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Arts around the Lake Superior Region 2017

Gerald McEachern new Executive Director/General Manager. - Sunday, July 16, 2017

#LSN_Arts    TBSO   Gerald McEachern

Thunder Bay, ON – Tuesday, July 9, 2017 – (LSN)  The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is very pleased to announce the appointment of Gerald McEachern as its new Executive Director/General Manager.

Gerald returns to Thunder Bay after 13 years, taking over from Acting Executive Director, Ken Boshcoff. Mr. Boshcoff will be continuing on at the TBSO in his former position, Director of Development. read more ...
Magnus Mama’s Country Record Collection - Thursday, June 22, 2017
Thom Currie, Magnus Theatre

#LSN_Arts  Thom Currie, Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, Ontario - June 22, 2017  (LSN( Mama's Country Record Collection is a blast from the past.  At least it is for Thom Currie, Magnus Theatres Artistic Director and the author of the play.

When I was a kid, we did a road trip every summer.  My brothers and my sister and me would be piled into a Pontiac station wagon at 5:00AM, and we would drive from our home in the suburbs of New York City to a wondrous place called Katrine, Ontario.  Over the 1100 kilometre trip, my mother at the wheel, we would read, talk, snooze and argue.  There was always music on the AM radio.  Mom chose the station, and her preferred driving music was contemporary country and western, because you could sing along.  That, along with chewing gum, would help you stay sane on an 11 hour drive with four kids.

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TBSO Appoints New Music Director Maestro Paul Haas - Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Maestro Paul Haas TBSO

#LSN_Arts   Maestro Paul Haas TBSO

Thunder Bay, ON – Tuesday, June 6, 2017 – (LSN) After a widespread and intensive two-year search, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Maestro Paul Haas as its new Music Director, effective July 1st, 2017.



Haas steps into the position after Maestro Arthur Post ended his seven-season tenure as Music Director of the TBSO this past April.


Paul Haas, a truly dynamic and innovative musician, composer, and conductor is the Founder and Artistic Director of Sympho, a New York-based contemporary music ensemble dedicated to the creation and performance of radically engaging musical experiences in unusual venues and unexpected contexts.
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An unforgettable journey Into The Woods - Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Paramount Live theatre

#LSN_Arts   Paramount Live theatre

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  mAY 24, 2017  (lsn) This week the senior students in the Paramount Live theatre program take to the stage with the Broadway musical Into The Woods which features the lush music and often-funny lyrics of Stephen Sondheim and based on the book by James Lapine, takes the fairy tales from our childhood and twists them in knots.

The musical Into The Woods revolves around a baker (Hudson Morash) and his wife (Fae Alexander) and their efforts to reverse a curse, placed upon them by the witch (Olivia McInnis) that lives next door, who prevents them from having children. So the couple set out into the forest in search of finding the four components needed to dispel the spell. Along the way, they encounter the likes of fabled characters Cinderella (Carly Martin), Rapunzel (Frances Loghrin), ‘Little Red’ Riding Hood (Natalie St. Jaques), princes in agony (Cameron Surkan, Kyran Klazek-Schryer), a hungry wolf (Dante Papa), and Jack (Jessica Smith) with his Mother (Sarah Prenger) and cow (Rachel Brown) of Beanstalk fame, each of whom are busy pursuing their own fairy tale fates. Now this musical may start with a once upon a time scenario, but the journey that awaits these characters twists and turns is search of a happily ever after ending.


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Special screening of The Incredible Journey - Sunday, May 7, 2017
Incredible Journey

#LSN_Arts  Special screening

THUNDER BAY, ONTARO ---May 7, 2017  (LSN) The Thunder Bay's Lakehead Universtiy, Department of History and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to partner with the Thunder Bay Public Library and Shebafilms to present a special free screening of “The Incredible Journey,” a film based on Sheila Burnford’s 1960 novel about the adventures of two dogs and a cat.

 Sheila Burnford published six books and many articles before her death in 1984.
 Dr. Ron Harpelle and a team of researchers, including MA student Kaitlin Green, are archiving Burnford’s personal papers for public use.

The screening of the film will include a display of some of the items in the collection, an opportunity for local residents to share their memories of Sheila Burnford, and a presentation by Dr. Jonquil Burnford Covello, who will speak about her mother’s life.
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Angelique’s Isle: Angelique Abandoned Becomes a Feature-Length Film - Friday, May 5, 2017
Angelique’s Isle

#LSN+Arts     Angelique’s Isle:  Angelique Abandoned

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  May 5, 2017  (LSN)  Angelique Mott’s story may have taken place over 170 years ago, but her strength and perseverance hold messages that are still relevant today.  Author James R. Stevens’ novella, Angelique Abandoned, follows the story of 17-year-old Angelique Mott, a Metis woman who was left for dead by copper hunters on Isle Royale during the winter of 1845-46.  Armed only with a few primitive tools and the traditional knowledge passed down by her Indigenous mother, Angelique survived the winter that claimed the life of her husband. 

Stevens had known about this true story for some time before he wrote and released the novella’s first edition in 2009.  What surprised him was how the story surfaced in his mind, demanding to be written.  “I was out in Calgary researching another book on Norval Morriseau, the artist, and I was sitting at my brother-in-law’s table one day and the Angelique story just took me over,” he says. 
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Quilt of Hope Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School - Friday, May 5, 2017
Quilt of Hope Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School

#LSN_Arts   Quilt of Hope

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --   May 5, 2017  (LSN) Today, Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School students unveiled their ‘Quilt of Hope’, a three-month quilting project. Supported by the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) Youth in Transition Worker program, the new art project brought together students to tell their life stories through individual squares that form the quilt.

Students were assisted by Elder Elsie Stoney, who helped with the sewing and design. ONWA’s Nicole McKay came up with the idea, and DFC teacher Katie Saj helped students promote the project.
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Magnus Theatre ALES & APPS - Sunday, April 30, 2017
Ale & Apps Magnus Theatre

#LSN_Arts  Dinner Auction

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - April 30, 2017   (LSN)  Magnus Theatre is proud to present the return of our popular Dinner Auction. This year’s theme? ALES & APPS taking place Saturday, May 13th. We have a fantastic night planned, an evening of local craft beer, tasty appetizers and entertainment.

We’ll also have an exciting variety of auction items, raffles, and door prizes so there won’t be any excuse to leave empty handed. The proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly towards much needed maintenance and repairs to the Magnus facilities. The auction items will have something for everyone. Numerous local businesses have generously donated items and experiences for the winners to enjoy.

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Farndale Ave Housing Estates Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery - Saturday, April 22, 2017
Cambrian Players

#LSN_Arts    Cambrian Players

THUNDER BAY, ONTGARIO -- APRIL 22, 2017  (lsn) Cambrian Players final production of the season The Farndale Ave Housing Estates Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery will be opening at the Finlandia Hall on May 17th.

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery
A Comedy by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr.
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10x10 Play Showcase - Friday, April 21, 2017
10x10 Play Showcase


ITHUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- April 21, 2017  (:SN)  It’s exciting to discover creative people in your neighbourhood! On April 29 and 30, you will have an opportunity to experience dramatic stories created by ten different Thunder Bay playwrights at the Fifth Anniversary 10x10 Play Showcase, Saturday April 29 at 7:30 pm and Sunday April 30 at 4:00 pm at the Finlandia (314 Bay Street).

This year’s showcase features a futuristic sci-fi play by Roy Blomstrom, a retired high school English teacher who lives in Shuniah. Blomstrom has had a play produced in all five 10x10 showcases since 2013. Another playwright whose work has been produced four times by 10x10 is Jordan Lehto, a graduate student at Lakehead University, whose play  Little Endings  explores the relationship of two sisters struggling to find hope in the face of death.  Jordan’s father Michael Lehto wrote The Stranger, about a man facing a difficult choice. When he is not writing, Michael Lehto works as an accountant.
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Superior Theatre Festival - Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Superior Theatre Festival

#LSN_Arts   Night Wings

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  April 12, 2017  (LSN) Superior Theatre Festival’s Youth Summer Initiative for 2017 focuses on performance skills and play creation.  This youth intensive will take place from July 24th - July 29th, 2017 and lead right up to the Superior Theatre Festival which runs July 27th-30th, 2017.

In its second year of existence Superior Theatre Festival will focus on uniquely Canadi-an stories throughout this summer exploration and they are especially interested in the Northern Perspective and Northern Voice.  How can students access the power they have in their own stories and share those with others around them? How are their sto-ries the same as other youth around the country and how do they differ?  These and other questions will be explored in the workshops and students will have an opportunity for sharing and connection via Skype with another arts group outside of Thunder Bay that are engaging in an arts summer program.  This will create further connections for the young artists with other youth across Ontario.
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TBSO Live @ the Shipyard - Tuesday, April 11, 2017
TBSO Live @ the Shipyard

#LSN_Arts   @ the Shipyard

HUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- April 11, 2017  (LSN)  On Saturday, April 29, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra will present an epic event in the most unlikely location.  The century old Port Arthur Shipyards industrial backdrop will provide a unique stage for a wondrous musical affair.  Established in 1911,  the Port Arthur shipyard built and repaired many ships during its years of operation, including warships during the First and Second World Wars, passenger steamers, warheads and freighters.

New owners, Current River Holdings, in partnership with Fabmar, have plans to reopen the shipyard  in Spring 2017. But before they do, get your dancing shoes on and dress to impress, because we are throwing a party!
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MAGNUS THEATRE ANNOUNCES 2017-18 SEASON - Monday, March 27, 2017
Magnus Theatre Rock You

#LSN_Arts   Magnus Theatre  2017 - 18 Season

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO    March 27, 2017   (LSN) Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre will kick off the 2017-18 Season with the regional premiere of WE WILL ROCK YOU, the hit Broadway show featuring the music of Queen.  “This is the full version of the show,” says Currie.

Two Canadian regional premieres.  A gripping mystery.  A door slamming farce. A Christmas classic. A summertime performance.  A heartwarming First Nations comedy.  A fish out of water Canadian play. One of the most popular Broadway musicals of the past twenty years.  These are what Thunder Bay audiences can expect from Magnus Theatre in the next 18 months.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg, says Magnus Artistic Director Thom Currie.

“We have an incredible lineup for next season,” Currie says.  “This is a time of growth for Magnus.  Not only are we putting together a season of fantastic theatre, we will be expanding our Theatre In Education Department, touring schools, offering new and exciting classes for adults and youth.  This is a great time to be an artist in Thunder Bay.”
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Superior Theatre Festival 2017 - Sunday, March 19, 2017
Superior Theatre Festival 2017
#LSN_Arts   Superior Theatre Festival

This summer Thunder Bay's Superior Theatre Festival is from July 27th - 30th and it will feature a variety of out of town and local productions and it will be home to a youth summer theatre program that will also present a piece that they create during the festival.

This year, in partnership with Urban Abbey, STF is beginning a new venture called the North Shore Indie Stream that is committed to celebrating NorthWestern Ontario voices. 
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DANNY JOHNSON & FRIENDS IN CONCERT - Saturday, March 18, 2017
 #LSN_Arts Danny Johnson & Friends T

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- March 18, 2017 (LSN) For two exciting nights, Danny Johnson, a Thunder Bay favorite, will be rocking the Magnus Theatre stage. On March 24th and 25th at 8pm, Danny will entertain audiences with a vast selection of songs that will have something for everyone. Danny will perform his own songs, as well as hits from his favourite songwriters. Johnson is bringing his friends, as he will be joined by a cast of very special guests including Dan Zadkovich, Jim Differ, Dave Isherwood, Susanna DiGiuseppe, Rob Jardine and other fantastic local talent. DANNY JOHNSON & FRIENDS IN CONCERT debuted in 2015 and has been a rousing success for the past two years. Funds raised by the concert go toward the Magnus Theatre Capital Fund. As a not-for-profit professional theatre company, Magnus depends on fundraisers such as this, to ensure it can continue to produce top tier Canadian and International plays on its main stage, as well as run it Theatre in Education department, Theatre for Young Audiences School Tour, and summer programming. “I'm excited to share the stage with these great, accomplished musicians. It is a privilege to play one's own music for people and I want to leave the audience with a sense of having experienced something worthwhile and with some depth. We're looking forward to playing and sharing some new music that we've worked on and plan on doing a great show for our audience.” Says Johnson. read more ...
Dramatic Society OPEN AUDITIONs Cambrian Players - Monday, March 13, 2017
Open Auditions Cambrian Players
OPEN AUDITIONs Cambrian Players #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ---  MArch 13, 2017   (LSN) The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

A Comedy by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr.
Directed by Beverley Gravelle-MacLeod

Every community theatre group has experienced the horrors of what can go wrong on opening night and the ladies of the F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are no different, with the possible exception that almost everything that could happen, does as the ladies present their ambitious evening's entertainment with the cunning whodunit, "Murder At Checkmate Manor."  The group rises above the slings and arrows of outrageous dramatics to save the situation and provide the final inventive twist. read more ...
Magnus Theatre Of Humane Bondage - Friday, March 10, 2017
Magnus Theatre Of Humane Bondage
Magnus Theatre    #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  --  March 10, 2017 (LSN) Of Human Bondage, Magnus Theatre’s latest production, holds something for everybody.  Steamy romance, philosophical commentary, complex human dynamics and nineteenth century history weave their way into this vivid performance.  The production’s portrayal of the best and worst of human nature is capable of breaking down the viewer’s faith in humanity and, just as steadily, building it back up again.  

Written by Vern Thiessen and directed by Thom Currie, Of Human Bondage is based on W. Somerset Maugham’s novel of the same name.  It transports the viewer back to nineteenth England, where Philip Carey is learning medicine.  Around his hospital peers, he presents as cautious and practical in nature. We are quick to learn that Philip is in fact an artist at heart, wistfully reminiscing with artist friends about his painting days in Paris. read more ...
Tye McKenzie Lifetime Achievement Award - Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Ruth Tye McKenzie with MC Lisa Laco, CBC Superior Morning Show, .
Ruth Tye McKenzieRuth  Lisa Laco, CBC Superior Morning Show      #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   February 22. 2017  “For the 7th Annual Arts and Heritage Awards, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery was honoured to nominate Ruth Tye McKenzie​ for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Ruth has been a longtime supporter of the arts and has made a significant contribution to the cultural vibrancy of Thunder Bay as a practicing artist, respected businesswoman, and generous member of the greater Thunder Bay community.

Ruth was instrumental in establishing Artists North of Superior in 1983, has instigated numerous exhibitions, and organized Saturday drop in figure drawing classes for fifteen years at the University.  By establishing the Painted Turtle Art Shop, she helped grow the visual arts in our community, offering high quality artist materials, inspiration, as well as arts education. read more ...
Magnus Theatre Of Human Bondage - Sunday, February 19, 2017
 Magnus Theatre Of Human Bondage
Of Human Bondage    #LSN_Arts

HUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  February 19, 2017  (LSN)  Up next at Magnus Theatre is Of Human Bondage, an epic tale of obsession, lust, and the pursuit of beauty adapted for the stage by Governor General’s Award winning playwright Vern Thiessen. The play is based on the classic novel by W. Somerset Maugham. “Vern Thiessen’s adaptation of the Somerset Maugham novel is a fantastic piece of theatre, and the Magnus production will thrill our audiences, whether they are fans of the novel or not,” said Magnus Artistic Director Thom Currie.

When Philip meets Mildred, a tea-shop waitress, he finds his yearning for art and experience devoured by his intense attraction to her. Mildred, for all her teasing, isn’t all that interested in him, but rather in flattery, possessions, and security. Yet Philip, in a powerful haze of passion and pride, obsessively pursues Mildred despite the anguish and emotional carnage that repels and binds them at all costs.
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Cambrian Players Bares All for The Full Monty - Thursday, February 9, 2017
Full Monty
Director Candi Badanai with six Full Monty men  #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  February 9, 2017  In a rehearsal studio just off Simpson Street, six men get ready to bare all. From looking outside of the Cambrian Players rehearsal studio, you would never guess what is going on side this old brick building. I stepped inside the front door, coming out from the brisk winter air, brushed my shoes off at the door and glanced around the room. The walls are covered in old show posters, pipes from the apartments above crossing under the punched tin ceiling high above us. Random chairs scattered around the edges of the room. The rehearsal studio appears to be as industrial looking as the set being constructed in the middle of the room for the musical they are currently rehearsing. The musical is about a town where out-of-work steel mill workers are looking for a new source of income. It begins on the factory floor as the men get their final paycheque. These men don’t have much hope since the factory closed, but after seeing how their wives and girlfriends react to a traveling show featuring Chippendales dancers, they decide to start their own strip-tease act. And so begins the rehearsal for Cambrian Players upcoming musical of The Full Monty.

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Magnus Theatre Of Human Bondage and Flight Path - Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Flight Path Magnus Theatre
Remainder of Season Magnus    #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   February 8, 2017  (LSN) Magnus Theatre announces  cast  for the remainder of the 2016-17 Season.  Of Human Bondage and The Flight Path

The final production for the 2016-17 Season sees a pair of Magnus veterans returning to the Thunder Bay stage. Here On The Flight Path will star Stuart Dowling and Amy Sellors in this classic Norm Foster comedy. Mr Dowling, an award winning performer who has performed across Canada and beyond, is a long-time favourite of Magnus audiences, having appeared in Driving Miss Daisy and Night of the Living Dead. Ms. Sellors, herself an award-winning actor who has appeared in theatres across Canada, (including multiple seasons at the Stratford Festival) appeared at Magnus in Looking and Don’t Hug Me. read more ...
Thunder Bay BluesFest 2017 - Saturday, February 4, 2017
Thunder Bay BluesFest
#LSN_Arts  Thunder Bay BluesFest 2017

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ----  February 4, 2017   (LSN)  Thunder Bay's Summer Musical Tradition returns for its 16th year, bringing the best names in
Blues, Roots and Rock to Thunder Bay July 7th, 8h, and 9th! at Marina Park

One of Canada’s best blues festivals, Thunder Bay’s Canada 150 version features a strong array of national and local favourites.

This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and Bluesfest has hired an even stronger, all-Canadian lineup featuring Amanda Marshall, Barenaked Ladies and Randy Bachman. read more ...
EcoSuperior Painted Rain Barrel Art Project - Monday, January 30, 2017

Ray and Angela 2016 Entries    #LSN_Arts

Thunder Bay, On  —    January 30, 2017  (LSN) EcoSuperior is accepting design submissions for the 7th annual Painted Rain Barrel Art Project, presented by Landale Gardens. It’s a fun and creative fundraiser with something for everyone.

Each year EcoSuperior invites local artists, community groups and schools to enter their design ideas to be painted on a rain barrel. The initiative promotes water conservation and offers cash prizes for the artists, while also raising funds for environmental programs in the community.

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Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards Tickets - Saturday, January 28, 2017
Honest Heart Collective

Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards    #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY ON  --- January 28, 2017 (LSN)  Tickets are now available for the City of Thunder Bay’s 7th Annual Arts & Heritage Awards, presented by Copperfin Credit Union. Over 10 custom-created awards by local artist, boyRoland, will be given out at a gala ceremony on Thursday, Feb. 16, at Magnus Theatre. CBC Radio personality, Lisa Laco, will host the awards show. The show will feature live performances including an acoustic set by The Honest Heart Collective, a one-time only grand finale created especially for the awards, and more. read more ...


THUNDER BAY, January 28, 2017   (LSN)

Telemann! Enjoy an evening of gentle chamber music in an intimate atmosphere as Consortium Aurora Borealis commemorates this prolific German 18th-century composer, friend of Bach and Handel, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his death.

 read more ...
New Design for Arts & Heritage Awards Unveiled - Thursday, January 5, 2017
Arts Award

Arts & Heritage Awards Unveiled  #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  - January 5, 2017 – The City of Thunder Bay announced a new design today for the awards presented to recipients at the annual Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards. Growth, by local artist boy Roland, was selected by a jury to become the new award distributed in all categories at the 2017 and 2018 ceremonies. The design features a ceramic hand with a piece of amethyst set in the centre of the palm, mounted on a wooden base, representing the continued development and vibrancy of Thunder Bay’s cultural sector. read more ...

Arts around the Lake Superior Region 2016

Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet - Sunday, November 6, 2016

Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet  #LSN_Arts

 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- November 6, 2016   (LSN)  Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet by Ann-Marie MacDonald, directed by Sheena Albanese, opens on November 16th at the Finlandia Hall. This award winning play (Governor General's Award, Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award, Canadian Authors Association) was first produced by Toronto’s Nightwood Theatre in 1988.

 read more ...
HUNGER 11 Definitely Superior Art Gallery - Sunday, October 23, 2016


 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- October 23, 2016   (LSN)  Definitely Superior Art Gallery presents, a fundraiser for the Contemporary Arts...
THE HUNGER 11 Definitely Superior Art Gallery.

Enter the multi-verse of the 11th Anniversary of the largest/wildest music and performance spectacle you’ll ever experience. It comes but once a year. One night, one massive downtown wide Halloween Event.

Pick your story, diabolic or devilicious. Move between bars and interact with every soul along the way, you could even win prizes in the street! One cover of $15 gets you into all 7 venues, feed your hunger and treat yourself to the largest, wildest, slickest HALLOWEEN experience x 7… read more ...
TBSO & RFDA working togetherf - Sunday, October 23, 2016

TBSO & RFDA working together  #LSN_Arts

Thunder Bay, ON – October 23, 2016  (LSN) This October through December the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra will be collecting non-perishable food items and baby items in support of the Regional Food Distribution Association.


“When I saw that the RFDA was short on its expected targets for the winter, I knew that the TBSO could step up and offer support. As a non-profit organization, the TBSO recognizes how much time and work goes into programs for the community and how a small amount of extra support from other non-profits and businesses can make a big difference,” states Emily Carr, TBSO’s Marketing & Communications Manager.


 read more ...
OPEN AUDITIONS FOR THE FULL MONTY - Sunday, October 16, 2016


 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --- October 16, 2016   (LSN)  Thunder Bay's Cambrian Players is pleased to announce that open auditions will be held for their upcoming production of The Full Monty, The Broadway Musical with book by Terrence McNally, music and lyrics by David Yazbek , and directed by Candi Badanai.

Auditions will be held Friday/Saturday October 21/22nd  from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and Sunday October 23rd from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please note that auditions for this production will be held at the Paramount Live Studio, 2nd floor at 22 Court Street South. read more ...
A night of Masquerade and Mystery - Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Howard Ball  #LSN_Arts

 Thunder Bay, ON, October 17th, 2016  (LSN)  Once again the John Howard Society of Thunder Bay and District is getting masked in mystery, as the non-profit will be hosting their third annual Howard Ball at the Valhalla Inn on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Presented by Lakehead Motors, the ball will support the organization’s rehabilitative residential programs and the United Way. read more ...
Empty Bowls Caring Hearts - Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Empty Bowls Caring Hearts

Empty Bowls Caring Hearts #LSN_Arts

 THUNDER BAY, ON --  oCTOBER 12, 2016  (LSN) Included with the purchase f a dinner ticket, guests receive their choice of a handmade pottery bowl or pair of quilted placemats donated by the Thunder Bay Potters' Guild and the Empty Bowls Quilters which are a token to take home at the end of the evening...

 Empty Bowls Caring Hearts 16th Annual Dinner being held October 16 at Moose Hall.

 read more ...
Film Born to be Blue - Thursday, October 6, 2016

Film Born to be Blue #LSN_Arts

 THUNDER BAY, ON ---  October 6, 2016 (LSN)  On Friday, October 14 at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,  there will be a free screening of the film Born to be Blue presented by the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. The event will be hosted by The Honourable Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines and MPP Thunder Bay-Superior North.

Filmed in Northern Ontario, Born to be Blue is a reimagining of jazz legend, Chet Baker’s career and personal life at a key moment in the 1960s as he attempts a comeback.  Academy Award-nominated actor Ethan Hawke received critical acclaim for his performance as Baker. read more ...
Sesquicentennial Festival - Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sesquicentennial Festival  #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY ON  -- September 25, 2016  (LSN) On October 20th, the TBSO’s Sesquicentennial Festival celebration begins. The festival combines three different concerts  individually, or they can opt for the Festival Pass (saves 10% off single ticket prices).

The festival includes: Visions of Paradise, Celtic Superstars Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy, and James Ehnes’ Recital. read more ...
Magnus Theatre Million Dollar Quartet - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Magnus Theatre Million Dollar Quartet
Magnus Theatre Million Dollar Quartet #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  -  September 15, 2016 (LSN) Thunder Bay’s Magnus Theatre has a stellar production in its hands. I attended the very sold out Monday evening performance and right from the start I am going to recommend this show. This show is all about the music, but there is a story behind it as well that may in general terms reflect some of the actual happening of a December night in 1956. read more ...
12th Annual Bay Street Film Festival - Saturday, September 3, 2016
Sculptures Unveiled on Algoma Street - Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sculptures Unveiled on Algoma Street
Brandon Vickerd, artist of the Wild Life sculptures #LSN_Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  August 31, 2016  (LSN) Two new sculptures were unveiled today by the City of Thunder Bay on the Algoma Street curb extensions between Bay Street and Cornwall Avenue. The curb extensions have been being transformed into displays of Public Art with the addition of two pedestrian-scale bronze sculptures titled Wild Life by Hamilton-based artist Brandon Vickerd.

