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Tape "Some Things in Life Cannot be Erased”


THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   July 31, 2013  ---- It is Tuesday evening and in the rehearsal room at Magnus Theatre Michael Sobota is rehearsing Tape Andrew Paulsen and Justin Parcherthe cast of “Tape” a play by Stephen Belber. I was privileged to watch them rehearse the first half of this play featuring Justin Parcher and Andrew Paulsen who play the role of two long time friends John and Vince respectively.

I must tell you that the plot of this play is worthy of Shakespeare and it is full of the meat of human nature. The play begins as a group of friends have decided to come together in Lansing Michigan to watch the premier of John’s newest low budget film. Since the friends have not seen each other in some time their lives have developed in dramatically different ways and they are hoping for a great re-union. Almost from the very beginning things begin to go wrong and long held suspicions eventually lead to increasing tension between the two long term friends.

Having seen the first act and thought about it; Vince has set up a trap for his old friend John. During their time apart Vince had become convinced that his friend date raped his ex-girlfriend and he wants to use his friendship to poke enough buttons to capture John admitting to this. As the tensions rise in the first act the bait has been set, the prey in sight and the trap is sprung. In the second half the girlfriend arrives on stage, Amy is played by Alycia Novak and her presence escalates the tension to explosive levels. This play effectively deals with raw human emotion and the nature of friendships, integrity and betrayal. There is nothing stronger in life in Shakespeare’s time and it is so today.

Summer is the season for “New Noise Productions”; Michael Sobota as director has Tape Andrew Paulsenassembled a cast of some of the best young actors (and actresses) the city has to offer. The level of production is refined. If it were not for the fact that these people have day jobs you might believe you are experiencing a professional production. There is more to a good production than what the actors are presenting on stage. In the small space of the rehearsal room I could see the other members of the crew busy at work. All are equally dedicated to the successful production of this play and they know what they are about.

When you watch this play the time will pass quickly. The play moves forward in real Tape Michael Sobotatime; there are no flash backs or anything else that can cause confusion for the listener. Sit back and watch the plot with its raw emotions play out and to the extent people will go to when something needs to be put right. I did not get to see the second half of this production so I will need to wait until the play opens next week at the Paramount Theatre. The play is on August 8,9,10,16 and 17 all performances begin at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets for the preview on August 8 are only $10.  All other performances are $15.Tickets are available at The Paramount Theatre, High Tide Tattoo Parlor, The Growing Season and Steepers.

Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

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