Consortium Aurora Borealis commemorates this prolific German 18th-century composer, friend of Bach and Handel, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his death.

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Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards Tickets - Saturday, January 28, 2017
Honest Heart Collective

Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards    #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY ON  --- January 28, 2017 (LSN)  Tickets are now available for the City of Thunder Bay’s 7th Annual Arts & Heritage Awards, presented by Copperfin Credit Union. Over 10 custom-created awards by local artist, boyRoland, will be given out at a gala ceremony on Thursday, Feb. 16, at Magnus Theatre. CBC Radio personality, Lisa Laco, will host the awards show. The show will feature live performances including an acoustic set by The Honest Heart Collective, a one-time only grand finale created especially for the awards, and more.

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Duluth Seaway Port Authority Board appointments - Friday, January 27, 2017
Duluth Seaway Port Authority Board
Duluth Seaway Port Authority Board appointment  #LSN_Shipping

Duluth, Minn., USA  -- Jan. 26, 2017     (LSN)  At its first meeting of 2017, the newly seated St. Louis County (SLC) Board appointed two new commissioners to the Duluth Seaway Port Authority-Patrick Boyle and Pete Stauber. They will complete remaining terms of former commissioners Chris Dahlberg and Steve Raukar, respectively, both of whom chose not to run for reelection to the SLC Board last fall.

Boyle, a nurse practitioner for the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, was first elected to the SLC Board in a special election in January 2014 to fill out the term of the late Steve O'Neil. At the time, he was a member of the Duluth City Council. He was reelected last November for a four-year term. As a county commissioner, he has chaired the Public Safety Committee and currently chairs the Health and Human Services Committee. Boyle has been active in the community as a member of the Friends of the Lakewalk and the Duluth Preservation Alliance. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two daughters and live in Duluth. His appointment to the Port Authority Board runs through Dec. 31, 2017.

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Chippewa Petition Willdlife Exhibit

THUNDER BAY, ON   January 26, 2017  (LSN) In order to help convince Thunder Bay City Council to maintain the Chippewa Park Wildlife Exhibit, The Friends of Chippewa Park have launched an on-line petition through their web site and Facebook page and are encouraging supporters of retaining the Exhibit and expanding it into a full-fledged Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre.

 The petition will also be available at the Wildlife Exhibit on February 20 and 21 when the Exhibit is open to the public during the Family Day Weekend.

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 THUNDER BAY, ON  --  January 24, 2017  ---  The Friends of Chippewa Park were shocked today to learn that City Administration is recommending the closure of the Chippewa Park Wildlife Exhibit on May 1 this year as part of the 2017 operating budget.

“Viewing of wild animals has been part of the fabric of Chippewa Park since 1924” said Friends President, Lorraine Lortie-Krawczuk, “and hundreds of thousands of children and adults alike have had the opportunity to not only see the animals of Northwestern Ontario up close but to gain a better understanding of the way they live and for Council to even consider eliminating this quality of life feature is unacceptable.”
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Beginner fly-fishing weekend for youth-adult pairs - Monday, January 23, 2017
Minnesota Fly Fishing

Linda Radimecky, Parks Area Naturalist, mentoring and teaching    #LSN_Outdoors

ST PAUL  MN  January 23, 2017   (LSN)  Developing a rhythm of smooth casts over a peaceful stream and catching fish may be goals for the beginner fly angler, but an experienced instructor can help turn initial flailing into finesse.

Registration is open for an event that teaches the basics of fly fishing to pairs of youths and adults, from evening on Friday, June 2, to afternoon on Sunday, June 4, near Lanesboro.

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Ice Dogs stay 10th overall in CJHL rankings - Monday, January 23, 2017
Dryden Ice Dogs
Ice Dogs Ranked 10th  #LSN_Sports

THUNDER BAY, Ont. –  January 23, 2017  (LSN) The Dryden GM Ice Dogs held their place among the national elite as the Canadian Junior Hockey League announced  their weekly Top 20 rankings Monday.

The Superior International Junior Hockey League-leading GM Ice Dogs were tabbed 10th for a second straight week in the 132-team CJHL.

Heading into the SIJHL Showcase, which begins Tuesday at Ralph Engelstad Arena in Thief River Falls, Minn., Dryden continues to pace the league standings with an impressive 28-4-4-0 record.

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East-West Tie Transmission Project - Monday, January 23, 2017
East-West Tie Transmission

East-West Tie Transmission   #LSN_Econ

 THUNDER BAY, ON --- Janyuary 23, 2017  (LSN)  NextBridge proposes to construct an approximately 400 km, 230 kilovolt, double-circuit AC electrical transmission line extending from the existing Hydro One Networks Inc. (Hydro One) Lakehead Transformer Station in the Municipality of Shuniah near Thunder Bay to the existing Hydro One Wawa Transformer Station near Wawa – with a connection at the Marathon Transformer Station.

The expansion involves building a new double-circuit 230 kV line from Wawa to Thunder Bay (approximately 400 km). It will also connect to the Marathon transformer station.