“It is a priority of the City’s Public Art Committee to commission works of functional public art. The sculptures increase visibility of the curb extensions while integrating art into our daily lives.” said Daniel Hansen, Chair – Public Art Committee. “The addition of public art will undoubtedly enhance the cultural vibrancy of the Bay & Algoma neighbourhood.”

 read more ...
CONSORTIUM AURORA BOREALIS 38th SEASON - Tuesday, August 30, 2016


THUNDER BAY, ON --  August 30, 2016   (LSN)  CONSORTIUM AURORA BOREALIS  begins their 38th SEASON under the direction of Elizabeth Ganiatsos – Artistic Director.  Northwestern Ontario’s Chamber Music Group ~ Baroque and Beyond September 17th at St Paul's United Church

 read more ...
When the time is right! - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

When the Time is right! #LSN_Arts

Mario Crudo Magnus Theatre

Mario Crudo receives a watercolour of Magnus Theatre from Treasurer Ernie Epp and President Kathleen Lynch on his retirement.

THUNDER BAY, ON  --  August 23, 2016  (LSN) The first time I attended Magnus Theatre, it was a cold, wet and wintery night. As I stepped out of my car, my foot quickly found a deep puddle and I ended up walking up the steps to the old east end theatre with a twisted ankle. The play must have been good that night because I have kept on coming to Magnus Theatre. Mario Crudo has been Artistic Director of this theatre for nearly 25 years. He is just as passionate about the theatre as he ever, only that passion has changed a little.

From its early days in the City’s East End, no one could have imagined the state of the art modern theatre now occupying the historic Central School in Waverley Park. At the time the vacant school had become a political white elephant for the city, so many were opposed to developing this property commercially. Everyone it seems was against the destruction of the old building.

 read more ...
Superior Theatre Festival - Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Superior Theatre Festival

Superior Theatre Festival #LSN_Arts

 THUNDER BAY, ON  --  July 26, 2016 (LSN) Superior Theatre Festival Launches FIRST Professional Summer Theatre Festival in Thunder Bay August 4th-7th, 2016 Thunder Bay will be home to the first ever Superior Theatre Festival that will feature a variety of performances and ancillary programming such as workshops, poetry readings, a Finnish breakfast with the artists and an interactive community-based installation. This multi-faceted festival builds on Thunder Bay’s cultural community and will showcase professional and emerging actors from our area and from across Canada. read more ...
Barry Streib Executive Director/General Manage - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Barry Streib Executive Director/General Manager TBSO LSN_Arts

Thunder Bay, ON - July 12, 2016  (LSN) The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) is pleased to annouBarry Streib TBSOnce that Barry Streib has accepted the position of Executive Director/General Manager. With his executive experience in business, public service work, and community event management, Barry is ideally suited to lead the organization. He will officially be in his new role with TBSO starting Monday, July 18, 2016.

"The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is important to Thunder Bay and our region as it contributes greatly to our Arts and Culture community," said Barry Streib. "The fact that we have a symphony here in a smaller market speaks to the dedication and determination of the many individuals and organizations who have supported this very worthwhile asset."

Barry added, "It is an honour and a privilege to be selected to serve the symphony in this capacity, and I look forward to leading the organization in its future success."

TBSO Board President Paul Inksetter expressed his delight with Streib's decision to work with the symphony.  

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Ken Boschoff Joints TBSO - Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ken Boschoff Joints TBSO #LSN_Arts

Thunder Bay, ON – June 7, 2016  ----The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) is pleased to announceKen Boshcoff that Ken Boshcoff will be assisting the TBSO in generating new revenue sources. With his experience in private business, as well as a former Member of Parliament, member of City Council and Mayor, Ken Boshcoff is ideally suited to lead this new revenue-generating initiative.

“I have been a symphony supporter all my adult life,” said Boshcoff, “and our Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is a major asset in our city. It will be a privilege for me to help by increasing the revenue base for the TBSO.” 

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Fort Fest 2016 - Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fort Fest 2016  #LSNarts

Fort Fest 2016 

It’s back! Fort William Historical Park’s amphitheatre will rock once again as it hosts Fort Fest; a community music festival taking place July 15 & 16. Taking the stage will be The Cult, Starship featuring Mickey Thomas, Platinum Blonde, Sass Jordan, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, The Trews, 54-40, Helix, Doucette plus a variety of local talent. Tickets go on sale April 25, 2016 at 9:00am!  Two-day festival pass only $60 until July 14th.     

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TBSO ANNOUNCES OUTSTANDING 2016/17 SEASON! - Sunday, April 10, 2016


TBSO 2016 - 17 Season

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   April 10, 2016 ----–  The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) is proud to announce the 2016/17 season led by Music Director Arthur Post. Subscriptions are now available at the Community Auditorium Box Office, offering substantial savings over single ticket prices.


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Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards - Friday, April 1, 2016

Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards #LSNarts

Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----   April 1, 2016 – The achievements and contributions of local artists, cultural professionals, organizations and businesses were celebrated at the City of Thunder Bay’s annual Arts & Heritage Awards, presented by the Walleye, on Thursday evening at the Finnish Labour Temple.

This year’s nominees represent a wide spectrum of Thunder Bay’s cultural sector from individual artists, theater, film, music and historians to cultural business, educators, and supporters.  

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Jeans n’ Classics & TBSO “Women of Rock” - Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jeans n’ Classics & TBSO “Women of Rock” #LSNarts

Women Rock TBSO

 THUNDER BAY, ON –  February 9, 2016  ----  Thunder Bay's favourite Jeans ‘n Classics returns on Saturday, February 20th to join the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra to present “Women of Rock” – a concert highlighting five decades of some of the most dynamic and influential women in rock and pop music, including Martha and the Vandellas, Heart, Annie Lennox and Eurythmics, Sinead O’Connor, Alicia Keys, Adele, and many more. You’ll hear many hits including Dancin’ In The Streets, Barracuda, Sweet Dreams, Firework, and Skyfall. 

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TBSO Brew & Beethoven Returns - Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TBSO Brew & Beethoven Returns #LSNarts

TBSO Brew & Beethoven Returns

 Thunder Bay, ON – February 2. 2016 ---- The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s popular Brew & Beethoven returns for its fourth year!  Enjoy a cold one while listening to the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra perform works ranging from Beethoven to John Williams. Presented in a unique casual atmosphere, B&B is your chance to hear the musicians up close and personal. Funds raised at this event support the TBSO’s Youth & Education programs and SHIFT Thunder Bay’s Young Professional Network.


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Canadian Pianist Katherine Chi Returns to Thunder Bay - Sunday, January 17, 2016

Canadian Pianist Katherine Chi Returns to Thunder Bay #LSNarts

Pianist Katherine Chi

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   January 17, 2016  ---  Guest conductor Les Dala makes his TBSO debut in a dynamic concert, featuring Overture to Alceste by Christoph Willibald Gluck and Robert Schumann’s Second Symphony. Pianist Katherine Chi returns to Thunder Bay to mesmerize in a captivating performance of composer Edvard Grieg’s beloved Piano Concerto.

Gluck: Overture to Alceste / Grieg: Piano Concerto, Op. 16 / Schumann: Symphony No. 2

Free Pre-Concert Chats
Want to learn more about the music or guest artist of a Masterworks concert? Attend our FREE pre-concert chats at 7:10PM on the mezzanine before all TBSO Masterworks concerts. Pre-concert chats are available for free to ticket holders for each specific Masterworks concert. read more ...

Arts around the Lake Superior Region 2015

TBSO Benefit Concert for Syrian Refugees - Monday, December 14, 2015

TBSO holds Benefit Concert for Syrian Refugees with Thunder Bay’s Multicultural Association #LSNarts

THUNDER BAY, ON –---  December 14, 2015  ----  On Friday, December 18th, at 7PM at St. Agnes Church, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra will be holding a Free Benefit Concert in support of Syrian Refugees who will be resettling in Thunder Bay, in partnership with the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association.

This Free Benefit Concert will include Baroque Christmas music, including selected movements from George Frideric Handel’s Messiah and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, and a Carol Sing-Along. 

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TBSO’s Principal Oboe Colleen Kennedy - Sunday, November 22, 2015

TBSO’s Principal Oboe Colleen Kennedy  #LSNarts

Thunder Bay, ON – November 22, 2015  --- -The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s (TBSO) next Classical+ concTBSO’s Principal Oboe Colleen Kennedyert takes place on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at Hilldale Lutheran Church at 8PM.

This season Classical+ features music from around the world, and showcases the talents of TBSO musicians. Guest conductor, Richard Lee, leads the TBSO for this Classical+ concert, and Principal Oboe, Colleen Kennedy is the featured soloist performing Jean Françaix’s L’Horloge de flore. In 2015 Colleen celebrates her 35th anniversary season with the TBSO.

Colleen Kennedy is Principal Oboe with the TBSO. She was born in Comox, B.C., moved to Ontario at an early age and grew up in Toronto. She studied music at the University of Western Ontario and at the Juilliard School in New York.   Her teachers have included Harry Sargous, Robert Bloom and Richard Killmer. 

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My Favorite Year Cambrian Players - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Favorite Year Cambrian Players  #LSNarts


 My Favorite Year

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  November 17, 2015  ---   Thunder Bay's Cambrian Players presents, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens’ nostalgic musical comedy My Favorite Year, is based on the beloved 1982 hit film starring Peter O’Toole. The original story line was fondly based on an encounter that Mel Brooks had with Errol Flynn while working together on Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows. 

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A Tale about the True “Spirit” of Christmas - Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Tale about the True “Spirit” of Christmas  #LSNarts

Christmas Carol

To celebrate the holiday season, Rogue Productions presents its  annual theatrical production of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol, in the Great Hall at Fort William Historical Park, Thunder Bay,  December 4th to 6th and 10th to 14th.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly, cynical man spends his days in cold, cheerless solitude, having little use for family, friends, and Christmas in particular. During one special night however, he re-discovers his humanity and the true meaning of the season through unsettling visitations by the ghost of deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

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Local Playwrights Workshop 10 x 10 - Saturday, October 31, 2015

Local Playwrights Workshop 10 x 10  #LSNarts

Sunday Dinner

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   October 30, 2015   -----  Local Play writing workshop Nov 2nd.   Thunder Bay may be applauding 10 newly-discovered playwrights come April, 2016.
The curtain will rise on the first show of new and original works penned by local writers at the Finlandia Club on April 30th, 2016.

When the final curtain descends on the Fourth Annual 10x10 Play Showcase on May 1st, ten local writers will have taken a giant step into the exciting world of playwriting.

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3rd Annual TBSO Mozart & Martinis - Sunday, October 25, 2015

3rd Annual TBSO Mozart & Martinis #LSNarts

TBSO Mozart & Martinis

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  October 25, 2015  ---  Join the TBSO for an evening of glitz and glamour at Mozart & Martinis. Sample an exquisite pairing of live symphonic music, delicious appetizers, and delectable martinis. The evening marries the music of renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by the TBSO, with four distinct courses, each featuring a signature martini and appetizer pairing created with Mozart in mind.

Each year the TBSO presents a variety of youth and education projects, including the Grade 3 Sing-Along, Musicians in the Classroom, Link Up!, and elementary and secondary school concerts, reaching over 10,000 students each year.

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Canadian Juno Award Winner Meaghan Smith Launches TBSO Season - Saturday, October 3, 2015

Canadian Juno Award Winner Meaghan Smith Launches TBSO Season  #LSNarts

Meaghan Smith

THUNDER BAY, ON --- October 3, 2015 --- Meaghan Smith, launches Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Season, Canadian Juno Award winner, brings her honest, insightful songwriting, vintage sound, and smooth, evocative voice to the TBSO stage in a brand new orchestral concert. This concert showcases music from her Juno Award winning album The Cricket’s Orchestra and her brand new album Have A Heart.


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“Ring of Fire” Magnus Theatre - Thursday, September 17, 2015

“Ring of Fire” Magnus Theatre  #LSNarts


Thunder Bay’s Magnus theatre

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   Sept 17, 2015 --- This show is Titled “Ring of Fire”, the music of Johnny Cash and that is exactly what Thunder Bay’s Magnus theatre delivered. The show begins with an orange background that reminded me of a large Halloween pumpkin. Randomly the image was changed with bursts of sound until a man with a guitar in hand came onstage and introduced himself as Johnny Cash. Three more men also came on stage introducing themselves as Johnny Cash and one woman, also Johnny Cash. In this photo Hillary June Hart and Danny Johnson appear in full guitar strumming song.

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Crossing Borders Tour - Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crossing Borders Tour #LSNarts

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   Sept 1, 2015  ---   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional artist? Are you curious to discover how art is made? Are you looking for an excuse to visit the North Shore of Lake Superior during the fall color season? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be interested in taking the Crossing Borders Studio Tour Friday September 25 through Sunday October 4, 10 AM to 6 PM daily.

The Crossing Borders Tour is in its 19th year. A tour of professional artists in their studios allows the public to visit studios and learn how art is made. The tour follows Minnesota’s North Shore from Two Harbors to Grand Portage with six stops along the way. The host studios also invite colleagues to bring additional art to show and sell.

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“Raven’s Wing” By Kim Erickson - Friday, May 22, 2015

“Raven’s Wing” By Kim Erickson  #LSNarts

“Raven’s Wing” By Kim Erickson

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  May 22, 2015  --- Thunder Bay’s singer – songwriter Kim Erickson,  will be presenting her latest CD “Raven’s Wing” on Saturday June 13th at Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship on 129 Algoma from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Presenting a new CD is a lot of work so I asked a few questions about this CD project.


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The Writer's Pro Shop ~ "How You See the World" - Friday, May 22, 2015

The Writer's Pro Shop ~ "How You See the World"  #LSNwriters

Hubert O'Hearn Writer's Pro Shop

Tips and Exercises for the Professional Writer

Top actors and athletes have a common routine – they stay in training throughout their careers to find that extra edge to keep them ahead of the competition. Pro means you never stop learning. Yet writers tend to work in isolation with only an editor to offer advice and suggestions. The exercises presented here will get you to the top, or keep you at the top.  

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When is the last time you heard a recital for Double Bass? - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When is the last time you heard a recital for Double Bass? #LSNarts

Chris Lamont

 THUNDER BAY, ON ---  May 20, 2015  --- Chris Lamont is an easygoing University student and is currently wrapping up his time as a student in Thunder Bay. As a music student he came to the right place to study bass, because Thunder Bay Symphony’s Martin Blanchet is also the instructor for bass at the university.

If you know Martin at all it only takes a moment to realize how much he identifies himself as a bass player. He can and does play bass for all kinds of music in every genre where a bass might be needed. Over time he has developed an incredible technique and talent and love for playing the bass.

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Spring Recitals - Madrigals in May - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Recitals - Madrigals in May  #LSNarts

Spring Recitals - Madrigals in May

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 19, 2015  ---  Thunder Bay has a wealth of talent. For many amateur groups the fruits of their labour are found in spring recitals.

Small groups such as Polyphony have found some expertise in the performance of madrigals. For hos who love to sing in harmony, madrigals are at once a challenge and a source of great satisfaction.

Madrigals can be performed with as little as one voice with instrumental accompaniment,  or several singers each singing their own part. 

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A conversation with Gregory Lewis - Monday, May 18, 2015

A conversation with Gregory Lewis #LSNarts

Gregory Lewis

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  May 18, 2015  ---- When Gregory Lewis was a small boy of about 4 years old, audience members recall him standing up in the balcony playing an imaginary violin at a Thunder Bay's  Consortium Aurora Borealis concert. From that time onwards many people in Thunder Bay have been watching his musical development with interest.

In my first ever Facebook interview I have posed some questions about one of our own classical musicians.


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 Fort Fest

Thunder Bay, ON, May 11, 2015 – Thunder Bay's Fort William Historical Park’s amphitheatre will be rocking as it hosts Fort Fest; a community music festival taking place July 17 & 18. Taking the stage will be Bret Michaels, Loverboy, Blue Oyster Cult, Great White, Harlequin, The Romantics, Tommy Tutone plus a variety of local talent. Tickets are on sale now! Friday $20, Saturday $30 and weekend pass $45.

Fort Fest is a two-day family friendly music festival; gates open Friday, July 17 at 5pm and Saturday, July 18 at 12pm with entertainment to 11pm both nights. Nightly 19+ After Parties to follow 

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Baroque to Broadway ~ Theresa Thibert and Sean Kim in Concert - Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baroque to Broadway ~ Theresa Thibert and Sean Kim in Concert #LSNarts

Theresa Thibert and Sean Kim in Concert
Opera live in Thunder Bay Theresa Thibert and Sean Kim in Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----    April 25, 2015  ---- Thunder Bay mezzo-soprano will take the stage at St.Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on May 9th, with Sean Kim at the piano to perform a diverse program of classical to broadway repertoire. Theresa has had a busy 2014-2015 performing at many venues locally, such as Cabaret on Bay, anthems at the Lakehead Thunderwolves games, the ORAS Chamber Choir, and as a soloist with Mood Indigo this past year. More recently, Thibert performed in Cambrian Player’s The War Show at the Paramount Theatre, singing a wide variety of roles and musical solos. A Master of Music (vocal performance) degree holder from the University of Western Ontario, Theresa has had the opportunity to study with renowned opera singers and coaches such as Sophie Louise Roland, Mel Braun, Ted Baerg, and Laura Loewen. Thibert’s most recent opera credits include roles in The Magic Flute, Suor Angelica, and I’Incoronazione di Poppea. Theresa has had the opportunity to perform as an a soloist with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, as well as Orchestra London Canada, under the direction of conductors Geoffrey Moull, Mark Payne, Daniel Bartholemew-Poyser, and Simone Luti. This summer, Theresa will return to Lucca, Tuscany(Italy) to perform the role of Thisbe in Rossini’s Cenerentola, with the Academia Europa dell’ Opera company.

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Colin Redekop in Organ Recital - Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colin Redekop in Organ Recital   #LSNarts

Colin Redekop in Organ Recital

THUNDER BAY, ON, -----  April 19, 2015  --  Thunder Bay has several very fine pipe organs to its credit. The Warren/Letourneau instrument at First – Wesley United on Brodie Street is unique with its’ English inspired stop list. There are plenty of 8’ registers to choose from many of them give this organ its very own sound. Many years ago the original organ underwent a major renovation and restoration; this was done by the reputable firm of Letourneau. When this instrument was re-installed what was once an eclectic English organ, was now an English inspired concert instrument capable of performing a much wider repertoire than it could in its original state.

Last Friday’s recital at First-Wesley was performed by Colin Redekop, one of the travelling clinicians that the National Royal Canadian College of Organists make available to regional centres on a bi-annual basis.


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Magnus Theatre Moose on the Loose Review #LSNarts - Sunday, April 12, 2015

Magnus Theatre Moose on the Loose Review  #LSNarts

Magnus Theatre Moose on the Loose

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ----   April 12, 2015   ---  It was a packed house at Thunder Bay’s Magnus Theatre. The audience had turned up to see “Moose on the Loose” written by former Thunder Bay resident Dina Morrone.

Maintaining a family requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, since in the end it is about the survival of the family more than it is about the survival and even happiness of the individual. While that may be a downside to the family, it has existed since time in memorial because there are benefits to belonging to a family.


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Moose on the Loose By Dina Morrone #LSNarts - Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Moose on the Loose By Dina Morrone  #LSNarts

 Moose on the Loose By Dina Morrone


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ------  April 8, 2014  ----  Dina Morrone, has returned to Thunder Bay from Los Angeles, a place she now calls home. A playwright,  her play, “Moose on the Loose”, will soon open at Thunder Bay’s Magnus Theatre under the direction of Mario Crudo. This will be the Canadian premier for this play.

This play was produced at Los Angeles Theatre West; the City’s longest running theatre which was started with Betty Garret and members of the Bridges family. 

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Third year, the 10x10 Play Showcase #LSNarts - Saturday, April 4, 2015


Third year, the 10x10 Play Showcase #LSNarts

10 by 10 Plays

Third year, the 10x10 Play Showcase

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  -----  April 4, 2015  ---  Now in its third year, the 10x10 Play Showcase will feature original works written by Thunder Bay playwrights.

“The 10 minute play is a new dramatic form that is practiced around the world,” says Cathi Grandfield, the 10x10 artistic director. “The audience experiences a complete story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, all in 10 minutes. The play is not just a vignette or one scene from a longer work. Each play is intended to stand on its own as a unique and original piece of theatre.” 

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Sidewalk Chalk Fest #LSNarts - Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sidewalk Chalk Fest  #LSNarts

Sidewalk Chalk Fest

Chalk A Lot
Chalk.a.Lot – Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival in Two Harbors, MN
July 18-19, 2015

TWO HARBORS, MINNESOTA  ---- April 4, 2015 Once again everyone from chalk novices to solid sidewalk artists will be taking part in the 4th Annual Chalk.a.Lot Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival.  Whether you come to draw on the sidewalk, or be there for the sights and sounds of the art event, vendors, and musicians, there is something for everyone.


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Big Oscar Winners Headline Film Fest #LSNarts - Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Big Oscar Winners Headline Film Fest #LSNarts

Film Fest 2015


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---   April 1, 2015  ----  Film fans who missed seeing the major Academy Award winners on the big screen in Thunder Bay will finally get their chance thanks to the 22nd Annual Northwest Film Fest, staged by the North of Superior Film Association (NOSFA)---and that's no April Fool!

Oscar winners including Birdman, Still Alice, Selma, and Citizenfour  headline a stellar line-up of 21 films that will be screened at SilverCity April 12th and 19th during the film fest.


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Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Tours West #LSNarts - Monday, March 9, 2015

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Tours West  #LSNarts

Thunder Bay, ON –--- March 9, 2015  ---   This week the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra heads out in thTBSO On the Roade region for its semi-annual TBSO on Tour. This week the TBSO heads west, stopping in Dryden, Sioux Lookout and Kenora to perform community and education concerts and lead masterclasses under the direction of guest conductor Adam Johnson.

School concerts will take place at The Dryden Regional Training and Cultural Centre (Dryden, ON), Pelican Falls First Nations High School (Sioux Lookout, ON), and Knox United Church (Kenora, ON). read more ...
Magnus Theatre “Doubt” #LSNarts - Sunday, March 8, 2015

Magnus Theatre “Doubt” #LSNarts

Magnus Theatre “Doubt”
THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  March 8, 2015 ------Thunder Bay’s Mario Crudo is once again bringing some of the greatest contemporary literature alive on stage at Magnus Theatre. Set in a Catholic Church in the Bronx N.Y of the early 60’s “Doubt” is both a parable as well as a story of a Church in transition. It was a change that fundamentally affected most aspects of the Church, under their new Pope; services were now to be conducted in the vernacular, rather than in Latin. The rigorous Christian disciplines as practiced by the more conservative monastery orders were right at home with a Latin service, and much of their approach to the secular influences in the world was to show their faith and dedication by being “cruel to be kind”. I have known people like Sister Aloysius Beauvier, as a youth my father insisted that I be given instruction at the piano. Living in Terrace Bay in the early 60’s the only place to get piano lessons was at the “Sister’s “place in nearby Schreiber. I am not too certain if they were good piano teachers or not but they were excellent at practicing the cruel to be kind doctrine. read more ...
TBSO The Ultimate Symphonic Rock Show #LSNarts - Thursday, March 5, 2015

TBSO The Ultimate Symphonic Rock Show  #LSNarts
Thunder Bay, ON –--- March 5, 2015  ---  It was an era of the mega tour, the classic album, and iconic banTBSO Ultimate Symphonic Rock Showds and songs. Featuring the music of: Electric Light Orchestra, Peter Gabriel, Jethro Tull, Procol Harem, Supertramp, and of course, The Moody Blues.

About Jeans ‘n Classics Peter Brennan's Jeans 'n Classics is a winner! Since its inception, it has been a star performer in the arts and entertainment scene. Its concept of combining rock musicians and headlining stars with world-class symphony orchestras has drawn record setting capacity crowds.

Pops 5
The Ultimate Symphonic Rock Show
Saturday, March 21, 2015 / 8PM
Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Get your tickets now!  Tickets range from $20-45 (HST included), and under 30s pay only $15 with the TD Under 30 Access Pass (available free at Tickets are available through the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Box Office, 1 Paul Shaffer Drive, 807.684.4444, read more ...
Thunder Bay Cultural Awards 2015 #LSNarts - Thursday, February 26, 2015
Thunder Bay Cultural Awards 2015   #LSNarts

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   ----   February 26, 2015  --- The nominees represented a Thunder Bay Culturewide spectrum of culture in Thunder Bay from individual artists, theater creators and historians to cultural business, educators, and supporters. Awards included cash prizes of $500-$1,000 and original work of art by local artists Jon Nelson. read more ...
World Premiere and Canadian Pianist #LSNarts - Thursday, February 19, 2015

World Premiere and Canadian Pianist #LSNarts

Thunder Bay, ON – February 18, 2015   --   Experience the world premiere of Canadian composer Jordan Pal’s Into the Wonder, Canadian pianist and composer Stewart Goodyear, TBSOcommissioned by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, at the next TBSO Masterworks Concert on March 5. This new work is paired with Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture, and Canadian pianist and composer Stewart Goodyear, closes this captivating concert with Beethoven’s driving Piano Concerto No. 5, “Emperor”. read more ...
Danny Johnson and Friends #LSNarts - Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Danny Johnson Magnus Theatre

Danny Johnson and Friends

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  ----   February 18, 2015 ---    We meet at exactly the sort of place you'd expect to find musician-singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Danny Johnson, in his Thunder Bay,  studio space, surrounded by guitars, amps, microphones, stands, drums, pedals, tape machines and various keyboard instruments, all connected by a labyrinth of cables. As he prepares for two concerts this weekend, he is clearly in his glory here, energized and looking forward to the shows. The concerts take place this weekend at Magnus Theatre, where he will gather a few of his friends (who happen to be among the best musicians around, including Damon Dowbak, Jim Differ, Dave Isherwood, Pierre Schryer and Dan Zadkovich, among others) and deliver some incredible music to an audience, who will no doubt be under its moonlit spell. read more ...
TBSO Night at the Oscars #LSNarts - Saturday, February 14, 2015


TBSO Night at the Oscars #LSNarts

Thunder Bay, ON – February 14, 2015  ---- At the next Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Pops con TBSO Night at the Oscarscert on Saturday February 21st, get ready for the 2015 Oscars with perennial favourite Brian Jackson, who makes a triumphant return to herald in the Oscars Award Show. Dress in your finest and walk down the red carpet at this special celebration of music from Oscar winners and movie highlights over the years.

About Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson is the Principal Pops Conductor of the Victoria Symphony. His innovative pops programming has made him Canada’s favourite pops Conductor. He not only arranges and orchestrates many of the scores, but in many cases plays and conducts from the keyboard.
At the age of 25 he was the youngest Music Director in Canada, with the Peterborough Symphony, and since that time has conducted all of the major Canadian orchestras.
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Showcase 10 plays, each 10 minutes in length - Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Showcase 10 plays, each 10 minutes in length

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  ----- February 11, 2015   ----     Organizers of a local theatre project have announced the works selected for the 10 X 10 3rd annual showcase event. The event features a total of 10 plays, each 10 minutes in length. All of the plays showcased are original works written by regional playwrights.

“The 10 minute play is a new dramatic form that is practiced around the world,” says Cathi Grandfield, the 10x10 artistic director. “The audience experiences a complete story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, all in 10 minutes. The play is not just a vignette or one scene from a longer work. Each play is intended to stand on its own as a unique and original piece of theatre.” read more ...
Driving Miss Daisy Review - Monday, February 2, 2015

Driving Miss Daisy  Review 

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---   February 2, 2015   ---  I have a routine when I go to Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay, ; part of it is arriving early enough to Driving Miss Daisyget one of the last few parking spots in the theatre’s parking lot. When I arrived I saw all sorts of people walking down Waverley Street from their parked cars, towards the theatre. I was not the only one who underestimated the draw of this show.

The selection of this production Driving Miss Daisy for ThunderBay's  Magnus Theatre is at once a stroke of genius and our good fortune. From a marketing sense most people remember the movie from several years past. Jo-Anne Waytowich plays Jessica Tandy (in the movie) who played the part of Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy’s son played in the movie by Dan Aykroyd, is handled by Stuart Dowling.
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Driving Miss Daisy Magnus Theatre - Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Driving Miss Daisy Magnus Theatre

Thunder Bay, ONTARIO  –---  January 27, 2015 ---    Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay,  Driving Miss Daisykicks off the New Year with the Pulitzer Prize winning play, Driving Miss Daisy.

  A story of an unlikely friendship between Daisy (played by Thunder Bay’s own Jo-Ann Waytowich), a strong-willed southern matron, and Hoke (played by John Campbell), her equally indomitable black chauffeur. Daisy, a 72-year-old wealthy widow, is reluctant to accept help from anyone, especially the new chauffeur hired by her son, Boolie (played by Stuart Dowling). Over the course of 25 years, the two have plenty of time to explore each other’s quirks as they share humourous  adventures and develop a relationship that grows from one of necessity to one of companionship and friendship.
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TBSO Brew & Beethoven Returns - Thursday, January 15, 2015

TBSO Brew & Beethoven Returns

Thunder Bay, ON – January 15, 2015   ----  The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s popular Brew & Beethoven returns for its third year!  TBSO Brew & Beethoven Enjoy a cold one while listening to the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra perform works ranging from Beethoven to John Williams. Presented in a unique casual atmosphere, B&B is your chance to hear the musicians up close and personal. Funds raised at this event support the TBSO’s Youth & Education programs.

This event will take place Saturday, March 28 at the O’Kelly Armoury, 317 Park Avenue, with doors opening at 7pm and the concert starting at 8pm. Minimum age requirement: 19 years

Highlights include:

Local brewing company, Sleeping Giant Brewing Co., will be selling 5 beer varieties – Beaver Duck APA, Beethoven’s 3rd Scottish Ale, Elevator Ale, Northern Logger, and Skull Rock Stout.  Your entrance ticket is also your Beer Passport, which lets you taste up to three of the beers available that evening.

Musical Guest Artist – Thunder Bay’s The Greenbank Trio, hits the stage at this event, and guest conductor Jeff Christmas the TBSO.
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Great Lakes inspired films Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary - Monday, January 12, 2015


Great Lakes inspired films Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary 

Alpena, Michigan  ----    January 12, 2015  This January, the Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine SanctuaryThunder Bay International Film Festival are bringing the world of cinema to Alpena!

For one weekend in January, residents and travelers to northeast Michigan will be treated to some of the most impressive ocean and Great Lakes-inspired films from around the world.

Features of the event include films from the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, an acclaimed festival of ocean-themed films that are largely unavailable to the general public. Also featured will be a number of Great Lakes films, presented by the filmmakers themselves.  

The Thunder Bay International Film Festival gets underway on the evening of Wednesday, January 21 with an opening reception and films at the Rogers City Theater, and continues through Sunday with additional movie screenings, filmmaker panels, educational events, and social affairs.

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Internationally Renowned Canadian cellist Denise Djokic to perform with TBSO - Thursday, January 8, 2015

Internationally Renowned Canadian cellist Denise Djokic to perform with TBSO

Thunder Bay, ON – January 8, 2015  ---  The next Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Masterworks conccellist Denise Djokicert features internationally renowned Canadian cellist Denise Djokic, who joins the TBSO to mesmerize your senses with her passionate performance of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikvosky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme.

Want to learn more about this concert?  Attend the pre-concert chat at 7:10pm on the TBCA Mezzanine, free to all concert ticket holders.

Masterworks 3
Denise Djokic performs Tchaikovsky
Thursday, January 22, 2015 / 8PM
Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Tchaikovsky: Music from The Nutcracker
Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo Theme
Liadov: Kikimora
Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony, op. 83a

Acclaim for her powerful interpretations, bold command of her instrument, and insightful playing has earned Denise Djokic world-wide recognition
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Live From the Rock Gets Highway Signs

RED ROCK, ONTARIO  ---  December 8, 2014  -----  The Live From the Rock Folk & Blues Society now has permanent signage promoting their annual festival thanks to a generous grant Live From the Rockfrom Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) and the 2014 Local Initiatives Contribution. The Local Initiatives Contribution program is funded by FedNor.

Two signs were produced using funds from the grant. The signs are visible to drivers travelling both east and west from Thunder Bay,  and will compliment other forms of annual promotion currently being used.

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Canada’s Ballet Jörgen & the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra present Cinderella

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----- December 3, 2014 – Treat your family to a live performance of Cinderella, performed by Canada’s Ballet Jörgen and the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, TBSO CinderellaFebruary 4 2015, at 7pm, at the Community Auditorium.

When Cinderella encounters an old lady, a magic seed, and a flock of enchanting fairies, she begins an adventure that will change her life – and upset her snooty stepsisters! Come and see the ballet critics have hailed as “Destined to lively happily ever after.” (Paul Citron, The Globe and Mail)

TBSO Special: Cinderella
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 / 7PM
Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
Canada’s Ballet Jörgen – Bengt Jörgen, choreographer
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra – Arthur Post, conductor

Sergei Prokofiev, music

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TBSO Annual Holiday Pops Highlights Local Talent

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  December 2, 2014  ----– This season’s annual Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops concert, on Friday December 12 at 7pm, welcomes TBSO Holiday's Popsmezzo-soprano Melissa Davis, Thunder Bay actor Robert Perrier, and talented community groups – Experience Dance, Rafiki Youth Choir, St. Paul’s United Church Handbell Choir, and the Stringlings – to the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium stage for fun-filled collaborations, carols, holiday favourites, Baroque masters, Gospel selections, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

The evening will also feature the world premiere of a new choral composition, People Look East, by William Beckstrand commemorating the TBS Chorus’ 40th anniversary. Beckstrand’s People Look East is a bright work in the holiday spirit based on a traditional French carol and features a collaboration with the splendid sounds of the St. Paul’s United Church Handbell Choir. Plus, the TBSC’s founder Dwight Bennett returns to Thunder Bay for a special guest appearance.

Oh, and we’re expecting a visit from a certain holiday VIP! It’s a jam packed holiday show not to be missed! Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

Local Vocalists Join TBSO Cabaret Series

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   ----    October 29, 2014  ---  For the opening Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Cabaret concert local vocalists Rodney Brown and Bruce Hansen join the TBSO Cabaret SeriesTBSO to pay tribute to two of Canada’s great folk musicians, Stan Rogers and Gene MacLellan. You’ll hear selections including, Fogarty’s Cove, Barrett’s Privateers, Snowbird, and Shilo’s Song.

Cabaret 1
The Music of Stan Rogers & Gene MacLellan
Friday, November 7 & Saturday, November 8, 2014

8PM / Italian Cultural Centre

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Chugunov Joins TBSO for Classical Plus Series

Thunder Bay, ONTARIO ---- October 18, 2014  ---– Dr. Evgeny Chugunov, a Lecturer at the Department of Music of Lakehead University, joins the Dr. Evgeny ChugunovThunder Bay Symphony Orchestra to showcase his talents as a concert pianist performing Francis Poulenc’s Aubade; concerto choréographique, in the opening Classical Plus concert on October 29, at 8pm at Hilldale Lutheran Church.

Timeless tales and classical symphonies intertwine in this season’s Classical Plus series. Journey with the TBSO to discover what awaits in the musical landscape of fantasy and imagination. The serene atmosphere provides a brilliant and intimate backdrop to the unexpected alongside audience favourites. Classical Plus showcases the talents of TBSO musicians and other classically trained musicians in Thunder Bay.
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Mozart & Martinis with host Dee Jaroway

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  October 6, 2014 -----  Join the TBSO and Bight Restaurant for an evening of glitz and glamour at our newest event – TBSO Mozart & MartinisMozart & Martinis. Step into the intimate atmosphere of Bight Restaurant & Bar, where you will sample an exquisite pairing of live symphonic music, delicious appetizers and delectable martinis, designed by Bight exclusively for this event. The evening marries the music of renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, with 4 distinct courses, each featuring a signature martini created with Mozart in mind. The evening will also include a prize blitz. Funds raised at this event support the TBSO’s Youth & Education programs.

Highlights include:
-    Hosted by Dee Jaroway from Dougall Media’s Rock 94.3FM Morning Show
-    Music by renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart featuring String, Brass, and Wind ensembles of TBSO musicians
-    4 distinct courses of sample size Martinis paired with appetizers and dessert

-    Shuttle service provided by Prestige Limousine to get you home after the event
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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Sarah Slean Launches TBSO Season

Thunder Bay, ON –-- October 5, 2014  ----Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah Slean pairs her powerful, bewitching voice and music with the Thunder Sarah SleanBay Symphony Orchestra TBSO. Saturday October 18th. This concert showcases the music of Sea from her album “Land & Seas”, and will include a performance of Lamento composed by Canadian composer Christos Hatzis.

Classically trained since age five, this superstar pianist, vocalist, and arranger has released six albums, stockpiled three Juno nominations, and performs her stunning blend of pop and classical music with orchestras across the country.

About Sarah Slean
Over the course of her 15 year career Sarah Slean has made eight albums, starred in two short films and a movie musical, published two volumes of poetry, held exhibitions of her paintings, written two string quartets, and shared the stage with five of the country's leading orchestras. During that time she was nominated for three Junos, two Geminis, and her records have been released in over 10 countries world-wide. 
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Empty Bowls/Caring Hearts

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  -----  October 4, 2014  ---  The 15th Annual Empty Bowls/Caring Hearts Fundraiser Alan MoonDinner Event will be held on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Moose Hall, 434 Fort William Road.  Doors open at 5:00pm

Over the past 14 years this event has raised over $200,000 for the Thunder Bay Food Bank and Shelter House.

For the cost of a $30 ticket, those attending will receive a delicious bowl of soup, rolls, and a homemade dessert, all donated by local restaurants and bakeries, AS WELL AS, a handmade pottery bowl or set of two quilted placemats donated by members of the Thunder Bay Potters’ Guild and group of Community Quilters Arts Lake Supeiror News read more...>>


Sacred Bundle Honouring the Lives of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   September 22, 2014   ---  Walking with Our Sisters (WWOS), a sacred art bundle comprised of over 1800 Bella Patayashmoccasin vamps (tops) made by individuals across North America in honor of murdered and missing Indigenous women, has arrived in the community of Thunder Bay and will be available to the public September 19 to October 12, 2014 at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

“A ceremony was held today to mark the opening of the vamps to the people,” said Wanda Baxter, a local Elder who has provides ongoing support to local planners. “The sacred fire was lit earlier this week as we began our preparations. We are entering into a really powerful and sacred space when visiting with the vamps at the Gallery and we have local Elders and helpers to assist visitors through their walk Arts Lake Supeiror News read more......>



Don’t Miss this Show Magnus

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  September 22,  2014  ----  Every once in a while I get surprised when I go out to review. Magnus Theatre’s current production of “Ain’t Miss Behavin”, the Ain’t Miss Behavin MagnusFats Waller Musical Show was a big surprise. All I can say is if you only go to the theatre once in a blue moon, then DON’T MISS THIS SHOW, it’s that good. I come from a musical family and of course musicians have recordings. In our family’s case we have recorded sounds from the early 1900’s to the present. There are a number of Fats Waller recordings on 78 rpm records in the family library and as a child growing up I was exposed the music of my father’s youth which came from the 1930’s and beyond. Names like Rudy Valley, Fats Waller are familiar to me because I listened to their music as a youth.

Magnus needs to be credited with bringing this show to its stage. There is great music from every decade and to think that the 1930’s had nothing to offer in terms of quality entertainment, would not do the decade justice. This is music of the American black community and while the show is not about race, the words of the songs were not changed to be politically correct in today’s sense. They are true to their decade.  Arts Lake Supeiror Newsread more......>

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) 2014/15 Season  

Thunder Bay, ON –--  September 20, 2014  ----   The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) 2014/15 Season begins in one-month! Single tickets TBSO 2014 ~ 2015 Seasonwill be available for purchase starting Wednesday, September 17, 2014, and Series Subscriptions will continue to be sold until the first concert in a particular series (Pops, Masterworks, Classical Plus, Cabaret, and Season Passes). Our Select 6 package is available season-long. Single tickets and subscriptions can be purchased at the Community Auditorium Box Office.

2014/15 Season
Trade the ordinary for fantasy: A season of music inspired by timeless tales

It’s no surprise that music tells amazing stories. Myths, fables, tall tales, and short stories have all inspired composers to write their most engaging and colourful music. The TBSO and Music Director Arthur Post invite you to join us for a season filled with enchantment, beauty, and adventure, with timeless tales told through music. 
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Open-Air Author’s Reading

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 9, 2014 ----  Meet local writers Jane Crossman, Donna Faye, Marianne Jones and Jean E. Pendziwol, whose works of poetry and prose are featured Spirit Garden Prince Arthur's Landingat the waterfront on steel signs and granite benches. Find out why those selections are meaningful to them, and learn what new projects they have on the go! Hear their stories as you enjoy local refreshments, take part in Q & A, and buy a signed copy of their books. Also for sale that day: The City and the Spirit Garden, a full colour coffee table book about the redevelopment of Prince Arthur's Landing that includes the work of Jean E. Pendziwol.

This event is provided by the City's public art program as part of the nationwide Culture Days celebrations. 
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EQUALITY ROCKS! is Thunder Bay’s newest chorus

THUNDER BAY, ON  -------   September 7, 2014  ---- EQUALITY ROCKS! is Thunder Bay’s newest chorus, welcoming persons of all genders, gender identities, sexual EQUALITY ROCKSorientations, physical abilities, socio-economic circumstances, and cultural and ethnic identities.  We are also a new member of GALA Choruses, an international organization of GLBTQ choruses worldwide.

Our goal is to provide a place for adults, as well as teens, to come together and enjoy one another’s company while making music together.

No audition is required; all who enjoy singing are welcome!  We will sing a wide variety of music, depending upon the interests and abilities of the members.  Performances will be only when ready, and at the request of community groups. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.....>

The Thunder Bay People Project Makes Its Debut

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- August 18, 2014 – The Thunder Bay People Project is a photography-based initiative that aims to showcase the diversity and creativity of the residents of Thunder Bay People ProjectThunder Bay.

The Thunder Bay People Project (TBPP) was created by Madison Ranta, who drew inspiration from the viral photography campaigns Humans of New York and Project Unbreakable. “In both of these photography projects, photographs of people are paired with quotes in order to convey a message,” Ranta says. “Because Thunder Bay is such an interesting city populated by unique residents, I wanted to showcase members of the population by taking a snapshot not only of their physical person but also of their thoughts and personalities.”

Once they have chosen their favourite question from a list of options that includes queries such as “What’s one piece of advice that you would give to a group of people?” and “What are you most thankful for?”, TBPP participants write their own personal and uncensored response on a chalkboard. They are then photographed at a Thunder Bay location while holding the chalkboard that displays their personal quote. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more .....>

 Redressing Summer Theatre with Love, Loss, and What I Wore

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  July 16, 2014 ----  Proving that a great show is always is in fashion, local impresario Lawrence Badanai is bringing the Off-Broadway hit “Love, Loss, and Love, Loss, and What I WoreWhat I Wore” to the Paramount Theatre for a two week run.

Love, Loss and What I Wore follows fragmented stories about the nostalgic power of women’s clothing. A starry local cast of seven women enrobed in chic black sit on chairs and tell funny, wistful and universal memories about their families and loved ones through the prism of their closets. The through line is narrated by Gingy (Beverley Gravelle MacLeod), a wise older woman who reminisces about what she wore at milestones in her life—complete with sketches of the styles. Like a long heart-to-heart with your best friend over coffee, the conversation meanders from a bittersweet story of a stepmother wearing the same style bathrobe as her husband’s late wife (to the dismay of the children) to a couple’s musings of what they wore on their wedding day to a rant about loathing the need to carry a purse. With odes to black clothing, cowboy boots and outfits that makes mothers cringe, Love, Loss and What I Wore is unabashedly girly—in a good way.
“When it’s all fluff, people don’t connect with it very well,” said Lawrence Badanai who hopes to ‘redress’ the typical summer theatre production. “Summer theatre can be thought light pieces of entertainment to suit the season… but there is no reason why strong bold shows such as this will not also attract an audience.” The show also attracted top local talent as it features seven actresses in the production: Armelle Sandford, Beverley Gravelle MacLeod, Candi Badanai, Heidi-Mae Gordon, Jesica McNabb,Julie MacCoy, and Tara Rowe.
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Cambrian Players That Darn Plot

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   April 29, 2014  ----  Cambrian Players, Thunder Bay, is taking to the stage this week with their final play of the 2013-14 season “That Darn Plot” Cambrian Players That Darn Plowinner of the 2000 Samuel French Canadian Playwriting Contest written by David Belke. “That Darn Plot” is directed by Gabe Ferrazzo. Mr. Ferrazzo is a veteran director and actor last scene on stage in Cambrian’s hit farce, “The Ladies Man”.

Originally produced by Shadow Theatre at the 1998 Edmonton Theatre Fringe Festival, the play takes place in the real and fictional world of Mark W. Transom (Norm McDougall) most notably his work area and the rehearsal hall of the Harvest Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.
Transom, one of world's greatest playwrights, is at the end of his rope. In order to fulfill his contract to artistic director and old friend Jo Harber (Treena Maylen), he has to create a play in one night or lose everything. Half asleep and half drunk, Transom starts putting theatrical personalities he knows into a simple comedy about putting on a play. As the characters come to life, like the aspiring young actor (Micheal Bogensberger ) and the older yet wiser veteran (Richard Pepper) before his eyes the play seems to be progressing well until, unbidden and without warning. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more...>

NOSFA Honours Filmmakers David Brown awards

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  April 20, 2014  -----  Three aspiring filmmakers from the graduating class of the Confederation College Film Production department took centre stage David Brown awardsat the Conflix film night at SilverCity April 17th, receiving awards of distinction from the North of Superior Film Association.

Darren MacDonald received the first place award for his western horror film, “The Killer Is Me,” about two cowpokes searching for bewitched treasure.  The film is noteworthy for its cinematography and stylistic flourishes, reflecting a variety of cinematic genres, including allusions to the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood.

Deborah Blundell took second place honours for  "The Long Goodbye," a sensitive tale about a wandering man afflicted by Alzheimer's.  Aside from nuanced performances by the cast, the film is masterfully rendered in one take via Steadicam.

Jessica Corbett took the third place award for "Abducted," a suspense tale about a harried father battling a villain while searching for his daughter buried alive.  Inspired by the Ryan Reynolds' film, "Buried" (featured during NOSFA's 2013 film fest) the film skilfully stages the heroine's sense of confinement, featuring impressive cinematography and action sequences. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.....>

“It’s the Season” TBSO 

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   April 1, 2014  ------  Thunder Bay’s Masterworks 5 presented Vivaldi’s the “Four Seasons” featuring Concert TBSOMaster Thomas Cosbey last Thursday. This is the second presentation this season of the well known baroque master. The same music was presented earlier in the season by Consortium Aurora Borealis. I arrived convinced that I had already heard a gold standard performance of this work in November with Jeremy Bell leading the musicians of Consortium Aurora Borealis.

After listening to the TBSO rendition of this work I had a few things to think about, the playing was phenomenal by soloist and orchestra alike. Clearly this was also an excellent performance as well, the problem in comparing the two groups is like comparing apples and oranges, they are both good, just not the same.

For one thing the orchestra is larger, while they reduced the strings to a single bass this allowed the harpsichord to be heard without amplification. The orchestra also played using modern bows and modern instruments and performance practice, the Consortium used baroque bows, and the much smaller orchestra stood playing in baroque performance practice as much as possible with modern instruments. The balance between the instruments is always different when baroque bows are used. For one thing the lower instruments of the ensemble come forth a bit and you can actually hear the violas.  Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.....>

Seeing RED Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------ March 16, 2014  --- I am not sure how long it is that I have been attending the theatre, certainly many years, Red Magnus Theatreand I have never seen a production which brings the topic of visual art to the stage until now. The art in question is not something that can be readily appreciated; in fact I would call it difficult art to understand. As I was waiting to enter the theatre I tried to anticipate exactly what the show would be all about, how would John Logan approach visual art on stage? Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre  Red runs until March 29th,

Needless to say whatever I imagined the show might be like was completely blown out of the water by the end of the first half. As I wandered the hallway to the lobby I noticed some friends of mine looking at the art images posted on the wall. When I joined in the conversation I soon realized that these ladies really knew a thing or two about art. They were well travelled and had actually seen many of these famous pieces of art in museums and galleries around the world. It was then that I realized that a good part of this production is the artwork posted in the halls and lobby of the theatre. Now for the first time I can look at a piece of “expressionist” art and actually have a clue what the painting is all about. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.......>


 21st annual Northwest Film Fest

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  March 15m 2914   ------  Film fans looking for respite from the winter doldrums will have find some solace with the 21st North of Superior Film  Assocannual Northwest Film Fest happening on consecutive Sundays March 23rd and 30th, complemented by special 'prelude' screenings' March 20th with Inside Llewyn Davis, the Oscar-nominated film by the Coen brothers, and Wadjda, from Saudi Arabia about a 10-year-old girl running up against social mores all because she wants a bicycle.  Sixteen films will be screened, emanating from around the globe including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Iran, Canada and the USA.

6-pack ticket packages are available for purchase at the UPStore off Memorial Avenue. Purchase is contingent upon possession of a membership which is also available at the UPStore.