Upgrades at the existing Wawa, Marathon and Lakehead transformer stations will also be undertaken

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Run Away From the Cold with Children’s Centre Foundation - Sunday, January 22, 2017
Indoor Marathon

Run Away From the Cold Indoor Marathon  #LSN_Sports

  THUNDER BAY, ON ---January 22, 2017 (LSN) – Children’s Centre Foundation Thunder Bay, in partnership with Lakehead University, is inviting the community to “run away from the cold” with the official kick-off for their 8th Annual Thunderwolves Indoor Marathon, taking place on February 12th, 2017 at the Lakehead University Hanger. Proceeds from this event support Children’s Centre Foundation, helping to provide financial support to children’s mental wellness programs. The Foundation promotes awareness of children’s mental health issues through educational campaigns and engaging the community.

“With the winter season in full force, many are missing those perfect running conditions;” explains Kip Sigsworth, Lakehead University Running Coach. “Not only does the Indoor Marathon provide warmer running weather, but it also gives participants an opportunity to change lives and give back to the community. Runners are racing for a good cause and directly supporting children in Thunder Bay. We're excited to be partnering with Children's Centre Foundation for this event, and our athletes always look forward to the excitement of the marathon and are proud of what it represents: supporting mental health in our community.”

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DineWise Food Safety Scorecards - Wednesday, January 18, 2017
DineWise Food Safety Scorecards

DineWise Food Safety Scorecards  #LSN_Health

 (L-R) Torsten Schulz and Abby Mackie, both public health inspectors, and Lee Sieswerda, manager of environmental health showing the new DineWise scorecards.

THUNDER BAY, ON -- January 18, 2017 (LSN) The Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s new DineWise program launched today in the City of Thunder Bay. TBDHU’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janet DeMille, was on hand to post the first DineWise scorecard. The first restaurant to receive a sign was Chinese Express, located at 601 Arthur Street West. They received an "A"
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Matawa First Nation

THUNDER BAY, ON:- January 17, 2017  (LSN)  Matawa First Nations today announced their plans to commence talks with government officials on new federal broadband funding called Connect to Innovate which was launched by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) on December 15, 2016 and to move forward on establishing a teleco/telecommunications company. These discussions come on the heels of a prior meeting with the Honourable Navdeep Bains, ISED Minister, on October 13, 2016 and the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision on December 20, 2016 declaring broadband internet a basic service that all Canadians should have regardless of where they live. Matawa First Nation Chiefs and the Matawa Broadband Working Group will be present for this week’s talks.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, they will be meeting with Assistant Deputy Ministers offices of the provincial and federal governments to discuss Connect to Innovate with respect to their project exceeding $60 million to connect 5 remote First Nations. It will be the first time that new players from government will be around the table. It will be an opportunity for direct interface with officials administering the Connect to Innovate program. Matawa First Nations will be applying to this program for capital funding before the March 13, 2017 deadline.

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Ontario’s costly coal phase-out did not significantly reduce air pollution - Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Ontario Phase out of coal

 coal phase-out did not significantly reduce air pollution   #LSN_Econ


Thunder Bay, On  --- January 17, 2017    (LSN)  Shuttering Ontario’s coal-fired power plants had very little effect on reducing air pollution, helped fuel skyrocketing energy costs, and should serve as a lesson to policymakers across the country, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan, Canadian public policy think-tank.

These findings confirm the government’s own internal forecasts prior to the coal phase-out, and they are especially important as the federal government plans to force the phase-out of coal-fired power generation in Canada by 2030.

“Ontario’s example should serve as a warning to the federal government, which is making the same grandiose claims about the benefits of eliminating coal while seemingly ignoring the crisis of Ontario’s soaring energy costs,” said Ross McKitrick, professor of economics at the University of Guelph,

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Shelter Kwae Kii Win House Managed Alcohol Program - Thursday, January 12, 2017
Shelter House Alcohol Program

Shelter  Kwae Kii Win House Managed Alcohol Program  #LSN_Health

THUNDER BAY, ON  --  January 12, 2017  ----The North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has approved short-term funding to support the Kwae Kii Win Managed Alcohol Program (MAP), being operated by Shelter House Thunder Bay.
The North West LHIN will supply one-time funding for the Kwae Kii Win MAP for the continuity of service, and will engage with community stakeholders to ensure that this organization is aligned with current evidence-based practices, service delivery models and is positioned for long-term success.

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Lakers’ Virtanen named performer for Dec - Sunday, January 8, 2017
Fort Frances Lakers forward Jared Virtanen

Fort Frances Lakers forward Jared Virtanen   #LSN_Sports

THUNDER BAY, Ont. – The Superior International Junior Hockey League announced Wednesday that Fort Frances Lakers forward Jared Virtanen has been named its CCM Hockey performer of the month for December.

In seven games played during the final month of 2016, the 20-year-old Abbotsford, B.C., product recorded points in each of them, amassing 20 in total on three goals and 17 assists.