21st Annual Northwest Film Fest
Sunday March 23rd & Sunday, March 30th
Special Thursday screenings March 20th: Inside Llewyn Davis  (USA)

                      March 27th: Wadjda  (Saudi Arabia)

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"Spring Has Sprung" Waterfront Gallery

TWO HARBORS, MN  ----- March 1, 2014 --- Meet these gifted local and regional artists! Watercolor, oil, and mixed media paintings, Laverder and Lace Sandi Pillsbury Gredzensceramics, sculpture, and other objects of art

Artist Reception on Saturday April 12, 3:00 - 5:00PM at Waterfront Gallery

The goal of the Voyageur Art Club is to reach out to the Community, encouraging them to be aware of the beauty surrounding all of us.  The Voyageur Art Club awards scholarships to High School Students who are pursuing degrees in the Fine Arts.  The club sponsors workshops and demonstrations with classroom teachers.   All club meetings and workshops held at the Art Center in Two Harbors are open to the public.

Lavender and Lace by Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens 

The president of the Voyageur Art Club, Syble Penning, looks forward to sharing the group's new works at the Waterfront Gallery,  "As artists we appreciate the beauty of winter and look forward to the promise of spring.  We hope to inspire and bring back memories of springs' re-awakening." Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

"The Ladies Man" Cambrian Players

THUNDER BAY, ON  --- February 19, 2014  ---  Cambrian Players, Thunder Bay,  is gearing up to take to the stage this week with a play The Ladies Man Cambrian Playerscalled “The Ladies Man” written by Charles Morey, freely translated and adapted from Tailleur pour dames by Georges Feydeau. The Ladies Man comes from the same production team lead by Director Lawrence Badanai that brought last year’s successful farce Lend Me A Tenor to the Cambrian stage.

Two of the lovers in The Ladies Man are played by local actors Jessica Krasnichuk and John Welyki and we asked them why farce? Jessica Krasnichuk says “theatre for a lot of people is a sort of release from their everyday lives. Farce takes some very realistic situations and elevates them to a hilarious absurdity. Farce can seem very surface, but if you were to look closer it can deal with some very deep issues in a very fast paced and modern world.” “It’s about embracing the absurd” explained John Welyki, “plus I get to work both with those I have before and enjoyed immensely plus some new faces which I had only previously been able to admire from afar” he said. “Definitely the people” agreed Jessica, “You gain so much knowledge about your own performance and learn new things by just working with other people.”  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more ......>



 Night Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, ON ----- February 12, 2014 ----- “Night” the current production at Magnus Theatre could well turn out to be one of the Night Magnus Theatrseason’s best productions. It does not have the marketing power of a show such as the Buddy Holly story, that story has had 40 years or more to develop a following.  This production is a contemporary theatre work by Christopher Morris.


Christopher captures the essence of life in the small Innu settlement of pond inlet, a small arctic community that dwells in darkness for months every winter. He also understands the people of this region, how important family is, and in many ways the respect they have for their ancestors influences their lives in the presence. Life in a place like Pond Inlet is so completely different from life in a place such as Toronto that it might as well be like living on another planet. It is a perfect backdrop for a Toronto based anthropologist to arrive un-announced bearing a package for one girl’s father. The daughter’s best friend had written an e-mail to the anthropologist asking for the return of her grandfather, who in the 1970’s was removed from the village due to tuberculosis and was sent south to a sanatorium. When he died his bones were preserved and kept at the museum where the anthropologist worked. The young girl who wrote the letter thought nothing would come of the e-mail so it was a complete surprise when the anthropologist shows up in Pond Inlet with the “grandfather”  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra TBSO Donation from Autism Ontario 

Thunder Bay, ON –-- February 1, 2014 ---  Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra was presented with a $1,000 donation from Autism Ontario – Thunder Bay & District Chapter to help suTBSO Autism Ontariopport the TBSO Family Connect Concert Series for Families and Individuals with Special Needs.

“The TBSO is grateful for the donation from Autism Ontario – Thunder Bay & District Chapter. We strongly believe that music is vital to all communities in Northern Ontario, and will continue to provide concerts tailored to the needs of families and individuals on the Autism Spectrum and other special needs,” states Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, TBSO’s Associate Conductor.

The TBSO began this concert series in 2013 after interest from Autism Ontario – Thunder Bay & District Chapter. The aim of the TBSO Family Connect Concert Series is to provide a welcoming, comfortable concert atmosphere for families and individuals with special needs.

Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, TBSO Associate Conductor, in character as Professor Witherington, accepts a cheque from Dana Larrett on behalf of Autism Ontario – Thunder Bay & District Chapter, at the second TBSO Family Concert on January 26, 2014.
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Great Expectations” Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  December 9, 2013  ----  Currently play at Thunder Bay's  Magnus Theatre is Richard Ouzounian’s version of Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” The Great Expectations Magnus Theatrevery mention of Charles Dickens brings back memories of my first year at Lakehead University and in particular my first year English course which featured an in depth look at Dickens Great Expectations. I managed to get a credit in English that year but it was on the provision that I not take English in subsequent years. I would have never imagined that I would need to recount elements from this course for any purpose in the future and time has proven me wrong on that count.

One of the traits of Dickens’ work is a detailed build up of the characters involved. He paints Victorian England as a land of misery, at least if you had any ambitions for success. Part of the character description of course includes the always constant frustration and agony caused by not being able to achieve the simple things in life, such as getting a position, finding a partner and raising a family. In a sense Dickens paints society as being economically oppressed and this oppression brings about some interesting human traits and strengths which evolve to make this an interesting story. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.....>

Jenny's House of Joy opens the Cambrian Players season

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 20, 2013  ---  When a tireless young runaway comes begging for a job, the girls at Jenny’s house might just have to leave their lingerie behind in Jenny's House of Joythe new Thunder Bay, Cambrian Players production of Norm Foster's Jenny's House of Joy.

"Cambrian has been experiencing success with comedies and classics" said Richard Pepper, President of Cambrian Players. "The companion pieces of 'Outlaw' and 'Jenny' has allowed us to continue with a comic theme, while exploring the human themes Norm Foster offers in these plays" said Richard.

Director Nathalie Roy says the audience is invited to visit Baxter Springs in 1871 again as they meet Jenny and her girls who work at Jenny’s house of Joy. "An innocent young run away is given a job but causes some dissention when her business sense is underestimated. Everyone has a story of how they came to work at Jenny’s and it may not be what you first expect."

"Nathalie Roy is highly experienced in theatre, and has been a Stage Manager for many shows for Cambrian and other companies" said Richard. "However, Cambrian is extremely happy and proud to offer her this opportunity to debut as a director on this production." Arts Lake Supeiror News read more..... >

MacHomer? Magnus Theater

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----    October 27, 2013   -- Rick Miller conceived the idea of “MacHomer” while he was waiting in the wings to perform a minor part of 2nd murderer in Rick MillerShakespeare’s Macbeth.  The idea was to poke fun at one of the great works in English literature for a cast party at the end of their production run. With the active encouragement of Matt Groening, creator of the “Simpsons” the show has continued to develop under Wyrd Productions to its present form now playing at ThunderBay, Magnus Theatre.

Taking Shakespeare and immersing his work in various settings other than the medieval Scotland l is something that writers have been doing ever since the play was first produced. Someone in the audience mentioned, “they have just dumbed down Shakespeare to the Grade 6 level.”  Certainly the eloquence of Shakespearian English is completely lost as it is morphed into the world of pop culture and the donut eating family of the “Simpsons”. It is in this contrast that Rick Miller hoped to find the seeds of comedy contrasting the seriousness of Shakespeare with the ridiculousness found in the dysfunctional Simpson family. Should you go you might wonder if the production did more for either Shakespeare or for the Simpsons. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more....>

Wood and Glass" Multi Media Art Exhibit

Waterfront GalleryTWO HARBOR, MN   ----  October 26, 2013  ---  Featuring Beautiful, Functional Wood and Glass Art by Minnesota Artists Includes: Wood Carving, Glasswork, Block Prints, Wood Wall Assemblages  Jay Conradi, Chuck Sjodin, John Anderson, Shelley Getten, Michael Tonder, Jody Freij-Tonder   Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

A shining Star

THUNDER B AY, ONTARIO  ---   October 26, 2013  ----- “Any concerto, anywhere, on stage from memory”, is a quote from a Curtis Institute Pianist Katherine Chiof Music student that describes the expectation of the school’s students. Pianist Katherine Chi, was fully prepared when she received a call last week to come and play a Beethoven piano concerto in Thunder Bay, Ontario, SO’s opening Masterwork’s concert. In spite of not having played this concerto for several years and having only 5 days notice she was able to live up to the Curtis Institute’s expectation of its graduates. She arrived here from Germany in time to replace the renowned Anton Kuerti at the piano for the Masterworks concert with the TBSO. She played a stellar performance and received a rousing standing ovation for her efforts.

Anton Kuerti is an Austrian born pianist who has made his musical life here in Canada; living in Toronto he has travelled the world championing music by Beethoven and Schubert in particular as well as some lesser known composers such as Czerny. In Canada’s music world he is a legendary pianist and recognized as such world-wide. Of the music he plays, it is his performances of Beethoven that his reputation is built. Of his many performances here in Thunder Bay with the TBSO I likened him to a large black Mercedes sedan, confidently taking off from a stop light without fuss, extra noise etc and just leaving the other cars in its rear view mirror. He was that good as a pianist that when you heard him play you knew you had just witnessed something extraordinary. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more......>

OAC Supports Thunder Bay TBNSO and CAHEP

The following Thunder Bay, Ontario groups received Operating Grants:

TTBSOhunder Bay Symphony Orchestra was awarded $222,000 through the Orchestras program toward iCAHEPts 2013-14 operations. The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra in Northern Ontario and presents around 35 home performances each year. The TBS Chorus, a Youth Orchestra, extensive regional touring, plus diverse educational and outreach programs in schools and around the region are all part of its annual offerings.

Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) was awarded $40,000 through the Arts Education Organizations program toward its 2013-14 operations. Begun as a pilot project in March 2003, CAHEP incorporated as a non-profit organization in June 2005. CAHEP is a grassroots community-based arts education organization that develops and implements multidisciplinary arts and heritage programming and resources for Thunder Bay communities. CAHEP sees the importance of collaborative work of people of all ages in the building of healthy, creative and enriched communities.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

14th Annual Empty Bowls/Caring Hearts

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----   October  9, 2013   ---  Sunday, October 20th, 2013 will mark the 14th Annual Empty Bowls/Caring Hearts Dinner 14th Annual Empty Bowls/Caring HeartsEvent in Thunder Bay.  The doors to the Moose Hall on Fort William Road open at 4:45pm and with 350 guests expected, the hall will be flooded with attendees eagerly anticipating a night of sharing, caring, fellowship and hope.  All proceeds from the event go to support the efforts of Shelter House and The Thunder Bay Food Bank.  In Thunder Bay alone the Empty Bowls mission has raised a near $200,000 to help feed hungry and impoverished individuals in our community.

The origin of the Empty Bowls event dates back to 1990 when a high school art teacher in Michigan helped his students address a challenge. They were searching for a way to raise funds to support a local food drive. What evolved was the idea of a class project to make ceramic bowls for a fundraiser dinner. Since then, many variations of the original Empty Bowls event have taken flight annually in North America and around the world.  To date millions of dollars have been raised toward the common goal of combating hunger.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more......>

Six Talented Young Aboriginal Writers

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 30, 2013  -- Ontario is honouring the creativity of six young Aboriginal writers from across the province with the James Bartleman Aboriginal Janna Kakegamic: Kingfisher Lake,Youth Creative Writing Award.

"I’m inspired when I see how the award celebrates creative writing from youth of all backgrounds and abilities. These six writers have been encouraged and are embracing writing about subjects that inspire them. By doing so they have found their literary voices and begun personal storytelling journeys."
 — The Honourable James K. Bartleman, Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

The award celebrates creative writing and provides Aboriginal youth the opportunity to showcase their exceptional abilities. The 2013 award recipients are:

Wenzdae Brewster, 14 Toronto, 1for her short story about two young boys who are exploring their identities.

Janna Kakegamic,15 Kingfisher Lake,  for her story about Thunderbirds.

Cedar Moonias,11 Ogoki Post, for her song about dancing as her personal way to create memories.

 Kole Nelson, 11,  Windsor, for his anti-bullying rap song.

Melanie Porte,18, Christian Island, for her suspenseful screenplay about a young woman's disappearance.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>





Over the Top” Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ---   September  22, 2013  --- “Over the top” is all I can say about the current production at Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre. This piece is a triumph Over the Top” Magnus Theatrefor Artistic Director Mario Crudo and Music Director Danny Johnson. As word spreads throughout the community I am certain that many of their performances will be sold out and if possible I am predicting an extension of their planned production run.

I review lots of music concerts and quite a few plays. With concerts I have a personal challenge I like to take on, “what is the concert of the year”? Now that I am writing about theatre I can ask the same thing, “what is the production of the year?”  I can honestly say that I have attended many good productions at Magnus over the past few season, but in my opinion this current production stands out above them all.

Here is what I like; the closing numbers had no less than 13 musicians on stage. After seasons of 1-4 actor productions the number of performers on stage adds depth and richness to the production in a way that technical innovation cannot. Speaking of technical innovation that was done so seamlessly that you would scarcely notice it, very classy multimedia clips played while the actors were on stage were extremely effective. Not only was there talent in abundance on stage but also behind the scenes. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

Fiddle Superstar Natalie MacMaster TBSO Orchestra Season

Thunder Bay, ON – September  16, 2013 Sensational Cape Breton fiddle, superstar Natalie MacMaster, opens the Pops series with an electrifying, toe-tapping Celtic celebration Fiddle Superstar Natalie MacMaster TBSOwith the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. A multiple Juno Award winning artist, Natalie MacMaster’s passionate, electrifying performances never fail to thrill audiences wherever she goes!

She’s a member of the Order of Canada, a Juno award winner, and the majority of her 11 albums have reached gold status (50,000 records sold), and received an honorary doctorate from St. Thomas University and honorary degrees from Niagara University, NY, and Trent University.

Natalie MacMaster is best known as a virtuoso fiddler, thrilling audiences around the world – including those at Carnegie Hall and Massey Hall – with her invigorating prowess while serving as a music ambassador to her beloved traditional Cape Breton sound.

Married to fellow fiddler Donnell Leahy of Leahy, the mother of five performs an average of 100 dates a year, co-hosts the annual Leahy Music Camp with her husband and his band in Lakefield, Ontario, has appeared multiple times on the CBC, Canada A.M. and Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion; and warmed TV viewers with guest spots on Christmas specials like Rita MacNeil’s Christmas and Holiday Festival On Ice with Olympic ice skaters Jamie Sale, David Pelletier, Kurt Browning and world champion Jeffrey Buttle. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.....>

Fall Programs at TBAG

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----   September 14, 2013 --- After another successful summer season the Thunder Bay Art Gallery launches another fall season of exciting exhibitions Ruth Tye McKenzieand workshops. The fall exhibition schedule, running from September 13 to October, will present the public with a variety of art mediums including textile, video, sculpture watercolour and more.

Thunder Bay and the region will play a large part in these shows. Judy Martin, was born in 1951 just outside Fort Frances, Ontario. Her textile exhibition is titled Mended World. Judy graduated with first class honours in the second fine art degree she earned through distance education. She has participated in more than 100 group shows in Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and Japan, along with twenty four of her own solo exhibitions.

Jenna dawn maclellan was born in the prairies, and raised in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. From there she moved to France, Chicago, Morocco and West Africa before becoming a Montreal-based artist. She is currently completing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Condordia University. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

Tape "Some Things in Life Cannot be Erased”

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   July 31, 2013  ---- It is Tuesday evening and in the rehearsal room at Magnus Theatre Michael Sobota is rehearsing Tape Andrew Paulsen and Justin Parcherthe cast of “Tape” a play by Stephen Belber. I was privileged to watch them rehearse the first half of this play featuring Justin Parcher and Andrew Paulsen who play the role of two long time friends John and Vince respectively.

I must tell you that the plot of this play is worthy of Shakespeare and it is full of the meat of human nature. The play begins as a group of friends have decided to come together in Lansing Michigan to watch the premier of John’s newest low budget film. Since the friends have not seen each other in some time their lives have developed in dramatically different ways and they are hoping for a great re-union. Almost from the very beginning things begin to go wrong and long held suspicions eventually lead to increasing tension between the two long term friends. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more

Some things can't be erased

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  July 12, 2012 -----  A compelling and disturbing look at raw friendships and young loves, New Noise Productions is Tapeproud to present Stephen Belber's TAPE.

Three high school friends find themselves, ten years later, in a motel room. Vince (Andrew Paulsen) has come to Lansing, Michigan to see his long-standing buddy Jon (Justin Parcher).  Jon has a feature film screening at the Lansing Film Festival. Their reunion is initially playful and endearing, as they catch up with each other's activities. But when Vince brings up the subject of Amy (Alycia Novak), a girl they both dated when they were in high school, the friendly exchange turns into an interrogation.  Boundaries are pushed and tempers flare. When Amy arrives at the motel the tension heats up to explosive levels.

TAPE plays out in real time. The ninety-minute production brings you to the edge of your seat with demanding, sharply focused characters. TAPE explores important themes with its funny and ultimately revealing story. Vince, Jon and Amy ask us to look at what memory is, what our friendships are, what we might regret, and what we hold closely to our hearts.Arts Lake Supeiror News read more

Musicians Celebrate 75th Anniversary

THUNDER BAY, ON --- May 8, 2013 --- The Thunder Bay Musicians Association, Local 591, is hosting a number of exciting Thunder Bay Musicians Associationevents to honour its 75th anniversary from May 22nd to May 26th.

To start celebrations, on May 22nd to 24th, live music will greet travellers at the Thunder Bay International
Airport as they arrive during 9:30am - 10:30am, 3:00pm - 4:00pm and 7:00pm - 8:00pm.

On Saturday, May 25th, guest speakers are Alan Willaert, VP, American Federation of Musicians for Canada and the United States and Liana White, Executive Director, Canadian Federation of Musicians will present “The Business of Being in the Music Business” a free music workshop is open to anyone interested starting at 1:00pm at the Victoria Inn. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.....>

A Flawless Masterworks

THUNDER BAY, ON ------ April 28, 2013 ----- Pianist extraordinaire Andre Laplante graced the stage of Thunder Bay’s Community Auditorium for the final Andre LaplanteMasterworks concert of the season. This concert was everything that a Masterworks concert should be. To my mind a Masterworks concert should include an orchestral appetiser, a concerto followed by a symphony, and that is exactly what was on this programme. Classical music aficionados adored this programme.

The appearance of Andre Laplante would be a draw for many in the audience. The great pianist has played here several times before and with each departure has left the audience wanting more. Many others came because Beethoven’s hallmark symphony, #5 was on the programme. The concert’s title, “The Most Famous Notes Ever” refers to the opening four notes of this symphony.

Many people came as I did because of word of mouth. I was reading comments on Face book made by some of my orchestral friends mentioning that “They live to play concerts like this”. The orchestra was so excited by the rehearsals I wondered what the concert would be like. To make a long story short for a masterworks concert this was very well attended with the auditorium nearly full.  The first item on the programme was by John Estacio, Saudades was commissioned and premiered in 1993 by the Winnipeg Symphony Orcherstra. I liked this piece, it was well written and still maintained a sense of narrative that many modern composers have abandoned. I also liked they symmetry of the music, it began and ended with a melodic solo for bassoon, played so well by  Harold Weavers. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more.......>

Magnus Coming to a School near you!

THUNDER BAY, ON ------ April 20, 2013 ---- Earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview Magnus Theatres Artistic Director Mario Crudo and to chat Alison Smythbriefly with the cast of their touring school programme.

The cast directed by veteran Lil Cano will perform two different plays daily at over 40 of the regions schools. Naturally the cast looked younger than their press photos since they we performing plays meant for a student audience. These are professional actors and their dress an manners were so much like high school students that I had to ask is they were university trained professional actors. To my surprise they all were.

Presenting a touring school programme is nothing new for Magnus Theatre. Mario Crudo told me that the theatre has been presenting plays for schools for at least the past 24-30 seasons. They produce plays for the elementary schools as well as a separate play for the senior schools. The plays are focused on student issues. For example the play “The Day Billy Lived” intended for students from grades 7 -12 . This plat won the Sterling Award for Outstanding Contribution to Theatre for Young Audiences. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more......>

Cambrian Players  Norm Foster's OUTLAW

THUNDER BAY, ON --- April 15, 2-13 ---- Outlaw tells the story of a young Canadian Norm Foster's OUTLAWhomesteader travelling far from home who finds himself accused of murder in the state of Kansas in 1871. With only his wits to defend himself, he turns the law of the land – and the men Hell bent on enforcing it – upside down. This authentic western is a unique take on the days when guns were the law. Is he guilty or just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The play showcases the enthusiastic performances of Gabe "Rattlesnake" Ferrazo, Alex "Johnny Rev" Jecchinis, Norm "Plato" McDougall and Will "Gunless" Perry.

Beverley Gravelle-MacLeod, director of Norm Foster’s Outlaw, says that in the case of this play at least, boys will be boys. “One thing I’ve noticed about the fellows in rehearsals is that grown men are never too old to want to play at being cowboys. The guys have embraced these characters and have fully committed to being as authentic as possible in re-enacting the American Old West." Arts Lake Supeiror News read more...>

 "Storm Warning” now playing at Magnus

THUNDER BAY, ON ----- April 14, 2013 ---It’s a simple idea, saving the best till last, but it is truly effective. Storm Storm Warning Lake Superior NewsWarning a play by Norm Foster is now on at Thunder Bay’s Magnus Theatre. Every season for the past twenty years, Norm Foster has produced a new play. Not only does he create plays, they are also produced an average of 150 times a season.

We had a Norm Foster Play last season about this time of year. Like his other works Foster’s plays connect with the audience. He has a way of telling stories that people want to hear. Once he has caught his audience’s attention he keeps them interested by reaching out and connecting with their sense of humour. While not a comedy, there are some funny lines in this play.

The house was packed on Friday night, with the return of winter it was a good night to go to the theatre. Norm Foster knows winter well. For a time when attending Confederation College he lived here and got to know the city and local culture. Perhaps that is why his play connects so well with the Thunder Bay audience, he simply understands us. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

Big Night for Jordan Pal TBSO

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  April 2, 2013  ---  Thursday’s Masterworks 5 by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra was a Jordan Palcomplete treat. For one thing the special guests for the evening, the “Gryphon Trio” are one of Canada’s best small performing ensembles and they have a long history of solid performances.

The next thing was the programme, it began with a Haydn Symphony #26. I like Haydn and have a lot of his string quartets in sheet music and most of his symphonic work on CDs.. Symphony 26 however is a seldom heard work of Haydn, most orchestras tend to play his later works such as the “Jupiter” symphony. This early symphony is scored for a small chamber orchestra, strings, two oboes, trumpet and percussion and no more. Often the early music of Haydn is performed by amateur groups because it is relatively easy to learn the notes. However to play Haydn superbly requires a lot of work and talent. The TBSO’s rendition of this symphony was outstanding. All the members of the orchestra played so precisely that it sounded as though they were a great string quartet playing. Joseph Haydn could not have done better himself.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Voyageur Artists "To Tree or Not To Tree" Waterfront Gallery

Two Harbors, MN -- March 3, 2013 --- The goal of the Voyageur Art Club is to reach out to the Community, encouraging them Water Front Gallery Linda Hoffmanto be aware of the beauty surrounding all of us. There is great joy in expressing beauty. The Art Club members also strive for perfection in individual chosen art form. Many artists in the group have painted their way to prominence in the local community and beyond.

The Voyageur Artists hope others are inspired to pick up a brush and express themselves,
and join the Club.

Val Doherty, owner of Waterfront Gallery, looks forward to the 2013 Annual Spring Exhibit of the Voyageur Art Club members new works; watercolor, oil, and mixed media paintings as well as ceramics, sculpture, and other objects of art. The public is invited to meet these gifted local and regional artists.

Meet these gifted local and regional artists! Watercolor, oil, and mixed media paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and other objects of art.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more......>

Join us for Arts and Music for March Break

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  March 2, 2013  ---- March Break in the Village Green at Victoriaville Centre   Arts and crafts, courtesy of the Community Arts and Heritage Program (CAHEP)  Music provided by JC Wilkinson, Cassidy Houston and Jamie Labrador
 in association with 4AM in Thunder Bay Association
The program starts each day at 11 a.m. with and arts program with instructors that can help being out your child's artistic talent.
On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon James Wilkinson will work with your child to help them develop their musical talents. Arts Lake Supeiror News 
read more....>



GRAND MARAIS, MN --- Feb. 23, 2013— GravelRoad Touring, a Minneapolis booking cooperative, presents the Come Spring Tour with Americana-rootsartists Chastity Brown and Barbara Jean. The two performers will cover groundon both Lake Superior’s North and South Shore giving four evening performancesin three lakeside communities. ComeSpring kicks off on February 28 in Duluth, MN where the two performers willbe featured on WDSE Public Television’s ThePlaylist at 9 p.m.

The program will highlight the work of both musicians with live in-studio performances.

Americana-roots artists Chastity Brown and Barbara JeanChastity Brown has emerged as aunique and powerful musician with a sound that is hard to characterize—throwall the genres and hyphenates together you want to describe her – gospel, roots& soul, jazz, blues & country – they are all right, and also notenough. Chastity Brown channels songs that are carried deep in the Americanpsyche, the hunger, desperation and confidence that run through our times. Coming from Tennessee to Minnesota, touring the country, she has had halfher own lifetime and million lifetimes gone before to concoct her powerfulsound. Chastity was recently hailed by NPR as a "promising new voice"and her live act was chosen by CMT as one of the Top 10 Moments of the 2012Americana Festival.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

Jean-Paul De Roover to release new album ‘Complexity in Simplicity’

THUNDER BAY, ON --- February 19 2013 --- “The mad scientist of the Thunder Bay music scene” [Exclaim! magazine] has been hard at work since his last full-Jean-Paul De Roover CDlength album was released in 2009. After touring North America incessantly, with music videos featured on MuchMusic, showcases at international music festivals, two EP’s and several award nominations later, De Roover is ready to unveil his newest work.

Written over the past four years, Complexity in Simplicity was produced by Juno-nominated Ben Leggett of Corbeil, ON and De Roover himself.

“Having a producer come in was a big step for me,” De Roover admits, “I’ve self-produced everything before this, but the collaborative production process between Ben and I resulted in some of my strongest writing. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more...>


The Story Mapping Project

Thunder Bay, ON - February 11,2013 - The Festival Showcase of Arts and Heritage Education Pam Caine, CAHEPare celebrating Family Day and Heritage Week in Thunder Bay by presenting The Story Mapping Project with Rachel Vandenassem on display at the Lake Superior Gallery. As part of the Community Arts and Heritage Education Project’s Grandother Program, the residents of Grandview Lodge and the First Thunder Bay Pathfinders participated in a unique arts project where they got to know about each other.

Arts Lake Supeiror Newsread more...>


 Animate the Space old Bank of Commerce

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  February 12, 2012  ---   The old Bank of Commerce, 409 Victoria Ave. Animate the Space old Bank of CommerceEast, was destroyed by fire in 2007, and since provides a vacant lot which many enjoy for its raw beauty. The lot currently acts as a throughway for pedestrians, and as a quiet sitting space. With the generous support of the landowner, Mr. Habib, the lot was transformed into a temporary art space in the summer of 2010. Carol Kajorinne participated in the art project and having seen the site's immense potential, has been spearheading the creation of a sculpture garden and greenspace that will endure time. The intention is not only to create unique, inspirational artwork for the space, but to encourage community involvement in the reclamation of the site, and to promote happiness and new growth in the area.

In 2010, Lakehead University partnered with the City of Thunder Bay, running Art Installation in Public Spaces, which required the students to create site specific art for the Bank. The installation was embraced whole-heartedly, and was a breath of fresh air for the community, its positive effects long-lasting. Garbage cans were placed on site, and it was kept clean and free of drug paraphernalia. The patrol officers working in the area even stated that crime rates were reduced because of the installation. Unfortunately, the project was short term, and since the installation was taken down, the site has reverted back to its original lonely state, collecting garbage and paraphernalia. The locals experienced a sense of loss once the artwork was gone, but hopefully 2013 will bring new life into the space once again. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Fort William Business District Looks towards the future

THUNDER BAY, ON ----- February 10, 2013 ---- “The Fort William Business District has received funding from Thunder Bay Ventures to do a Strategic Plan and is Fort William Business District BIApleased to announce Patricia Forrest of Forrest Marketing +Communications has been hired to facilitate the strategic plan”, stated JP Fraser Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.

The Strategic Planning Committee that is made up of BIA Board member and Committee Chair, JP Fraser, BIA Board member Tom Petrie, Shelby Ch’ng, owner of Unveiled Bridal Boutique, Christine Meronyk - employee of Nutrition Corner and Country Store. and John Pateman Chief Librarian and CEO for the Thunder Bay Public Library.

The Committee has invited a cross selection of business owners, community groups, hospitality and City departments to make presentations about their vision of the Fort William Business District. Public Meetings will be held on February 12, 13, 19 & 20 in Victoriaville Centre in suite 72 (near friends of the library and Lake Superior Art Gallery) beginning at 5:30pm. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Café Daughter

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  January 31, 2013 -----  I have been savouring last Friday’s gala Paula- Jean Prudatperformance of “Café Daughter” for a few days now and it is time to write the review.

This Gwaandak Theatre Production now on stage at Magnus has grown on me.
Single actor plays often cause me problems since the actor is portraying a wide range of characters, but I found that that was not the case in this play. For a start the number of characters played by Paula- Jean Prudat is limited. They are not masked by accents and I found her speaking voice clearly carried through the theatre. Speaking clearly and being clearly understood make any conversation much more enjoyable.

In her role as “Yvette”, Prudat has a story to be told. I found the story soon captivated my interest and as the play progressed the honesty of the story became more evident. The story of Yvette is an exceptional one in that she is a half breed child who overcame her difficulties and succeeded in becoming a doctor.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

Sopranos to Die For

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  January 31, 2013  ---   Thursday night's performance of the Elmer Isler Singers at the Thunder Bay Elmer Isler Singers Community Auditorium with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra was simply astounding. 'Sopranos to Die For" were my first thoughts after hearing them sing, but the rest of the choir sing equally well. Your recent performance will be long remembered by our music students at Lakehead University. The music students cherished the chance to work with the best while preparing Mozart's Requiem.

Listening to a choir of this quality it gives us further reason to lament the loss of funding for choral music programs in our education system. Where will the singers of tomorrow come from? Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Waterfront Gallery Photography Contest Winners

TWO HARBORS, MN ---- January 20, 2013 ---Check out this year's beautiful winning images----12 for each of the calendar months and four receiving honorable Lower Gooseberry Jim Krugermention.

Left photo A View o fLower Gooseberry Through the Cedars by Jim Kruger

As posted on the Bluefin Bay web-site:
Bluefin Bay is pleased to partner with our Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest judges, professional photographers John Gregor and Val Doherty, to host a special gallery exhibit of our prize winning photographs from the 18th Annual Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest. The exhibit will be on display at Waterfront Gallery, 632 First Ave. in Two Harbors, from January 12 - February 28, 2013. The exhibit will then move to Bluefin Bay's Guest Services Building. Join us in applauding the 2013 Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest winners and their prize photographs featured on the calendar pages. Arts Lake Supeiror News 
read more.....>


Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Launches Dream Vacation Lottery

Thunder Bay, ON – December 17, 2012  ----  The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is launching a TBSO Vacation Lotterynew fundraising initiative to support its Youth and Education Programs.  With the support of Expedia Cruiseship Centers, the TBSO will launch the Dream Vacation Lottery on Saturday, December 15 at the Holiday Pops concert.

The Dream Vacation Lottery boasts three great prizes: a 10 day Caribbean Cruise on Princes Cruiselines from Expedia Cruiseship Centers, a 7 day All-inclusive Resort Vacation to the Dominican Republic, and a weekend getaway for 2 to Las Vegas. Arts Lake Supeiror Newsread more....>

Great Family Event TBSO

THUNDER BAY, ON ------ December 16, 2012 ---- There are few non professional arts groups in the City that can afford to host a production at the Thunder Bay Daniel Bartholomew-PoyserCommunity Auditorium. One that I can think of is the Fort William Male Choir which recently held its “Prelude to Christmas”.

The alternative for many groups is to form some sort of collaborative approach with organizations that do use the public auditorium. This was the case with the Christmas Pops concert on Saturday with Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser conducting the TBSO.

One of the reasons I attended this concert Christmas Pops concert on Saturday was to see Dan Poyser direct the orchestra. He is the resident conductor of our orchestra and these positions are two year intern positions intended to increase the supply of Canadian grown conducting talent. Competition for these positions is fierce as there are only about two positions open nationally each year. There can be over 120 applications for each position, and the selected candidate will finally obtain a first conducting position with a real professional orchestra.

While working for a different music group I have come to know that Dan is one talented musician and I have seen him do everything but conduct. I arrived at intermission time since this programme was promoted as a family event it started an hour earlier. I met some TBSO musicians as I was making my way to my seat and I mentioned how important a concert such as this is to a resident conductor. Their reply was Dan was very busy doing everything else and conducting. This comment made perfect sense to me once the concert resumed. Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more........>


The Annals of Goshen

THUNDER BAY, ON --- December 8, 2012 ---- WhiskyJack Publishing today announced the publication of The Annals of Goshen The Annals of Goshenas a trade paperback. It is available immediately in Greenstone and will soon appear in Thunder Bay outlets.

"Most people think of me as a writer of histories," said author E.J. Lavoie, "but I also write about contemporary events." Lavoie is a retired teacher in Greenstone who now writes full-time. His published works include And the Geraldton Way and a debut mystery novel, The Beardmore Relics.

For a number of years, Lavoie wrote a weekly column for the local paper. The narrator, who called himself EJ, imagined himself observing the world from a mythical Northern community named Goshen. These stories and essays are now collected into a series of books subtitled The Chronicles of Goshen. The first volume, The Annals of Goshen, has several articles still highly relevant in 2012.

One story, titled "How the Smirk Stole Christmas", describes an American character named Santa Prez. He bears a remarkable resemblance to former President George W. Bush, who spoiled the season of joy for a lot of kids and their parents. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Completely Hollywood Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY , ON  ----  November 28, 2012  ---   At first I was not sure what to make of this play, Completely Hollywood Magnus Theatretry as I might there was no plot. In fact one might wonder if it was a play in the strictest sense, theatrical definitely! Once I had seen about 15 minute worth of humourous sketches I realize that there was a structure to this production that in effect replaces the plot we are so used to looking for. The production ”Completely Hollywood” is now on stage at Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre and you should go! The three actors on stage do their best to parody some one hundred and eighty or so Hollywood Block Busters.
Along the way we learn some of the `twelve rules of Hollywood. One of them is “Every wannabe writes a script”. Skit after skit is performed and we soon learn that every new Hollywood movie is simply a combination of two older movies, and that there are really only two themes to a movie, one is boy meets girl, and the other is the Jesus story. Arts Lake Supeiror News 
read more.....>

Waterfront Gallery Pottery Creations Show

TWO HARBORS mn ---- November 25, 2012 ---- Waterfront Gallery's Ceramics Exhibit, November 15 through December Al Omarzu31 in Two Harbors.
The artists exhibiting their ceramics at the Waterfront Gallery's winter show are all experienced potters working with rich glaze colors and reserved ornamentation style. They create platters, bowls, vases, casseroles, pitchers, covered pots, tea bowls, teapots, and mugs that are functional, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. The exhibiting artists come from the area; Two Harbors, Duluth, along the North Shore, and Nebagamon WI. Thunder Bay, residents traveling to Duluth are invited to drop in and enjoy this exhibit.

Holiday gifts: Shopping locally during the holiday season supports the local economy. Buying artist created one-of-a-kind items not only supports the artist's trade, but ensures a gift that is unique and special Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.......>

Astounding Performance

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 24, 2012 - It is not often that we get to hear the music Pianist Natalia Mirzoevaof the Scandinavian countries in Thunder Bay. This is particularly true of the chamber works of these great composers. SKYE is a musical entity which is backed by supporters from the local Finish community. Erik Johannes Riekko serves as the Artistic Director for a three concert season. Arts Lake Supeiror News 

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Harmony in Style

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- October 24, 2012  --  Real women, real harmony, real fun, are the on the front of Sounds of Sounds of SuperiorSuperior Chorus’s brochure. After sitting down with Claire Belluz, spokesperson for the group I think the brochure beautifully describes this women’s chorus. However I would add “real good” as well.

For the past few seasons since Lake Superior Collegiate &VI has been opened, I have been listening to this choir rehearse in the room across the hall where I attend Consortium Board meetings. This is my first chance to interview this well established group. The Chorus belongs to an association called the Sweet Adelines. They host district and national conventions and each season they travel to share their music and compete with fellow choruses. This chorus takes great pride in placing well at these competitions. Attending conventions is a lot of fun and it gives the women an incentive to prepare and sing well. When they are finished they return home sharing an experience that they will continue to share as common memories.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Freedom 85 Magnus

THUNDER BAY, ON ----- October 21, 2012 ---- It’s playing right now at Magnus Theatre. “Freedom 85” by playwright Debra Hale.

Freedom 55This is a two-actor multi -character tour de force. As the two women tell the story of 85 year old Sybil who has managed to escape the morgue (retirement residence) for awhile. Needing help she decides to befriend a younger women Kate and employs her as her personal assistant. As it turns out it is perhaps Kate that needs the assistance more than Sybil!

I found the play touching in some respects because it deals with the real side of people aging and the need to make decisions. It also delves into the depth of human character when faced with adversity.

This is a play that should be seen twice to really understand it. The reason being the multiple roles played by each women make the story difficult to follow. In my case my hearing aid batteries failed early in the first half so I simply missed a big chunk of the play. However the situation was rectified for the second half. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

A remarkable dazzling evening

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----    October 20, 2012  ---  Her press photos do not do her justice when Susan Houyou see Susan Hou live on stage. Like the Guarneri violin that she plays so flawlessl,y she is vibrant and full of life. Music is the passion of her life and it is a gift she shares with audiences around the world.

Her proper name is Yi-Jia Susanne Hou, and years ago when her parents emigrated to Canada their first orchestra job was with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. It was in Thunder Bay that her family made their first Canadian friends. By the age of five she had already been studying the violin with her father Alec for a year. In the time since the family left Thunder Bay she has had the best of instruction at the violin and the best preparation for a concert career that most professionals could only wish for. On Thursday night she was on our stage at the Community Auditorium with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra behind her.

The concerto is a masterpiece of orchestration. That is mixing and blending the different sounds of the orchestra to create effective and intriguing music. There is no capitulation here; this is all very original orchestration and the work of a master. In the last quarter of the first movement Susanne Hou played and extended cadenza, a fire filled solo passage that left the audience in awe. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

CAHEP's Grandother Projects

THUNDER BAY, ON, ----- October 8, 202 ---- Community Arts and Heritage Education Project engaging the community in inter-generational Community Arts and Heritage Education Projecarts projects.

Through the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, the Community Arts and Heritage Education Project is creating opportunities for the community to engage in inter-generational arts projects.
The projects engage seniors as participants, volunteers and arts educators. The Community Arts and Heritage Education Project is developing activities for all ages to participate in. Through creating together and sharing stories we can connect with our community.

This past summer, CAHEP hosted activities where all ages could participate- from painting panels for the construction fence at CAHEP WorkshopPrince Arthur’s landing, discovering more about the public art in the city’s new waterfront, or creating at public events such as Jane’s Walk, Culture Days and Doors Open as well as Riverfest and Fort William Street Fair. Successful activities with the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre, Regional Multicultural Youth and Evergreen Neighbourhood have developed the potential for intergenerational activities.

Upcoming projects include the development of a play based on the Creation story with the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre, and a story mapping project with the Girl Guides. In creating a life story map- a visual representation of the events and important memories of one's life– artist Rachel Vandenassem will lead participants in sharing life stories and creating an assemblage with techniques that explore drawing, painting and collage with found objects.  Arts Lake Supeiror News
read more....>

Songs of Fort William TBSO Rodney Brown

THUNDER BAY, ON ---- October 5, 2012 ---- For the thirty years that I have followed Rodney Brown’s musical career, he has Songs of Fort William TBSO Rodney Brownappeared on a variety of stages—pubs, coffeehouses, and folk festivals across Canada and the UK; schools in Thunder Bay and throughout NWO; Labour Day and union picnics; Christmas concerts and Teddy Bear picnics; and, most recently, the Thunder Bay Blues Festival with his band The Derailers. In addition to performing and touring, he has released 10 albums, including two for children.

On Friday, October 19 at 8:00 p.m., Rodney Brown will have achieved his most ambitious project by launching his latest CD, “Songs of Fort William,” on the world-class stage of the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Accompanied by Music Director, Arthur Post, and the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, this special concert will highlight Rodney’s historical songs, orchestrated by composer Lise Vaugeois, which recount the lives of explorers, fur traders, country wives, voyageurs and First Nations peoples at the North West Company fur trading post on the banks of the Kam River dating back 200 years. The evening will open with a series of ceremonial pieces by the Thunder Mountain Singers, fiddler Pierre Schryer and piper Ryan Moore.Arts Lake Supeiror News 
read more.....>

Consortium of to a Great start

THUNDER BAY, ON ---- September 30, 2012 --- The five musicians who played Beethoven’s great Piano Quintet in E-flat Consortium of to a Great startmajor take a well-deserved bow. The Beethoven crowned an evening of superb chamber music for woodwind quintet. Woodwinds were added to the orchestra one at a time starting in the baroque era because of the colour and variety possibilities they offered composers. As instruments they are better suited to performance out of doors, so a lot of music for this combination is occasional music where colour volume and the dynamics of the instruments will make a difference. The woodwind quintet as we know it today evolved in the classical era and includes a bassoon playing the lowest notes, a horn, then clarinet, oboe and flute taking the highest notes. For the Beethoven he added a piano and dropped the flue as a composer’s prerogative.

We usually listen to these instruments play in a symphonic setting. Our orchestra employs only two flutes, but they can balance and colour the entire orchestra with their unique sound. The same can be said of the other instruments of the woodwind quintet. When they play together as an ensemble the power and dynamics of these instruments gave the later classical composers a lot more possibilities to explore. The result were compositions that were very virtuosic, the Reicha Quintet had one of the most challenging parts for the horn that I have ever heard. The performance of these compositions then requires musicians like Damian Rivers-Moore who can play these parts as intended. We are fortunate that we live in a city that has capable professional musicians Arts Lake Supeiror News  read more....>


TBSO Blues Guitarist Matt Andersen

Thunder Bay, ON – September 30, 2012 ---- The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra 2012/13 season opens with an evening of the Blues on Saturday, October 13 at Matt Andersen8:00 pm at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.

Conducted by Maestro Arthur Post, this concert brings together the TBSO with the soulful voice and remarkable guitar playing of award winning Canadian Blues guitarist Matt Andersen.

About Matt Andersen
Matt Andersen is an acclaimed Blues guitarist and singer-songwriter from Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. Born and raised in a musical family, he became interested in music early on and by junior high was in the school band. He took up guitar at 14, and before long was playing classic rock and Top 40 covers in pub bands while he studied studio engineering. Things changed dramatically, however, when he discovered the blues. “What really hit me most about the blues was its total honesty,” says Matt.

Matt began to build his name on the Canadian circuit, his imposing voice and slashing slide guitar making a monolithic impression on audiences. He debuted with 2002’s One Size Never Fits, and followed with the equally warmly-received Solo at Session (2004) and Live at Liberty House (2005).  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Visit October Studios Walk About

THUNDER BAY, ON --- September 29, 2012 --- This year marks the fourth annual October Studio Walkabout, a walking tour of five studios/homes in College October Walk AboutHeights and Mariday Park, showcasing the work of ten local professional artists creating in a varietScupture John Booksy of media.

The tour takes place from October 19 to October 21, Friday 6.00 to 9:00, Saturday 10:00 to 4:00, and Sunday noon to 4:00

The Walkabout presents an opportunity for the public to meet the artists in an informal setting and discuss their recent work. This year’s tour features the work of ten artists at five venues.

(1) Sarah Link, James Woodbeck, and Alison Kendall: 184 McKibbin Street

Sarah and James have collaborated on a series of new of figurative covered jars with a bronze crystalline glaze, for the studio tour. Sarah’s mugs and bowls for daily use will be for sale along with smoke fired ware by Woodbeck, and Link.

Alison works with a variety of materials, including etchings on paper and deer hide, and handmade books. This year her work features original colour pencil drawings with water soluble waxed crayon. Arts Lake Supeiror News Read more.....>

Thunder Bay Culture Days 2012

Thunder Bay, Ontario ----   September 29, 2012  ------  The depth of talent in Thunder Bay's arts Evelyn Konradcommunity is a well that never seems to run dry. There are artists and musicians and craftspersons who have an amazing breadth of art and culture to share.

Culture Days opened. by Mayor Keith Hobbs,  Artists, businesses and community groups throughout Thunder Bay are throughout Friday, Saturday, Sunday showing their love of culture this weekend by providing FREE, hands-on, interactive cultural activities at the 3rd annual Culture Days across Thunder Bay.

Photo of Evelyn Konrad, doing a watercolour demenstation as part of the opening cermonies.

People were able to enjoy music from the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, and tour the exhibits and also enjoy local art.  Arts Lake Supeiror News read more.....>

Learn to play! the Organ

THUNDER BAY, ON ---- September 15, 2012 --- Learning to play in instrument is the dream of many young people. Imagine for a moment learning how to play an instrument like this. The organ has the power and colour of a full symphony orchestra.

The organ is not only the king of instruments it is a door of opportunity for some musicians who want to earn their living from music. A classically trained organist does a lot more than play the pipe organ. They help the people they work with to achieve some satisfaction with the musical talents that they have. So organists work with choirs, they work with instrumentalists and sometimes small orchestras! Organists work with children’s choirs and they lead hand-bell choirs. For this reason many organists become leaders in community music and spread their talents over a wide range of interests. Imagine working with children on a Christmas pageant one day and the next rehearsing a brass fanfare for a special service. Given time organists are asked to do all of these things. It all begins with organ lessons. Sadly in Thunder Bay there are few if any organists who earn their living from playing alone. Music is a part of their lives and it becomes a welcome avocation. Arts Lake Supeiror News read more....>

“Cooking with gas” Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, ON ---- September 15, 2012 ---- When I was younger I remember hearing a band at a local club that was extraordinarily good, My Natasha O’Brien as Patsy Clinefriends much more into the club scene than me kept using the phrase “cooking with gas” to describe the band. Since I also did not watch that much television at the time it took me a while to realize that this was in reference to an advertisement urging people to switch to gas in their home because there was nothing like cooking with gas. It is funny that the memory has stayed with me all this time and now I can use it in this review.

Magnus Theatre’s production of “A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline” is just superb and as my friends would say the band is “cooking with gas”. In fact my only criticism would be the same as a previous play where the music direction was also by Danny Johnson, the band is just too good. I think Patsy Cline would have been so fortunate to have such a great back-up band in the first part of her career. Certainly by the time she reached Nashville, Los Vega, and certainly Carnegie hall in New York she would have had a truly talented back-up band.

Now that I have raved about the band, Patsy Cline played by Natasha O’Brien was worthy of inspiration. Not only could she belt out on Patsy Cline tune after another she did so with enthusiasm and energy of a great country star. Her presence on stage in at least five different dresses show the talent of back stage people Mervi Agrombar costume designer.

This play directed by Mario Crudo fires on all cylinders. The atmosphere is set in the lobby before the concert with imitation 50’s style juke boxes and volunteers wearing cowboy hats greeting guests at the door. Once inside the theatre the staging and lighting all work well to tell the story of Patsy Cline on stage. The story is narrated by “Little Big Man” (played by Gerry Getty) a radio announcer who fills in the audience with all the needed details about the music being performed on stage. He also does the news and some on stage comedy sketches.Arts News Lake Superior News  read more....>

The Garden of Love

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   August 18, 2012   ---- Summer recitals by visiting musicians can be some of the most rewarding. The recital played by Erin Brophey oboe and English horn, and Heather Morrison at the piano at St, Andrew’s Presbyterian church, Thunder Bay, Ontario,  on Friday night  was one of the gems of summer.

Her opening remarks “this is one of the few times I get to play for friends and people I know” summed up the intent of this recital. Musicians have a need to perform and in the off season there is little in the way of paid performance. At the same time the musicians have some time off from the busy winter season to learn and explore new music. Erin feels at home in Thunder Bay after spending 8 seasons with the TBSO she has also collaborated with many of her colleagues from the symphony to produce some great performances.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

St. Paul’s United Church presents “Ojibwe Landscapes”

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   August 7, 2012  --- For many of us living in the non native community Ojibwe Landscapeswe find it easy to get wrapped up in the daily struggle of earning a living and raising our kids. Somewhere on this busy path we have missed the opportunity to share an appreciation of the land as seen through aboriginal culture. In fact many of us would be hard pressed to name more than a couple of native friends, real friends and not just acquaintances.

The presentation of Brian Hubelit’s Ojibwe Landscapes is a piece taylor-made for one of our well known community choirs, the dulcisono women’s choir. The music will be directed by well known choral director Susan Marrier.It is a well researched musical epic in which the native folklore of the creations of many of the areas prominent landscapes. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Fort William Business District works with CAHEP

THUNDER BAY, ON – July 26, 2012 --- Spreading a positive message, and having fun was the RMYC with Panel they Paintedgoal in the Fort William Business Improvement Area today. The BIA was proud to sponsor a pizza lunch for the Regional Multicultural Youth Council (RMYC), as they designed and painted a new panel that will be displayed at Prince Arthur’s Landing.