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My investigations into city operations - Friday, January 6, 2017
Shane Judge
#ShaneJudge  #LSN_Opinion

Many of you have appreciated my investigations into city operations. But some folks say if I want to be mayor I have to stop being so negative. They say I should make the case for how I would make things better in the city. This is true. But first you need to understand what prompted my entrance into municipal politics.
As you may know, I've been concerned about the collapse of our industrial tax base. One pulp mill survives where we had four. Our two large sawmills are gone. The grain industry is a shadow of its former self.

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New Design for Arts & Heritage Awards Unveiled - Thursday, January 5, 2017
Arts Award

Arts & Heritage Awards Unveiled  #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  - January 5, 2017 – The City of Thunder Bay announced a new design today for the awards presented to recipients at the annual Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards. Growth, by local artist boy Roland, was selected by a jury to become the new award distributed in all categories at the 2017 and 2018 ceremonies. The design features a ceramic hand with a piece of amethyst set in the centre of the palm, mounted on a wooden base, representing the continued development and vibrancy of Thunder Bay’s cultural sector.

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U.S.-Flag Fleets to Keep Great Lakes Shipyards Busy - Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Bay Shipbuilding Company in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Bay Shipbuilding Company in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  #LSN_Shipping

CLEVELAND January 4, 2017  (LSN) Temperatures are dropping, but the pace at Great Lakes shipyards is heating up.  Winter is their busiest time and this year is no exception.  U.S.-flag Great Lakes vessel operators are going to spend more than $80 million to maintain and modernize their vessels for the 2017 shipping season.

“Once again Lake Carriers’ Association members are demonstrating their commitment to Great Lakes shipping,” said James H.I. Weakley, President of the trade association representing the major U.S.-flag carriers.  “As a Department of Homeland Security report has emphasized, many steel mills, power plants and stone quarries do not have viable alternatives for the shipment of their raw materials.  If the U.S.-flag Great Lakes fleet is not primed to meet the needs of commerce in 2017, industrial activity and hundreds of thousands of family-sustaining jobs would be in jeopardy.  This year’s winter work program ensures the vessels will be ready.”

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Lake Superior Outflows - Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Lake Superior Outflows

LAKE SUPERIOR OUTFLOWS January 2017  #LSN_Shipping

 THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  January 3, 2017  (LSN) The net water supplies to Lake Superior were above average in December. The level of Lake Superior declined 8 cm (3 in), which is the average decline in December. The Lake Superior level at the beginning-of-January is 14 cm (6 in) above average, 8 cm (3 in) below the level recorded a year ago at this time, and 30 cm (12 in) above its chart datum level.

The International Lake Superior Board of Control, under authority granted to it by the International Joint Commission (IJC), has set the Lake Superior outflow to 2,400 cubic meters per second (m3/s) (84.8 thousand cubic feet per second (tcfs)) for the month of January, effective January 4th. The outflow is being set to the normal maximum winter flow prescribed by Plan 2012, and may at times vary due to weather events and changes in hydrologic and ice conditions.
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Charitable giving in Canada hits 10-year low - Monday, January 2, 2017
Charitable giving in Canada hits 10-year low

Charitable giving in Canada hits 10-year low #LSN_Opinion

VANCOUVER / THUNDER BAY, ON -----  January 2, 2017  (LSN) The percentage of Canadians claiming charitable donations on their taxes—and the amount they’re giving as a percentage of their income—is the lowest it’s been in a decade, finds a new study by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

What’s more, Americans are far more generous than Canadians, according to Generosity in Canada and the United States: The 2016 Generosity Index, which measures donations to registered charities claimed on personal income tax returns and ranks Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories, the 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.

“The holiday season is a time to reflect on giving, and with Canadians becoming less generous every year, charities face greater challenges to secure resources to help those in need,” said Charles Lammam, director of fiscal studies at the Fraser Institute and the study’s co-author.

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Common Voice Northwest to Hold Energy East Meetings Across the Northwest - Sunday, January 1, 2017
Energy East Pipe Line

Common Voice Northwest Energy East Pipe Line   #LSN_Econ

 Thunder Bay On ----  January 1, 2017   (LSN)  The Common Voice Northwest Energy East Task Force is looking for public input into what a significant water crossing looks like along TransCanada Pipeline’s route for their Energy East conversion project.

Common Voice Northwest has received intervenor funding from the National Energy Board to develop a Northwestern Ontario definition of a ‘significant water crossing.” TransCanada Pipelines has promised to provide enhanced protection to those areas where it crosses a significant water crossing and the Task Force wants the public to help define what those crossings as well as sensitive areas look like.

Tanice Marcella, the Chair of the Energy East Task Force announced that public meetings will be held in 12 different communities along or near the line from January 16 to 27. “In addition to the public meetings, our consultants, KBM Resources Group, will be meeting with interested officials from individual Municipalities and First Nations along with various Provincial Ministry representatives with knowledge of the ecology, wildlife, fisheries resources, potable water sourcing along the line” said Marcella.

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