The panel will be on the fence that will surround the future condominiums . The Fort William Business District BIA was proud to sponsor a Pizza lunch for the Regional Multi-Cultural Youth Council as they designed and painted a new panel that will be displayed at Prince Arthur's Landing.  The Panel will be on the fence that will surround the future condominiums. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more....>

 Classical Music Season Begins with “Quintets

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- July  22, 2012    ----   The classical music listening season will begin this fall with the presentation of “Quintets”- Beethoven & Friends by Consortium Aurora Borealis, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Soon the Doris Dunganleaves will begin to turn colour and the nights  will grow longer as we move towards fall. With the ending of the summer the greening of the cultural season in the city begins, usually with a Consortium Concert. After a few months of hot enjoyable weather and summer activities musicians and audiences alike are anxious to get back to the concert hall.

 Doris Dungan has played in the opening concert of nearly every Consortium Aurora Borealis concert season, and so it is with the beginning of the Consortium’s 34th season.

 “Quintets:  Beethoven and Friends”, explores the exquisite sounds of the woodwind piano quintet. Concerts involving this combination of instruments are not common, and will be cherished by lovers of chamber music.

All our concerts begin at 8:00 P.M. preceding the concert, at 7:30 P. M., a talk discussing
the evening’s musical offering will be given, and everyone is invited to attend. Pre-concert talks have been popular with the audiences and many find that the background information helps make a better understanding of the music played.Arts News Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  May 26, 2012 ----   "RANDY LYGHT RETURNS TO THUNDER BAY"Renowned pop jazz and rock vocalist Randy Lyght is RANDY LYGHT RETURNS TO THUNDER BAYreturning to Thunder Bay after many years for his CD release party. was announced by  Ken Boshcoff a long time friend of Randy's .

Randy now singing jazz masters material, made rock history in Thunder Bay as lead vocalist for the popular band "Black Lyghtning". Randy's band included the Zeleny Brothers who went on to form the legendary "Zeebraz". Both Jim and Gerry Zeleny will be playing with Randy in a reunion set on Friday June 8th at Gargoyle's.

Black Lyghtning played hundreds of high school and big venue dances in the 70's and 80's alongside Paul Shaffer and Rick Lazar of The Fugitives.  Randy went on to tour with the "The World Renowned Platters" for several years as well as having a solo career in Vancouver, BC. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Doing all the right things

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   May 20, 2012  ---   For the past few years I have been hearing Gregory Lewis perform in public concerts and I was Greg Lewisimpressed at the level of accomplishment this young man brings to his performances, I was truly impressed and marked him as a musician to watch.

Last Saturday he performed a spring concert simply titled “Intrigue” and to say the least I was amazed. That does not happen often.

Solo recitals can happen at any time of the year. Professional players perform solo concerts as a method to personal development. Musicians will perform a solo recital out of personal interest or to promote a cause. In Gregory Lewis’s case his recitals are part of a well directed plan towards a performing career.

As with any professional recital, Gregory has put an enormous amount of effort into his spring recital. He did not disappoint his audience. Playing from memory Gregory performed the Caprice No. 24 for solo violin by N. Paganini as well as any professional. His stance and relaxed manner on stage exudes the confidence this young man has in his music. The piece I liked the best was a set of variations on “Happy Birthday”. I did not catch the name of the arranger of these variations but they were on par with the Paganini Caprice. Other gorgeous music for violin was on the programme, Brahms Sonata #3 (first two movements) some Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, and 2 movements of the Camille Saint-Saëns Concerto #3.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

A different Mother’s Day Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON --------    May 20, 2012  ----   The Pelimanni Orchestra of Thunder Bay, Ontario,  has been playing The Pelimanni Orchestrathe folk music of Finland for many years but it was only since I was made an honourary Fin that I have been aware of their musical presence. Based in the Finnish Labour hall on Bay street this group draws its membership from all of Thunder Bay. I occasionally play cello with the orchestra and have grown to love the quiet laid back mannerisms of its members. They have a true passion for the music of their homeland and will go to great lengths to perform their music. I suppose that includes accepting a cellist such as myself!

While Thunder Bay is isolated from Finland in a physical sense, Kauko Ylinen manages to keep in close contact with Finnish composers and arrangers looking for music the Pelimanni can perform. In Finland a Pelimanni of folk group usually consists of about 5-7 members. The Thunder Bay version is sort of like the big band version which makes it unique but hard to find music for them to play. Much of the music is custom arranged for this size and the instruments this orchestra. Kauko then is not only a sax player, singer, conductor but he is also a good arranger.  Arts News Lake Superior News  read more.......>

Literary festival accepting registrations

GREENSTONE, Ontario – May 18, 2012   ----  The volunteer committee organizing Squatchberry Literary Festival has set the fees for admission.  The Festival coincides with Charles WilkinsGeraldton's celebrations of its 75th Anniversary of Incorporation.

The Festival begins Friday evening, June 29th, and runs until Sunday afternoon, July 1st, in Geraldton's Community Centre. 

Seventeen published writers from Greenstone and Thunder Bay will offer readings of their works and will lead workshops and panel discussions.

Photo of Charles Wilkins taking  a break between books.  A world traveler, Charlie, now associated with Thunder Bay, wrote the book The Circus at the Edge of the Earth.

On Friday evening, the Festival kickoff will feature a presentation by award-winning Charles Wilkins, whose recent adventure of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean will soon be narrated in a new book.  Only registrants for the Readings Package will be admitted to the presentation.
On Saturday evening at the Festival banquet, Arthur Black, syndicated columnist, will be guest speaker.  His literary awards include three Stephen Leacock Medals for Humour. Arts News Lake Superior News 
read more......>

dulcisono All Creatures Great and Small

THUNDER BAY,  ON   ------  May 12, 2012   ------  This is the time for spring concerts and in the choral field there are a few to watch for, dulcisono (that’s right they spell it without a capital) is one of our City’s fine vocal groups. Being involved with music means being creative in some way and this choir has always come up with something new to celebrate for their concerts.

dulcisono Spring concertIf you live in our city, Thunder Bay,  for any length of time, especially if you have come from some place other than Thunder Bay the beauty of nature will sooner or later capture a piece of your heart. This concert celebrated the creatures of the great outdoors. The choir invited outdoorsman Gord Ellis to share in this concert. As it turns out Gord is a pretty good guitarist and has a great love of the outdoors. He also has a great sense of humour. In the photo above the women of the choir are all smiling after he commented on the decor of Hilldale Lutheran Church as “being like a big sauna” No disrespect for the church intended.

One thing I like about this choir is they are always about  more than the music and also more than being about themselves. This choir supports certain causes important to the women in the choirThis concert the celebrated the richness of nature that we share amongst us all. That is why having Gord Ellis on board is such a good fit for this concert. The choir supports women in music as well.  Irina Medvedeva  has won the choir’s scholarship for voice training at the Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts in the past. Currently studying voice at the University of Western Ontario, Irina also studied voice at La Musica Lirica in Italy last summer. I heard her sing at last year’s concert and was impressed. After hearing her at this year’s concert I am amazed!  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

New Music North Music My delight

THUNDER BAY, ON   -------    May 12, 2012  ----    As I am writing this I am listening to some superbly performed Dean Jobin - BevansBach Motets. For me the music of J.S. Bach clearly puts all things musical quickly into perspective. His music was written two and a half centuries ago, and the focus of this review is the superb May Day concert produced by Thunder Bay’s New Music North.

Held at the Jean McNulty Recital hall on the campus of Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, New Music North concert that evening was refined, varied, full of creative music ideas and best of all enjoyable.

Some musicians have always gravitated towards the music of their time. For composers this must be so and they need musicians to come together to play their music and share their ideas. It is natural then that such a group would form on the campus of a University where people study music and composition. Arts News Lake Superior News read more...>

The Artists of Algonquin

Bracebridge On   ----   May 10, 2012  ---  The Artists of Algonquin: Contemporary Artists Wild with Passion, by Andrea Hillo , publisher of The Artists of AlgonquinElke Scholz, MA, EXAT Andrea Hillo , publisher of The Artists of Algonquin, a beautiful 11” x 12” hardcover book featuring 31 area artists, 71 pages, had a Bracebridge book launch at Elke Scholz's Studio, featuring  local artists, Carole Ann Thur, David Dawson, Elke Scholz, and Wendy Wallace and their art pieces from the book.

 Andrea was inspired by the McMichael Collection and realized that there are many artists that are alive that love and paint the beauty of Algonquin Park.
All the artists represented live within one hour of the park.
Here are some pictures of Saturday’s book Launch! We didn’t get all our gardening done, ( is it ever done?) however I was so happy to host this great event on this sunny, almost bug free day.
It was a wonderful success.  Arts News Lake Superior News
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Remembering the Titan

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   May 4, 2012  Some concerts are more memorable than others, and the closing concert of the TBSO season titled “Titans” Jamie Parker in reference to Mahler’s symphony by that name. Mahler struggled a great deal in writing all of his orchestral works, in the end he wanted his composition to achieve his very own high expectations. After all in music composers are competing against the giants from the past as well as their contemporaries.

Mahler wrote for large orchestral forces, his orchestra had more musicians than we will ever see on stage in Thunder Bay. There were 41 musicians on stage for this performance, there were two extra cellos, an additional French horn player, and the full single reed family of instruments were heard but one musician played more than one instrument. Bartholomew Poyser showed he is a multi-talent many by playing the tuba. There was a harp on stage as well as extra percussion and violin players.

Arthur Post has managed to pull a rabbit from a hat in that he has produced a convincing Mahler sound from our normally Mozart sized TBSO. The addition of a single French horn may not sound like a big deal but the horn section contributes a disproportionately large percentage of the sound you hear from the orchestra. I am sure that 4-5 horns could easily balance the rest of the orchestra. We have had an excellent string section for many years , the woodwinds have always been brilliant and in recent years equally brilliant brass players have rounded out the orchestra.  So with a little imagination and the talent we have in this orchestra, Arthur Post has managed to do justice to Mahler’s Titan Symphony. I might add that the excellent venue, Thunder Bay’s Community Auditorium was a silent star in the programme. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more........>

Tried & True” Fort William Male Choir

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   April 29, 2012  ---- When something is working well for you why change? This weekend the Fort William Male Choir celebrated its Fort William Male Choir 47th annual Spaghetti dinner Sing-a-long. This year the choir made the change from the Da Vinci Centre to the Slovak Legion in the City’s East end. Judging by the sold out crowd it is fair to say all of their audience managed the change in venue just fine. Judging by the comments from the audience, most think that this is a positive move on behalf of the choir. The manager spoke with each table to make certain that everyone was well catered to.

While the venue is new, the choir’s formula for a successful evening of food, wine and song is not. The very first sing-a-long dinner was held at the Ortona Hall, which I believe was torn down some years ago. The popularity of the event eventually required a larger venue and for many years the event was associated with the Da Vinci Centre. Costs at the centre continued to climb each season; I think the move to the Slovak was overdue. Saturday’s event was like all the other “Smorgs” I have attended. The choir relies on good food, good company, bad jokes, and a lot of old school songs to create a merry evening. Then there are the skits! This has been a recipe for continued success for the choir and they performed to sell out crowds on Friday and Saturday nights.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

A Great Weekend

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  April  11, 2012  --  What a great way to start off the weekend! I took in the Gala opening of The Long Weekend Magnus TheatreThunder Bay's  Magnus Theatre’s latest production, “The Long weekend”.

It is obvious that my vision of a weekend at camp is different from Norm Foster. At our camp there is always so much work to be done that there is little time for personal friction between family members. In fact that is what is great about a camp, for over 50 years our family has grown stronger through the bonds we have made at the camp, often over hard work. My memories of the place centre around topics like the year we installed the septic system (by hand of course), or put in the lawn (after cutting down the trees, digging out the stumps, breaking up and sifting the soil and finally planting the grass, all of this was done by hand because there was no way to get equipment to our site.) Then there are the blackflies, occasional bear and the swims in the not always warm lake. When I think of camp sometime my back aches! Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Dying From Cancer
THUNDER BAY, ON --- April 9, 2012 --- On Saturday, April 14th, Michael Antcliffe new book, You’ll Never Guess You’ll Never Guess Who’s Dying From CancerWho’s Dying From Cancer will be holding a formal Book Launch and Book Signing at Chapters on Memorial Avenue from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. All proceeds from sales at that event will be going to the Northern Cancer Fund. Mayor Keith Hobbs will be attending at 1:00 pm Michael is continuing his quest to improve the quality of life for those struggling in their battle against cancer by publishing this book as a fundraising initiative for both local charities and as a starting point for his new foundation, Comfort Care for Cancer, which is currently going through the process to become incorporated as a charitable not-for-profit. Michael is continuing his quest to improve the quality of life for those struggling in their battle against cancer by publishing this book as a fundraising initiative for both local charities and as a starting point for his new foundation, Comfort Care for Cancer, which is currently going through the process to become incorporated as a charitable not-for-profit. Thus far, Michael has sold more than 70 books in pre-order and many requests have already begun coming into the local ChaptersArts News Lake Superior News 
read more.....>

Squatchberry Literary Festival

THUNDER BAY, ON, Ontario – April 5, 2012 --- A Greenstone, committee is organizing a literary festival of regional authors for Canada Day weekend Squatchberry Literary Festivalto coincide with Geraldton's celebrations of its 75th Anniversary of Incorporation. Squatchberry Literary Festival begins Friday evening, June 29th, and runs until Sunday afternoon, July 1st, in Geraldton's Community Centre. More than a dozen published writers from Greenstone and Thunder Bay will offer readings of their works and lead workshops and panel discussions. On Friday evening, the Festival kickoff will feature a presentation by award-winning Charles Wilkins, whose recent adventure of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean will soon be narrated in a new book. On Saturday evening at the Festival banquet, Arthur Black, the syndicated columnist, will be guest speaker. His literary awards include three Stephen Leacock Medals for Humour.

The Festival has launched a website at  The committee will soon be accepting registrations through this site.  Edgar Lavoie, Chair of the committee, said, "We are excited to be presenting our home-grown or home-nurtured writers to a national audience."  The 75th Anniversary Celebrations will be hosting homecomers from across Canada.
One of the inspirations for the 2012 Festival was the 2011 Word on the Water festival held in Kenora last October.  A local committee sponsored that event, which featured not only local writers but writers from the Canadian West Arts News Lake Superior News 
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A Picasso in the North Country:
Picasso In the North Country James R Stevens
The brilliant and wild painting journey of Canadian artist, Norval Morrisseau is an epic in the international world of art. Norval painted at least 10 000 images during a 45 year career marked by alcoholism and addiction. Norval was an intelligent complex man caught between an ancient forest world and a westernized industrial America. He was unschooled and born into poverty at a small hamlet on the shore of Lake Nipigon in Canada during the Great Depression of the 1930's. The odds that he would survive childhood were against him. He overcame huge obstacles in his path to command respect from all artist. His fascinating story as a painter of abandon will amuse and fluster readers as he rides his tsunami wave to fame.
The Wild Journey of Canadian Artist, Norval Morrisseau
Author - James R. Stevens
hard cover - 240 pages - 7 x 10 inches
190 colour images
Lake Superior Art Gallery
ISBN - 9-780986548-21-5

750 Limited Edition hard cover copies printed Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

TBSO Music Specialists

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  April 1, 2012  ----   I am still thinking of the last Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra pops concert.  Our TBSO plays so well they Brian Jackson TBSOare always up to any challenge. How is it that they can play such a wide variety of music requiring different sets of skills? It is as though they go into hiding for a few moments and morph into an entirely different set of performers. I have often seen TBSO musicians play a classical concert in their dress blacks only to find some of them playing at my favourite watering hole a few hours later. If you want proof of the transformation check out Thunder Bays latest bluegrass group Mc Vickers Creek!

One way to develop and polish skills of musicians is to bring in a guest conductor, often a music specialist. Brian Jackson is such a conductor. He is an esteemed musician and a Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, which is a lifetime accomplishment for most organists. It is his work with Canadian orchestras that has earned him fame. His latest bio states that he is the principal Pops Conductor of the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, Orchestra London, and the Victoria Symphony, though I suspect he may have recently retired from the latter position.

Developing a speciality is for some the way to go. Pops concerts make money for orchestras of all types. In Thunder Bay the best houses are for the Pops concerts. Conductors such as Howard Cable made many arrangements of popular music for the orchestra. Some of these orchestral arrangements have become as popular as the original version of the song. The last Pops concert contained some small orchestral gems that I truly enjoyed. The Karelia Suite by Sebelius comes to mind. In Brian Jackson’s case I think his development as a Pops conductor grew out of his earlier experiences of being a general conductor with orchestras such as the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.   Arts News Lake Superior News  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON ----   March 27, 2012  ---  An art heist at the Lake Superior Art Gallery? Don’t worry folks, the heist was actually performed by Actors Karen Maki (Michele) and Emily Upper (Teagan) running through a scene.Confederation College Film Production Students for their final thesis film. The gallery graciously lent their location to Crystal Elmy and her crew for her thrilling short film called ‘Bid Number’, a heist that will leave you reeling and asking yourself “who’s the real con-artist?” Using the fantastic and original art from the gallery to colour the film, Bid Number will really hit the crime drama spot. There is no doubt that the talented actors and amazing local work will capture you and hold on until the screen goes black and the credits roll.

‘Bid Number’ hits the big screen on the evening of April 19th when the Confederation College Film Program premieres a new batch of short films from the graduating class at Silvercity Cinemas. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Andy Wolff A Hippie Kind Of Dream

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  March 11, 2012  ---   In 1991, in issue #6 of my "Rock On" magazine (which also featured Andy Wolff A Hippie Kind Of Dreaman exclusive Andy Wolff interview) I originally reviewed this release as a 12 song cassette... Here is what I had to say about it....

The overall effect of this cassette is a blend of folk & psychedelic sounds, all mixed in to form Andy's own unique style.

My favorite tracks on here are "Manican Man", "Far Too Gone", "It's Just Me", & naturally the title track "A Hippie Kind Of Dream" which features Andy's brilliant wordplay and lyrics that go like so... "Turn on, tune in, drop out, drop acid, in fact, in San Francisco... In hippie heaven, rock bands screaming, psychedelic elevators, getting high, hitting low...".

Andy has also put considerable effort into the packaging and even includes a hand drawn lyric sheet of the title song - very 60's looking (or retro as they say these days). Neil Young is obviously a major influence & there are heavy shades of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at play on this release.

(Note: The lyric sheet was unique to the tape version only)

You would almost swear it was Neil Young himself performing the song "It's Just Me".

"Manican Man". Well, this is my pick for a hit! (Note: It was later selected for inclusion on a "What Wave" magazine cassette tape compilation of various psychedelic artists) A very psychedelic bit of classic sixties style pop music. Great harmonies & real toe-tapping music.   Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>

New Music North Wired for Sound

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  March 11, 2011  ---  New Music North brought in one of the veterans of Canadian contemporary composition to the Jean McNulty recital hall, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario,  Thursday night. The evening was dedicated to her music. A classically trained pianist she has evolved as a composer as well.

“You have to do your own thing if you are going to survive as a composer these days” she said to me after the concert. Indeed the music we heard is unlike any other coming from today’s contemporary composers.

If you like personal experiences or a good story then you have all the knowledge needed to appreciate her music. Using the piano, an assortment of percussive devices and electronic equipment she began her programme. Her music is distinguished by the theatrical elements she incorporates into the performance of each piece. Her music does tell a story. Now a veteran composer/pianist she reflects with hindsight, “I should have been an actress”!  Arts News Lake Superior Newsread more.......>

Musing and Amusing

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 8th, 2012 - This is the first season where Maestro Arthur Post has both planned and Martin Blancetconducted the concerts of the TBSO. I am happy that he is making use of the superb talent that the TBSO has to offer.

The concerts at Hilldale Lutheran Church provide a good opportunity to show off what the orchestra can do with chamber and lighter works for the orchestra. From my seat I could nearly read the music on the musicians stands. With such an intimate setting with the players one can really enjoy the live dynamics of the orchestra in action. Arts News Lake Superior News read more...>


SYKE At the top of their game

THUNDER BAY ON  ----   March 6, 2012  ---SYKE is a concert series affiliated with the Canadian Soumi Foundation, SYKEbased in Thunder Bay. With a focus on Scandinavian and Russian repertoire, SYKE offers to its North American audience masterworks not usually heard, but are recognised as masterworks in their home country.

I could not state the purpose of SYKE better than it was printed in the programme so I simply copied the above paragraph here.
Yes Thunder Bay now has a new concert series. I know that there were others in the past but this concert was a fully professional production carrying an admission price to match. The cost of $20.00 however is reasonable considering I used to travel out of town simply to listen to this type of music live. My idea of heaven is a week at the Banff String Quartet competitions or perhaps the spring music festivals in Ottawa. Now we have a little bit of this taking root right here in our city. Erik Johannes Riekko; Artistic Director of the new series is hoping to present four or perhaps five concerts next season. Arts News Lake Superior News
 read more......>

400 km By Drew Hayden Taylor

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- March 4, 2012   -----   Drew Hayden Taylor’s recent work is now in production at Magnus Magnus 400 KmTheatre, Thunder Bay. It is the fourth production of the play “400 Kilometres”. This is not the first time that one of his plays has graced the stage of Magnus Theatre. I seem to recall “Dead White Man on the Floor” by this playwright was produced here in the last two seasons. Taylor like other native playwrights (Thompson Highway comes to mind) draws his inspiration from the story telling part of his native heritage rather than from formal literary study. “I have never taken a literary study in my life” says Taylor in a conversation at the reception.

While there is comedy in this play, it tells a serious and emotional story. There are people that I know who are well represented in the script of this play. Comedy as in life is used to make a tough situation manageable, a way of dealing with the sorrow of losing a child to adoption because you are poor, alone and for certain native. In speaking with Taylor he mentioned that “the Ancient Greeks had it right. Tragedy and Comedy are opposite sides of the same mask”. And so it is in real life. Arts News Lake Superior Newsread more...>

12th Annual Sivertson Gallery INUIT PREMIERE

GRAND MARAIS, MN  ---  March 1, 2012   ---  Sivertson Gallery opens their 12th Annual Inuit Premiere in Grand culptor David Ruben Piqtoukun Marais on Saturday, March 17th,  2012 with world-renowned Inuit artist David Ruben Piqtoukun and coming from the North West Territories and Nunavik (arctic Quebec), throat singers Nina Segalowitz and Lydia Etok.  The annual Inuit Premiere is the only one of its kind in the lower 48 United States featuring original Canadian Inuit prints & sculptures and Native Alaskan sculptures formed from walrus tusk, whale bone, baleen and soapstone. Art Gallery Owner Jan Sivertson and Manager CJ Heithoff have recently returned from ‘Fur Rondy’ in Anchorage, AK, where all natives from remote villages come down to enjoy the festivities to mark the beginning of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, and where Polka is the #1 late night activity all around Anchorage.  The opening weekend events at Sivertson Gallery are free and open to the public and the exhibit continues through the end of April.  In addition, David will teach two workshops offered through the North House Folk School.

The early Inuit were a semi-nomadic hunting people divided into regional tribal groupings throughout Canada.  The convergence of traditional Inuit culture and both European culture followed by modern Western cultures, changed Inuit life.  Today, the enthusiasm for and deep appreciation of Inuit art and culture is created out of the commonality of many human values: reverence for family bonds, respect for the power, beauty, and intelligence of other living creatures, and a sense of mystery about the forces that shape our lives. Inuit art, particularly the work of Inuit artist David Ruben Piqtoukun, depicts the great ingenuity of the people of the North who live in one of the world’s harshest environments requiring adaptability and perseverance in every phase of daily life.  With these qualities, Inuit art establishes a strong and enduring emotional bond with its collectors.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Consortium presents a Magnificent Closing Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  February 28, 2012  ---  Consortium Aurora Borealis finished its 33rd season in style. The “All Vivaldi  Thunder Bay, Consortium Aurora BorealisExtravaganza” has always been a popular concert for the group but this season’s effort was over the top. With ten musicians on stage, Consortium presented a programme of varied concerti by Antonio Vivaldi. The very first piece resulted in a standing ovation for recorder player Dr. Birgit Reick. So the evening went on with ovations for the cello concerto played by Anthony Bacon, and a violin concerto played by Gregory Lewis.

There are two good stories in this concert, the first involves Gregory Lewis. Eleven years ago his father brought his 4 year old son to one of our all Vivaldi concerts. They were sitting in the balcony for better sound and view. When it came time for the violin concerto on the programme the young 4 year old stood up on the pew and began playing an imaginary violin to the music he was hearing. When it was finished he told his father that “I want to play the violin” Now 11 years later he has obtained his ARCT level on the violin and he was asked back to play the solo part of the same concerto he heard so long ago.

The second story involves the extraordinary performance of the recorder player Birgit Reick. As she began practicing on her own very good wooden sopranino recorder the instrument began to take up moisture. After the joins in the recorder had become tight the wood swelled until the recorder cracked making the instrument unplayable. What to do? After a few e-mails and phone calls I offered her my plastic sopranino but she was able to find another wooden one. The problem is wood recorders need to be broken in if they have not been played in a while. There was not enough time to break the wooden recorder in before the concert. She borrowed a brown plastic recorder from a friend and playing from memory produced dazzling results from an instrument you might hear in a grade six music class. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Diva Delights Audience

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  February 27, 2012  ---  With great anticipation I waited for the appearance of Monica Monica Whicher Whicher in the TBSO master-works series. The orchestra instead of choosing a guest artist who offers something outside the box to entertain their audience, instead relied on the draw of one of Thunder Bay’s own, Monica Whicher.

Monica grew up in Thunder Bay and completed her undergrad degree in music at Lakehead University many years ago. I know this since I was in the music program at the same time and we shared some classes. She is an outstanding example of many from the University’s Music Department.

As someone who has lived all my life in Northern Ontario there is something wrong about calling a person a Diva. We might use terms like “She’s a darned good soprano” or perhaps a “very passionate singer”. I still think you cannot take the North out of someone who has grown up here and we seldom have Divas until now. In our case the word could have developed from divine, for her performance last Thursday was simply that. Singers of her calibre can perform without a microphone, and using only her voice and gestures is able to convey the message of her arias clearly and passionately throughout our 1500 seat Community Auditorium. Her technique is flawless, but that is only a tool that she uses to set the mood and to convey the passion of the music. While I was listening to the concert, aria upon aria, I thought of the courage required to stand on a stage with only your voice and a full symphony orchestra behind her and sing this concert. As all first class musicians do she sang from memory but she also sang from her heart as well.Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Welcomes Kelly Rooney

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---    February 23, 2012  ---  The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is pleased to welcome our new Development Manager, Kelly RooneyKelly Rooney. Ms. Rooney is responsible for all aspects of fundraising for the TBSO including corporate sponsorships, individual giving and foundations.

Ms. Rooney was born and raised in Thunder Bay and lived here until she finished college, graduating from Confederation College’s Arts Administration program. After graduation, Ms. Rooney spent the last 20 year’s travelling the world, working and volunteering with a variety of organizations. “I’m happy to be back in my hometown, surrounded by family, and working in the arts again”, says Ms. Rooney.

Ms. Rooney worked in marketing positions with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The National Ballet, and Feld Ballets New York, and worked in combined marketing and fundraising positions at the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity in Winnipeg, before departing for Botswana in southern Africa. In Africa, Ms. Rooney did the marketing and fundraising for a women’s economic empowerment project through an environmental group, and was the Executive Director for the Cancer Association of Botswana for 3 years. She recently completed a year of fundraising for orphans and vulnerable children to be able to attend a world-class international school, Maru-a-Pula School.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>

Music Re-invented

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  February 13, 2012  ---  Saturday night’s TBSO performance in Thunder Bay, with Natalie Choquette marked my second pops Nataile Choquetteconcert ever by our great orchestra. Being a lover of the classics and looking at the programme I knew that I would enjoy the concert, after all it was full of well known opera arias and show tunes.

As it turns out this was much more than just a stage performance, for we were dealing with a diva. A great diva with a problem, she had no one for a Valentine date. Thus through the music presented on stage and a variety of outlandish costumes (unless worn by a diva) Natalie Choquette told her story of a love forlorn soprano while at the same time delivering a sterling vocal performance of her arias and show tunes.

Music is a challenge these days and performers and organizations presenting music must re-invent themselves if they want the audience to keep on coming. Being good is no longer good enough and so the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is always in search of the artist with something extra. Natalie Choquette not only has talent, she is blessed with a great sense of humour. Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>


Great Community Productions

THUNDER BAY, ON --- February 11, 2011 --- The forthcoming production of Andrew Lloyd Webers musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” is the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoattype activity I truly support.

Diane Laaksonen the prime mover behind this production works for months on end so that she can present one single outstanding production each year. As a parish organist Diane has produced all manner of classical works for organ, strings and choirs over the years. Nothing but good comes from producing these works. For one thing they are good for the choir in that it provides a challenge for the singers and it gives them a reason to come out to rehearsals.

Like Diane’s productions before it the proceeds of her hard work are given entirely to charity; in this case to the Canadian Food Bank for worldwide hunger relief. Only a person such as Kevin O’Leary could find fault with something like that! Arts News Lake Superior News  read more....>

The Syringa Tree – an Epic Performance

THUNDER BAY ON  ---   February 2, 2012    ---Olivia Olsen’s performance of the 23 characters in Magnus Theatre’s Olivia Olsen Sryinga Treecurrent production of the “Syringa Tree” is an epic feat! She is telling a story of two families, one black the other white living together on a farm in South Africa. The story is told primarily through the six year old eyes of Elizabeth Grace.

For Olivia Olsen this play is a way for her to return to her native country South Africa. As I watched the play unfold she seems to gain strength from the play. We hear this story from one who has been there. I was amazed at how well she told the story, switching from one character to another. She has the mental stamina to keep all the characters separate (with the appropriate accents as well) and at the same time keep the story flowing.

This production requires an actress with physical stamina as well. A hyper-active six-year old can be distressingly difficult to play since they are never still. Lastly as someone who used to do a lot of singing from the stage I have to comment on her ability to preserve her voice, speaking constantly for the full duration of the play night after night. Like the settlers on the land in South Africa you have to be tough to play this part.

This is a story that needs to be told in this country. I was trying to think about Canadian parallels to Apartheid in South Africa. The closest thing that we may have experienced would be the internment camps during the second war and the enforced entrance to residential schools for first nation peoples. Yet these two examples are paled by the evil that was Apartheid. We simply have no Canadian equivalent in the Canadian experience. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>


An Orchestra for Everyone Fleetwood Mac

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----    February 2, 2012  ---- Last Wednesday if you asked me to name a Fleetwood Mac song I John Reganwould have said who??? To be sure I would have drawn a complete blank. I am a wholly classical musician and while I can hear instruments clearly I have always had difficulty pulling the words out of pop music and understanding the music like everyone else.

So on Saturday I gathered up my resolve and went to my first Pops concert. I was impressed with a lot of things even before the show started. You have to work hard to fill up the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium and as concert time approached the place was nearly filled, a very good house for our beloved TBSO.

The rock musicians of Jean’s and Classics were on stage with the orchestra, another star was part of the show last Saturday. Shows such as “Fleetwood Mac” can really draw on the strength of our community auditorium. The hint of smoke and the constantly changing light show provided a visual as well as aural impact.

I smiled as I saw the house fill up the TBSO musicians on stage enjoy playing to a near capacity crowd.  I feel that the modern convenience of things like 50 inch plasma TVs together with high definition cable work together in a way that competes with live entertainment of all types. It is hard to beat the constant drip of corporate advertising that leads us to spend most of our entertainment dollars on the device de jour! For a change a welcoming feeling came over me as I watched people opt for live entertainment playing the music they learned to love.   Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>

TBSO Orchestra never sounded so good

THUNDER BAY, ON    ---- January 28, 2012  ---  I it beginning to look as though the Masterworks series of the TBSO Arthur Post is going through a period of change. This is the first season where both the conducting and the Artistic direction is under Arthur Post. In the past a Masterworks concert consisted of one or two short orchestral compositions followed by a concerto then a full length symphony in the second half.  This season we are getting something different, we still had the small orchestral piece in this case the “Helios Overture” by Nielsen followed by the six movement “Firebird Suite” composed in 1919 by Stravinsky.

At one time such a modern composition as the “Firebird Suite” would have represented the progressive modern composition style and was included on the programme to widen the listeners taste in music. Last Thursday this was seen as an old orchestral standard. The orchestra had enough extra performers on stage that it could really do justice to this music, and in my opinion the TBSO has never sounded better than in the performance of this music. Good musicians, superb direction, a wonderful concert hall all led to a great performance of this piece and it certainly earned the standing ovation it received at the end of the first half. Every year as I review concerts there always seems to be a concert or two that forms a lasting memory and this is one concert I will remember for awhile. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more......>

TBSO Cabaret  Pops Series

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   January 9, 2012  -----  Up coming concerts  both Pops and Cabaret Series.  Beyond Horizons, Jeans ‘n Classics: Fleetwood Mac, John Scaffeo, accordion,

tim BradyBeyond the Horizon
Thursday, January 19, 2012 • 8:00 p.m.
Tim Brady, electric guitar
20 Community electric guitarists

 Arts News Lake Superior News
read more.......>>>

Good People, Good Choir dulcisono

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   December 27, 2011  ---  This is the season for community music groups to present their Susan MarrierChristmas Concerts. There are so many groups in the city that I would have liked to hear but for one reason or another I was called to be elsewhere. One group that I have been following since its inception is dulcisono.  Their recent concert “Sing Me to Heaven” was performed Sunday December 4th at St. Paul’s United Church.

Even their name spelt without a capital is unique. This is a Canadian Choir and they perform for a Canadian audience here in Thunder Bay. They often include recent works by Canadian composers in their concerts, and of course they perform some well known pieces of the season such as Gustav Holst “Lullay my Liking”.

I have been following this choir these many seasons simply because they are the closest thing this city has to a professional choir. There is only so much that can be done with volunteer singers and one practice weekly, and in this category of choir, dulcisono shines. For a cultural organization to grow and prosper it needs to have a large number of things in good working order. This choir has honest, capable direction. The goals of the choir are clearly communicated and the women of the choir have made these goals their own. The privilege of singing in this choir means that they can share the satisfaction of performing demanding but musical compositions. Choir members also share a vision created through music supports women’s issues and community issues important to them. So as well as singing for satisfaction, they also perform for a purpose.Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

TBAG Roy Thomas Retrospective

THUNDER BAY, ON  December 13, 2011  ---  The Thunder Bay Art Gallery, in collaboration with the family of the artist Eagle Has Landed is currently organizing a retrospective exhibition of the work of Ahnisnabae artist Roy Thomas (1949-2004) for Summer 2012.

In preparation for the retrospective, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery is asking the public to assist us with locating three paintings Arts News Lake Superior News  read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  December 7, 2011  ---   The life and legacy of a respected First Nations elder is about to be commemorated in a fitting fashion.  A powwow honouring the late Richard Lyons will be held at Ogden School this Friday, December 9 as a tribute to his role in sharing traditional teachings and the rich First Nations culture with Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals alike for decades.   The powwow is part of the cultural teachings component of BIWAASE’AA, the in-school, after-school and nutritional program of Shkoday Abinojiiwak Obimiwedoon. 

Lyons, who died in 2005 at the age of 80, moved to Thunder Bay in 1957 where he eventually joined the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre as its cultural coordinator.  In 1969, he formed the Lyons Dance Troupe which went on to tour Canada, the United States and parts of Europe.  The troupe performed for Queen Elizabeth during the first Mount McKay powwow. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more....>>

Magnus produces a Melodrama

THUNDER BAY, ON ------  December 6, 2011   ----  The current production at Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay, is a riot. The 30 StepsMario Crudo told me it has been “many years” since the Theatre has produced a melodrama. Adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan and from the movie of Alfred Hitchcock “The 39 Steps” is a blast from beginning to end.

Melodrama has long been associated with dinner or amateur theatre in the Northwest.  With very little in the way of staging the actors have to ham things up with a few simple props and they tell their story. This particular story has it all, a victim or two, a murder, a spy plot and a secret to reveal. Any good story has its share of betrayal and a love interest. Melodramas are all about having fun with the material you are given to act out, and I cannot help but feel the cast really are having a lot of fun with this play. This fun transfers easily to the audience and there were busts of spontaneous applause, the occasional hiss and boo throughout the performance just like there should be for a good melodrama.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Victoriaville Centre Native Arts and Craft Show

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  December 1, 2011  ---   At a Media Conference held in the Lake Superior Art Gallery,  Kathy Kathy Skirving Chair Victoriaville Board of ManagementSkirving chair of the Victoriaville Board of Management stated that they are pleased to celebrate this 10th anniversary of the Native Arts and Craft show.

I would like to thank John Ferris for bringing this event to Victoriaville Centre for the past ten years

Victoriaville Centre along with the Aboriginal Artworks Group are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Native Arts and Crafts Show. The show runs from Tuesday, Dec 6th to Saturday, December 10th, from 10 to 5 p.m.

Last year there were 170 artists and the Aboriginal Artworks Group is expecting this year’s show to have a larger selection of Artists.

The artists are from 30 Nishnawbe Aski Nation communities across Northern Ontario as well as First Nation Artisans from Winnipeg and Southern Ontario Arts News Lake Superior more.....>

Consortium Concert Dazzles Audience

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   November 27, 2011  ---   A radiant Birgit Rieck dazzled the audience at last Saturday’s Dr. Birgit RieckConsortium Aurora Borealis Concert. The programme was titled “Sweet Pleasures of the German Baroque” and the word “Sweet” is a play on the old name for the recorder “flauto dolce”.

Most of us have had some exposure to the recorder, at least if you went to school where music programs existed.  Usually there would be a class full of students blowing away on plastic recorders. It takes nerve to be a grade school music teacher!

The recorder was the flute of choice for most baroque composers. While quality wood recorders are more expensive than the plastic variety it is an instrument that can withstand a fair amount of abuse and still perform remarkably well. This quality alone makes them useful to this day as a tutoring instrument for children. In Telemann’s time the recorder could be played in tune much more easily than the early transverse flute. The Baroque recorder was limited in that its drops in the lower range, and while the upper range it is bright and brilliant there is not much room for dynamic expression. Composers such as Bach often used two recorders playing in thirds to get a balance in his compositions for recorders and strings.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>


Lumina Concert Series Shines

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 20, 2011 - Oboist Erin Brophey returns to Thunder Bay to play a dazzling concert for the music students of Lakehead University. In many respects this LUMINA concert was a reprieve of the very good collaborative recital she presented in the late summer with pianist Evgueni Tchougounov at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.Arts News Lake Superior News
read more...>

Silver Islet Campers’ Association edition 2012 Historic CalendarTHUNDER BAY, ON ---- November 2, 2011 --- The Silver Islet Campers’ Association is please to Silver Islet Calendarpresent their collectors edition 2012 Historic Calendar in commemoration of their eightieth anniversary. The calendar is a collection of fourteen drawings by local artist that depict the history of the 143 year old mining town and the years leading up to it’s present summer cottage community ambient.

The silver mine was discovered one kilometer off the shores of Lake Superior in 1868, soon after the thriving mining town of Silver Islet was built on the mainland. Sixteen years later the mine closed. At that time, the community housed more than 500 people and three and a half million dollars worth of silver had been mined. The amazing engineering accomplishments and unimaginable hardships endured are part of Silver Islet’s colourful history. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more.....>

TBAG Christmas House TourTHUNDER BAY, ON ---- November 2, 2011 --- The Art Gallery announces its 11th annual Christmas House Tour. TBAG Christmas House TourThis popular, and totally unique, annual fundraising event continues to raise significant revenue in support of the Gallery’s ongoing programs.There are five executive homes this year, each decorated by local professional businesses who have once again donated their expertise to make these homes a truly remarkable pre holiday experience.They are:Celebrations by George’s, Elegant Impressions, Vintage Pixie Studio, Victoria’s Cupboard, Willow Springs, and The Urban Farm Chick.

Candlelight Tour: Saturday, November 12 from 6pm – 9pm.Art Gallery Reception: Saturday, November 12 from 8pm – 10pm. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more .......>

Rocky Horror Picture Show Paramount TheatreTHUNDER BAY, ON  ----   October 26, 2011   --The Paramount Theatre is proud to present its third annual Interactive Rocky Horror Picture ShowMidnight Movie showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  This Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th, the Theatre is pleased to open its doors to the masses at 11:15pm for the 11:45pm movie showing.  All proceeds this year will be in support of the not for profit organization, the Northern Superior Theatre Group.

This annual event has grown to include ‘party bags’ loaded with all the Rocky Horror props needed, including rice, water guns, newspapers, gloves, and even an instruction card…just in case you need to be reminded how to… “do the time warp again!” 

The Paramount theatre is a unique Thunder Bay facility. We like to call it the Paramount Experience! The Paramount Theatre opened on December 27, 1948. It was considered a modern facility, with special seats for the hard-of-hearing. The original projector, though not in use, still resides in the Projection booth in the Upper Theatre.  Today the building also houses the popular Family Entertainment Centre known as Wiggles’N Giggles, an indoor playgroup perfect for birthday parties, play dates, and so much more.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

AUDITION: ELECTRIC GUITAR TBSOTHUNDER BAY, ON   ---   October 26, 2011  ----    The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra is searching for twenty (20) Tom Brady Electric Guitarelectric guitarists from the Thunder Bay Community for Beyond the Horizon, a concert featuring Canadian guitarist Tim Brady.  Successful applicants will join Tim Brady and the TBSO on stage at the Community Auditorium in a performance of Amplify, Multiply, Remix and Redefine: in memory of Les Paul, a piece composed by Tim Brady.

To learn more about Tim Brady, visit

Interested applicants must send a resume or short description of their performing experience to the TBSO Office by email,, or fax 807-622-1927. Deadline for applications is Friday November 11 at 4:00 p.m.

Auditions will be held Sunday, November 20, 11:30 a.m.-5:30p.m.Applicants will be assigned a 10-minute period for their audition. Applicants will play a 2 to 5 minutes solo of their choice and one piece provided by the TBSO. This will be provided upon receipt of the application.

Visit  for a full description of auditions requirements and details. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Balloon Animal Sculptures Installed at Prince Arthur’s LandingTHUNDER BAY, ON  ----  October 26, 2011 ---- A series of 10 stone sculptures have been installed at the new Balloon Animal Sculptures Installed at Prince Arthur’s Landing Children’s Garden near the Tai Chi Park at Prince Arthur’s Landing. The work, entitled Balloon Animals, was produced by Paul Slipper and Nadine Stefan, a Vancouver-based artist team. Their artwork was selected through a competition open to local and national artists, administered by the City’s Public Art Program.  

During the selection process, City staff held engagement sessions with several groups of children attending the City’s Summer Parks programs. Comments from the children were considered by the jury.  Arts News Lake Superior News read more......>

Celebrating ExcellenceTHUNDER BAY, ON   ----  October 25, 2011  ---  Last Saturday’s performance by Consortium Aurora Borealis in my Martin Blanchetopinion was over the top! The programme titled “Classical Concertos” The Austrian Connection”, was particularly well thought out. I liked all the pieces on the programme. The best things in life never seem to be planned, at least in my case. I take pleasure in the moment and this seems to be what happened with this particular concert. There was something to celebrate in each number on the programme.

One memorable performance was by Martin Blanchet. A concerto for his instrument the double bass provided him a rare opportunity to show why he is the principal bass of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. Magic happens when a string instrument is played perfectly in tune. A perfectly tunes note will cause the other open strings to vibrate in sympathy, and during Martins performance of the Dittersdorf concerto there was so much resonance going on in the bass that he barely needed the other players to fill in the harmony. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more.....>

 Ceramic Work by Al Omarzu Functional Ash Glaze Bowls, Teapots, Covered JarsTWO HARBOUR MINNESOTA ---  October 22, 2011  -----  Waterfront Gallery Presents: Ceramic Work by Al Omarzu Functional Ash Glaze Bowls, Teapots, Covered Jars, 

Al OmarzuInfluenced by English and Chinese folk pottery, Al Omarzu creates ash glaze forms with unique decoration and texture.  Al studied under John Steffel, receiving his BA from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  He also has been influenced by ceramic artists Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew and Dick Cooter.  His pottery is designed and priced to be used every day in the oven and on the table.A professional artist for over 20 years, Al is also recognized for the commercial work he does for clients that encompasses hard edge graphics and logos.  Al has worked for many years on the commercial side of ceramics, providing products and services to many local organizations.The Two Harbors resident also exercises his creativity in building traditional hot rods, which he considers an art form.  He believes that his interest in iconic automobiles has led him in other artistic directions, including painting and restoring leather flight jackets. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more......>Masterworks Concert Opens New SeasonTHUNDER BAY, ON -----  October 18, 2011  --- It seems the music season is getting off to a later start this year. I think Mark Fewer part of that may be due to the fact that it is getting more difficult to sell tickets to an event when it is still possible to enjoy time out of doors.

These days when the night comes early many people are heavily invested in their family entertainment systems. A hundred dollar cable bill and a brand new high definition plasma TV grace many homes. The constant hype and sales promotions by large corporations make it seem that everyone should have these appliances so that they do not miss something important. The sales pitch is so strong and effective that Arts groups cannot ever hope to compete with the message. If Arts groups could muster one tenth the money that cable companies rake in there would be a new Arts renaissance.

I have several questions for the consumers of mass media. Do you really get what you are paying for? Have you been able to watch all 400 channels at your command? Like most people I have a good television with cable and I only am interested in about three channels. Channels that require different packages which forces the cost of cable over the hundred dollar mark. In addition to the cost of it all watching TV is a genuine waste of time. A walk around the block costs nothing and will do more for you. Time spent with children is always well spent. You can’t talk to a child and watch TV at the same time. If we were not so caught up in the world of mass media we could enjoy more of the real things in life. Taking in the symphony especially with a friend or a young one who has never gone before is sharing the gift of great music by great composers. Arts News Lake Superior News read more....> 

$67,500 available for Public at EMS HeadquartersTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---   October 16, 2011   ---  The proposed budget for public art is $67,500, all inclusive, for the EMS HeadquartersThunder Bay and District’s Superior North Emergency Medical Services (EMS) headquarters located at 105 Junot Avenue South.

The City of Thunder Bay is not responsible for any costs incurred by the artist(s)/teams in the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage. An honorarium of $1,100 will be extended to a maximum of three (3) finalists for a detailed proposal and provision of a maquette.

Artists must provide a preliminary budget not exceeding $67,500 and must be inclusive of all expenses of this Public Art Project

As part of the City’s Clean, Green and Beautiful policy, a percentage of the City’s gross capital budget is allocated towards Clean, Green and Beautiful initiatives, which includes the incorporation of public art, particularly with new City infrastructure. Representatives of  Superior North EMS have taken initiative and shown their support for public art and artists  by offering this opportunity. Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>


TBSO receives  Vida Peena Orchestra AwardTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---   October 15, 2011  --  The musicians and staff of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra are at long last getting some well deserved recognition. I have often stated that the most sincere form of complement involves a cheque. This season the TBSO has been awarded the Vida Peena Orchestra Award. The award is worth $10,000.

The award comes at a fortuitous time since this season many cultural groups have faced reductions in the grants they would normally receive from the Ontario Arts Council. In this case the award money comes from the Vida Peena Fund but the granting of the money is administered by the Ontario Arts Council.  The funds will be well used by the TBSO.

The TBSO is Northern Ontario’s only professional orchestra, and presents approximately thirty- five performances each year. It celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2010. Arts News Lake Superior News Consortium Concerts are Prized EventsTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---  October 11, 2011  ----  There are many bright spots in the Consortium concert season. Heather MorisonFollowing the success of last season’s “Romantic Muse” concert featuring pianists Heather Morrison and Derek Oger with Clarinettist Peter Shackelton it is no surprise that the Consortium would plan a sequel concert.

This year Heather’s partners on stage was Evegueni Tchougounov piano; with Anthony Bacon cello and Jennifer Bryan playing violin. The enthusiastic crowd heard music for piano four hands by Mozart and Brahms. The closing piece a four hander by Brahms “Hungarian Dance #2 in D-“ had an zest to it. In order for all four musicians to play on stage for the closing number the violinist doubled the top note of the treble piano part while the cellist, Anthony, played the lowest note of the piano bass part. Being a Hungarian dance it is fair to say gypsies can do that to Brahms.

 We have some remarkable talent residing in Thunder Bay. When I saw the Brahms cello sonata on the programme I was anxious to hear this piece. I occasionally play cello in community  groups but to hear a masterwork played by a master of the instrument is the reason I went to this performance. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>Winnipeg Organist to play at St. Andrew’sTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---  October 9, 2011  ---   The Thunder Bay Chapter of the Royal Canadian College of Organists Michael Cutlerwill be bringing Michael Cutler to play at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. His recital billed as suitable for the whole family, will consist of fourteen pieces in total. One piece will be for pedals alone!

The local chapter of the Royal Canadian College of Organists is trying to increase interest in the organ and they want this recital to be interesting to as many people as possible. He will be demonstrating the various sounds and controls for the organ while at the same time playing some great music.Mr Cutler is an award winning organist, a composer and arranger of music as well. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Applicants needed  RCCOTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---  October 5, 2011  ---  The local chapter of the Royal Canadian College of Organists is Royal Canadian College of Organistslooking for candidates for their scholarship program. Providing lessons to organ students is an important function of the College in Thunder Bay. Having more well trained organists will increase the level of play as well as maintain an interest in the King of Instruments.

For those who would like music as an avocation or part of their career many would at other opportunities before they would turn to the organ but it is really worth some consideration. To start organists are more than just organists, they direct choirs, hand bell groups, work with musical groups of all ages. Sometimes they arrange music for special occasions. Organists given proper training and nurturing become valuable as community leaders wither they practice their skills at church or out in the community.

Candidates of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to apply a piano background   Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....> OCTOBER STUDIO WALKABOUTTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---   October 5. 2011  ---  This year marks the Third Annual October Studio Walkabout, a walking Mark Nisenholt tour of five studios/homes in College Heights and Mariday Park, in the north end, showcasing the work of ten local professional artists. The October Studio Walkabout came about when several artists got together to discuss the possibility of creating a venue to showcase and sell their work, in a setting that offered the public an opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work in their own studios. Their mandate was to keep the group small and to select people who were professionals with extensive experience in their media. The quality of the work was of primary importance for all the members, and a desire to limit the number of studios so that there would be time for the public to see the work and spend time with the makers. Thus, an eclectic group of painters, sculptors, potters, glass artists and printmakers, living within close proximity to each other comprise the group. This year’s tour features the work of ten artists, Tim Alexander, John Books, Joshua Dowback, Alison Kendall, Sarah Link, Luke Nicol, Mark Nisenholt, Liz and Peter Powlowski and James Woodbeck. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>

Life is a Spelling Bee!THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 28, 2011  ---  It is a big 40th birthday year for Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre, Spelling Beeand if the balance of the season is as good as the season opener, there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate the Waverley Park theatre this season. Over the years I have noticed that I like all the plays that have Danny Johnson behind the keyboard. I like musicals and many people in Thunder Bay do as well. Secondly when ever Jo-Ann Waytowich graces the stage there will be laughter a plenty. A third dictum about the Theatre I have if there are more than two actors on stage the production will be better than if there is only one. No matter how good a single actor can be the production begins to require the patience needed to endure a w hour church sermon.  Happily there is a cast of 8 professionals on stage and in the beginning they are aided by a few volunteers from the audience.

“The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” is now playing at Magnus Theatre. The cast features Sam DiGiusseppe, Rachel Fischer, Stewart Adam McKensy, Jennifer Rooney, Kieth Savage, Nick Settimi, Curtis Tweedie, Jennifer Villaverde and Jo-Ann Waytowich. As musical casts go this cast can really sing! Perhaps that might be the one thing that is out of balance with this production for their is better than the composition. It might be better matched if there was the odd out of tune note and a rough voice here and there. It is obvious that much of the cast has had some serious vocal training and having them perform the music and lyrics by William Finn  was like swatting a fly with a hammer. A little overdone. Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>Celebrate CBC's 75th anniversary and Culture DaysTHUNDER BAY, ON ----- September 25, 2011  ---   CBC Radio Thunder Bay opens its doors on Saturday October 1, CBC 75th Anniversaryto celebrate Culture Days and the 75th anniversary of the public broadcaster.

Meet your favourite local hosts Lisa Laco and Jordan Lester and other CBC personalities. Tour our newsroom and studios. Record a greeting, or share your favourite CBC moment. The first 100 people will take home a copy of their recording. A diverse line up of local entertainers will perform throughout the day:  Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>


Animkii FestivalTHUNDER BAY, ON  ---   September, 2011  ---   The City of Thunder Bay is expanding the Fall Feast and Gathering Animkii Festivalof Services from one day to four. The event is being renamed the Animkii Festival and it will now be organized by the Thunder Bay Aboriginal Arts and Heritage Group.

A partner in the previous Fall Feasts, Aboriginal Arts and Heritage had a vision to expand the Festival into a major cultural event for the City of Thunder Bay.

“This is truly a success story,” said Anna Gibbon, Aboriginal Liaison for the City of Thunder Bay. “The Aboriginal community has always contributed to the economic, social, spiritual and cultural well-being of our community. The Animkii Festival is just another way in which the Aboriginal community is helping Thunder Bay to grow while showcasing our community to the world.”

The four days will include a festival of Community Services, a festival of Multi-Arts and Entertainment and a festival of Cultural Arts and Heritage. Animkii Festival communication coordinator David Wilkinson-Simard anticipates people will come from all over North America to participate in the arts and cultural activities taking place. Arts News Lake Superior News  read more.....> Romantic Muses Begins Consortium SeasonTHUNDER BAY, ON  ------  September 13, 2011 --  Last season Heather Morrison, Derek Oger, and  Peter Shackelton presented the best attended concert of Consortium’s robust season.  So it is not unexpected that  Consortium would present  a sequel, “romantic” themed concert this season.

Indeed that is the case with Heather Morrison returning along with Evegueni Tchougounov at the piano. They will be joined by violinist Jennifer Bryan and cellist Anthony Bacon.

The programme will present piano music for four hands by Mozart and Brahms, including a Hungarian Dance. Cello lovers will be delighted to hear the Brahms cellos sonata in E- by Brahms. The romantic music continues when Jenifer Bryan joins the ensemble for Schubert’s piano trio Opus 99 for violin, piano and cello. Arts News Lake Superior News read more......>Fresh Faces Bring Fresh Ideas TBSO

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 3, 2011 ----  This week I had the pleasure of talking shop with Emily CarrEmily Carr, publicist for the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. She first began her duties with the TBSO back in December, but this will mark her first full season with the orchestra. She is part of the behind the scenes crew that help the orchestra work. There are other new faces, like Chris Wilkinson the new General Manager, and Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser our new Conductor in Residence. Daniel will also take up the duty of chorus master for the TBSO Chorus. Jonathon Knapp has returned to the staff of the TBSO in the role of Development Manager and Aboriginal Liaison. Jonathon like the other members of the orchestra staff has many new and innovative ideas to develop the orchestra. This is what will be needed in the future which will face a decline in public funding for the arts. In my conversation with Emily I feel that the TBSO is well prepared for the challenges ahead. Arts News Lake Superior News read more.....>


Principally Pachelbel an organ recital

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------  September 3, 2011  ----  It is hard to imagine that AugustBert Rowson is passed and now Liam Curran.summer is living on borrowed time! With the change of season and shorter days the recital season begins to pick up speed. “Principally Pachelbel” is an organ recital by two local organists, Bert Rowson and Liam Curran. It will be a recital of musical discovery, bringing forth rarely heard works from this early baroque master. Today he is mostly known for his Canon in D minor, something that prompted a certain resident conductor to comment that Pachelbel was “A one hit wonder” Arts News Lake Superior News read more....>


Reflections on Superior

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   August 20, 2011   ---   Eight years ago, fresh from a conservatory school in Evegueni Tchougounov  and Erin Brophythe States, Erin Brophey came to Thunder Bay, Ontario as the new oboist for the Thunder Bay Symphony Orcherstra. Together with Evegueni Tchougounov at the piano they produced a brilliant recital at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Brodie Street.

I love summer recitals, one reason being there is not a lot of classical repertoire being played during the summer months and I appreciate a dose of culture in the summer. A better reason to enjoy a summer recital is the performances are planned by the musicians and in this case Erin Brophey played a programme of music which is close to her heart. Her recital was a reflection on the things she likes about Thunder Bay.  Erin has reason to reflect on her time in the city for this fall she will take up a new position as principal oboist in the city of Saskatoon. Arts Lake Superior News read more....>


Ceramic Mural Revealed After 29 Years

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  July 6, 2011 – As part of the recent lobby renovations at the Canada Games Complex, a wall was removed and has revealed a new work of art for the public to enjoy.

Canada Games Complex Mural
L to R: Dave Gillen - Form Architects (renovated lobby in complex) Alan Moon - mural ceramic artist Trudy Jamieson - mural ceramic artist Reana Mussato - Public Art Coordinator
Ron Furioso - Capital Projects Supervisor / Facilities & Fleet

The mural, which was produced by members of the Thunder Bay Potters’ Guild, had spent several years being separated by a doorway. Half of it was inside of Inclusion Services, and half of it outside.  Arts Lake Superior News read more .....>

 Wildlife Forever’s State-Fish Art Contest

Brooklyn Center, MN  --   July 3, 2011   ----   Winners of Wildlife Forever’s State-Fish Art Contest and their families assembled in Athens, Texas on June 24 and 25 at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to be honored for their winning artwork. A total of 31 states were represented by the attending children who were winners of their individual states. Adding to the overall excitment was the discovery of whose fish art won tthe coveted National Awards chosen from all the winning entries.

The award structure has been reconfigured to reflect the addition of two new top honors to be presented annually.  The Seth Thomas Spradlin Best of Show Award is now the top honor, given to one piece selected as "best of the best" from all winning entries.  It is dedicated to and given in recognition of the extraordinary talent and conservation ethic of the 2008 top artist, who lost his life in a bush plane accident in Alaska in August of 2010. The first ever recipent of this award was Brady King of Livingston, Texas with his stunning painting "Two Atlantic sailfish". Arts Lake Superior News  read more......>





The Sounds of Inspiration


THUNDER BAY, ON ---  June 14, 2011  ----  In a city like Thunder Bay the formal concert season is all Susan Marrierbut over by half past May. It’s not that we don’t appreciate music any less but that we do appreciate the added sunlight, and the freedom to be outside without a jacket. When spring is around the corner it is very hard to sell a concert.

It is at this time of year that many cultural groups are busy with plans for the coming season, which begins when we get tired of going to camp and doing all our summer stuff. On reflection there have been some very good concerts this season. The dulcisono spring concert is a fine example.  After eight years the women’s choir has progressively developed since its inception to the point where the Spring Concert has been one of their best. Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>


Creating A Living – Your Art, Your Business Conference

THUNDER BAY, ON - June 10, 2011 - Produced by WorkInCulture and the Ontario Crafts Council, with the Thunder Bay Art Gallery as Presenting Host, the Creating A Living – Your Art, Your Business Conference takes direct aim at the need for artists in all media to get serious about business if they want to succeed.

To that end a number of presenters from both Thunder Bay and beyond will gather at the Art Gallery to enlighten participants about how to get serious about their art as a business. Arts Lake Superior Newsread more...>



Good things come when you least expect it

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  May 21, 2011  ---  Spring time is when most of want to enjoy the great Greg Lewisoutdoors, after being cooped up all winter attending spring concerts is sometimes not a part of our blood’s chemistry. While it may be a difficult time to sell a concert, spring time is when most dedicated students are in their best form. Having completed an academic year and preparing for conservatory or university exams. Thinking back a year ago two very talented musicians presented the chamber music concert of the season in my opinion at St. Andrew’s Presybterian Churcn, they were Bex Herman and Thunder Bay native Christina Faye.

This Saturday Gregory Lewis will present a solo recital titles “An Evening of Classical Music” The concert will also be held at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church beginning at 7:00 pm. The cost will be $10.00 and $5.00 at the door. St. Andrew’s is a larger venue and this is a spring concert so selling out may not be a problem, but then Gregory Lewis has developed a bit of a following in the city. I already know of one couple travelling from Ignace for this event. Arts Lake Superior News read more....>




Definitely Superior Art Gallery selected as Finalist Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts

THUNDER BAY, ON --- May 27, 2011 --- Definitely Superior Art Gallery and its Board of Directors are Definitely Superior Art Galleryhonoured to announce that, for the second year running, we have been selected as a Finalist for the prestigious 2011 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts. The awards recognize the outstanding achievements of artists and arts organizations and their contributions to arts and culture in Ontario over a significant period of time. 

 We are in extremely good company alongside Hot Docs (Toronto), Blyth Festival (Blyth), Dusk Dances (Toronto), The Mariposa Folk Festival (Orillia) and Vtape (Toronto).

 The award is an acknowledgement of the gallery's track record of excellence in contemporary arts programming. In its 23 year history, Definitely Superior has presented over 700 exhibitions, events and activities, both on- and off-site, supporting as many as 11,000 multi-disciplinary artists.


The public and all of our supporters are cordially invited to join us for a Pre-Awards and Supporters Appreciation Party on Friday, June 3rd (7-10pm) at Definitely Superior Art Gallery (250 Park Ave/lower level/former Eaton's Building). Arts Lake Superior News  read more.....>




Art in Bayfront Park

DULUTH, Minnesota – June 20, 2011  ----   Save the date now to attend the 2011 Art in Bayfront Park Art Bayfront Parkon August 20-21 in Duluth's beautiful art inspired Bayfront Park. Last year Art in Bayfront Park brought in only the finest artists from across the USA and will continue to be the best with original art however, there will be a few exciting additions added to the event. The best news is that it is still FREE to the public!

The fair continues on Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. with the first annual Miss Bayfront Pageant. The pageant is a Miss America franchise with contestants from ages 16-24 competing in 4 categories, talent, life and fitness, interview, evening gown. The winner will move onto compete in the Miss Minnesota pageant. The winner of Miss Bayfront Pageant receives a $500 scholarship and many other prizes. Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 5, 2011 - The Thunder Bay Art Gallery will stage a first time fundraising event Friday, May 27 at the Gallery.

The Up The Creek Paddle Auction features up to 30 paddles decorated by local and regional artists and crafts people. Each one is original and unique. Some may be designated for actual use in the water. Others will be decorative. Arts Lake Superior Newsread more...> 


THUNDER BAY, ON ---  April 21, 2011  --  Once again, the largest and most colourful event of the year, WORLD TOUR OF NATIONS FOLKLORE FESTIVALFolklore Festival, will be presented Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st, 2011 in Thunder Bay.  Coordinated by the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association and the Folklore Festival Committee, this 38th Annual Folklore Festival will take visitors on a trip Around the World in two fun-filled days allowing visitors to experience the magnificent sights, sounds and flavours which the various ethnocultural communities bring to our country.

The Festival showcases the diverse cultural heritage of Thunder Bay.  More than 20 regions of the world are represented by no less than 40 different ethnocultural groups.  Arriving visitors are greeted by Goodwill Ambassadors in traditional costumes and the majestic fanfare of flags of the World waving above the arena, leading to our Folklore Festival main stage, the largest in Thunder Bay, where culture and traditions will be brought to life in full and intricate colour and excitement.  Imagine the spectacle as the Thunder Bay Chinese-Canadian Association opens the Festival with its traditional Lion Dance.  In the hours that follow, many hearts are stolen during performances by junior groups like the Junior Portuguese Folklore Dancers and the Scottish dancers along with the quiet serenity in the spiritual performances of the dancers of Lakehead Japanese Cultural, and the India-Canada Associations. Arts Lake Superior News read more......>

Biophilia: Sacred Inner and Outer Landscapes Exhibit

GRAND MARAIS, MN  ----  April 16, 2011  ---   What’s so special about the Cheryl LeClair-Sommer : So Many Paintings, So Little TimeNorth Shore? More than 60 Mary Ellen Ashcroft : Deliverancelocal and regional artists will explore their answer to this question during the spring theme exhibit--Biophilia: Sacred Inner and Outer Landscapes-- on display at the Grand Marais Art Colony until April 24, 2011.  The exhibit is open daily from 9am-4pm. 

The North Shore calls us to greater depth and connection, one which in the artist’s realm invites exploration of the intersection between the geographical environment and inner spirituality. “People long to move beyond frenetic distraction; they want connection with something greater than themselves,” said co-curator Rev. Mary Ellen Ashcroft, Vicar of Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church.  “Christ told us to look at the birds, consider the flowers, and that call—to value creation as God’s second book—has too often been forgotten.  I’m excited to see how artists express that longing, that transcendent pull of our rocks and lakes.” Arts Lake Superior News read more......>

Old Love Magnus Theatre

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  April 14, 2011 ----    It was a cool and frosty evening when I drove by Magnus Joanne Waytowitch  Vince Metcalf Old LoveTheatre, Thunder Bay  tonight, but inside the ample audience would be warming up to one of the funniest comedies the Theatre has recently presented. It is nice that the show is continuing to bring in a good house, the Friday night gala performance I attended was sold out.

Norman Foster is a veteran writer for the stage and he quickly exploits the minefield of possibilities of two older people falling in love. This is a genuinely funny show and there is so much comic material that even if you only hear half of what is being said there will be at least a good one- liner to send you home with a smile on your face. Arts Lake Superior News read more.......>

Masterworks concert Sold Out! TBSO

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  April 4, 2011  ----  By some sort of quirk I managed to get my ticket to Thursday Beethovennights Masterworks concert a week in advance, I was fortunate enough to get my customary perch in the lodges of the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. The thought of not being able to get a seat to a symphony concert seems to many of us as remote as finding church filled to the rafters on a Sunday. That hasn’t happened for some time at my church.

Beethoven is a huge draw, we now know that Beethoven struggled with personal issues, realizing that he would never marry is part of that, and then there is the suite for custody of his nephew, whose mother Beethoven thought an unfit mother. By the time he wrote this symphony Beethoven was deaf. In spite of his personal distress Beethoven found beauty, purpose and inspiration in music. As a composer Beethoven managed to make his way on stage to direct the first performance. At the conclusion of the music he was still conducting and had to be turned to face the audience. He had not been able to hear a note of his masterpiece. Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>

Local artists  considered for the waterfront

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   April 2, 2011  -----  The Public Art Advisory Committee for the City of Thunder The Vessel Marina ParkBay, is very pleased by the public comments on finalist proposals for the waterfront public art projects.  Some citizens have also voiced concerns about a perceived lack of representation from the local arts community.

With respect to the City’s public art program in general, there have been twelve competitions that have resulted in contracts for commissions.  Six of those have been won by local/regional artists.  There have been four competitions for public art on the waterfront, of which one has been awarded to a local artist and will result in three new art installations.  The other three competitions are in progress and one of the finalist teams includes a local artist. Local artists have never been excluded from responding to public art competitions, and are always encouraged to apply. Arts Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Consortium Season ends with a Flutefest

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   April 2, 2011  ----  On Saturday March 12th Consortium Aurora Borealis of Flutefest Consortium Aurora BorealisThunder Bay, concluded their 32nd concert season. I have been involved with this organization for most of its 32 seasons in one capacity or another ,this season stands out as one of the best. Consortium Aurora Borealis has made the season interesting by using creative programming. The Saturday March 12th concert is a fine example programming music for one, two three and four flutes. Arts Lake Superior News read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   March 19, 2011 ---  Friday at Thunder Bay City Hall, celebrations were held to Paul Morralee at Press Conferance for 100 daysmark the first 100 Days of City Council’s current term and to launch a new exciting film.

Mayor Keith Hobbs said: “A significant amount of work has gone into the first 100 days of this term. We as a Council are laying the groundwork for positive development and growth in the City. I am honoured to serve this community as Mayor.”
Paul Morralee, the producer of 100 Days, is billing the production as “a non political thriller” which focuses on the observations, goals and workings of City Hall since Dec. 6, 2010. Arts Lake Superior News read more.......>

The Baroque Jazz Connection

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   March 6, 2011  -----  Glenn Jennings and Elizabeth Ganiatsos share a few Glenn Jennings and  Elizabeth Ganiatsoswords before the concert last Saturday night. Billed as the Baroque Jazz Connection it was the first ever collaboration between an early music ensemble and the contemporary sounds of a jazz trio. Glenn is the leader of the well known Mood Indigo, and this is the 32 year at the helm for Elizabeth and the Consortium Aurora Borealis of Thunder Bay, Ontario

While the concert going public expect jazzmen to make up their parts as they go few realize that a very similar activity is going on for the continuo players in a baroque ensemble. Just like jazz today the music was adapted to play with whatever instruments that the musicians had on hand, and that means there has to be some give and take with the notes on the page. Baroque continuo players realize their parts from a figured bass, a single line of notes with a few numbers sharp and flat indicators thrown in for good measure now and then. Jazz musicians play a lot from lead sheets which have the melody, words and the bass and a few chord symbols which the performers use to fill in the rest. When the musicians are truly accomplished they throw away the lead sheets as well. Arts Lake Superior News  read more.......>

Symphony Sunday

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   March 5, 2011  ----  The last Sunday of February was “Symphony Sunday” Jonathon Oldengarmat St, Paul’s United Church. For me it was a special occasion because the concert featured the marvellous sanctuary organ of that church in concert with the TBSO.  The all baroque programme was led by the TBSO resident conductor Stéphan Potvin. The featured soloist was Montreal based organist Jonathon Oldengarm.

I like Sunday afternoon concerts. The chance to spend a few moments with live professional music is always a treat. The programs tend to feature lighter music, or at least heavier music in light doses. One of the treats of this concert is the use of music from Monteverdi’s Orfeo. The excerpts served as a grand symphonic introduction to what would follow next. In this case usually an announcement by the conductor or the soloist. Unless you went to see a live production of Orfeo, then you would never have a chance to hear this occasional music. All the more reason to attend a Symphony Sunday Concert. Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>



THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   March 6, 2011  ---   The current production, HANAS SUITCASE, at Magnus Hanna Suite CaseTheatre, Thunder Bay,  is a holocaust story, told from the view point of children. Karen Levine had first read a story about Hana’s suitcase in “The Canadian Jewish News” in the year 2000. A CBC radio journalist she was at once intrigued by the story and set about writing the radio documentary about the story. It aired in 2001 and that is when I first heard the story of Hana’s Suitcase. After the award winning radio documentary, the book followed also written by Karen Levine titled Hana’s Suitcase. Years later her book has been adapted for stage by playwright Emil Sher. So now we have an award winning story playing on stage at Thunder Bay’s Magnus Theatre.

I must admit that I like a large cast, and this production uses eight actors on stage. More actors help tell a complicated story better than a few, they provide a visual and auditory contrast needed to keep things vibrant. With the arrival of Hana’s empty suitcase at a Tokyo holocaust, centre two Japanese school children take an interest in the person who owned this suitcase. Who was she? How Old? How was it that the suitcase ended up in Tokyo? What was the story of this orphaned school age girl? The list of questions grew and it soon became apparent that the story of Hana’s Suitcase could be used to tell the story of the Holocaust not only to Japanese school children, but to children throughout the world.  Arts Lake Superior News read more......>

11th Annual Inuit Premiere Featuring David Ruben Piqtoukun and Kavavow Mannomee

GRAND MARAIS, MINNESOTA - March 4, 2011 - Sivertson Gallery opens their 11th Annual Inuit Owl Man-WomanPremiere in Grand Marais on Saturday, March 19th with two world renowned Inuit artists, David Ruben Piqtoukun and Kavavow Mannomee. “With the polar bear identified as the poster child of global warming there is a growing consciousness about the Arctic that has brought the beauty of it’s resources, creatures, arts and culture to the forefront,” says gallery owner, Jan Sivertson. “Both of these artists have experienced first hand the dramatic social, cultural, and environmental changes that have taken place in the Arctic in the last half century.”  The opening weekend events at Sivertson Gallery are free and open to the public and the exhibit continues through the end of April. In addition, workshops taught by these master artists will be offered through the Grand Marais Art Colony and North House Folk School.Arts Lake Superior News read more...>

Growing Ontario’s Craft Community – NORTH

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 3, 2011 - Northern Ontario craftspeople and artists will have some new Ontario Crafts Councilopportunities to exhibit and market their work over the coming year with the launch of the Ontario Crafts Council’s project, “ Growing Ontario’s Craft Community” (GOCC).Arts Lake Superior News read more...>



Classic and Contemporary

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 1, 2011 - Like a great cheff in a marvelous kitchen the Thunder Bay Arthur PostSymphony Orchestra served up some new and wonderfull treats for its patrons at last Thursday’s Masterworks Concert. Titled Classic and Contemporary, I think the word contemporary may have kept some patrons at home, thinking the concert would be another evening of hair pulling , fractioned dissonance.  Nothing could have been further from the truth. The Conemporary works on the programme included music by Igor Stravinsky,”Danse Concertantes” was originally intended as music for a ballet theatre. The music began and ends with a march, a simple mechanism that Stravinsky used to usher the dancers on and off the stage. The inner three movements “Pas d’action, Thème varié, and Pas de deux, provide contrasting, rythmical, and sentimental music well suited for dancing and for listening too! Not too much to dislike about this music.Arts Lake Superior News read more...>


St. Andrew’s Heritage Organ

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------   February 12, 2011  -----  Not many people get to sit down at the consol of a Casavant opus 351 Organpipe organ, likely because there are not that many organists around. I just wish that many of the other things that people buy were as well built as the organ at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Donald and Brodie Streets. This organ predates the city of Thunder Bay, and was installed in the city of Fort William in 1909 as Casavant opus 351.

My occasion to play this instrument was the annual members recital of the Royal Canadian College of Organists, and I was anxious to hear the sounds and play an instrument that has changed only a little in its 101 years. As the recital continues on I could hear how different organists have adapted their music to the sounds of this century old instrument. There is no MIDI connection on this  Arts Lake Superior News read more.......>

Postmistress a Great Story

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  February 1, 2010  ---  The current production at Thunder Bay’s Magnus The Postmistress by Tomson HighwayTheatre is a world premier. The Postmistress by Tomson Highway has given me pause for thought over the last few days.

Our society today is mixed and we share a wealth of cultural experiences with one another and the experience makes us all richer.  I have been told that our aboriginal peoples have passed down their heritage from one generation to the next through storytelling, so naturally I would assume that there should be some good story tellers amongst their number. Then after thinking about this for awhile I realized that if anyone else had written this play, people would call the playwright a genius.

The entire concept of the play is chock full of potential. It is about a woman who works her way up through the post office until one day after her boss’s demise she becomes Postmistress. Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>

Thriving in a Niche Market


THUNDER BAY, ON   -------    January 29, 2011  ----  It was a cold and frosty night last Saturday  evening but the crowd attending Consortium Aurora Borealis “Extravaganza Italiana” concert at St. Paul’s United Church soon warmed up to the sounds of soprano’s Michelle DeBoer (left)) and Dawn Bailey. Together with the exotic and enchanting sounds of the theorbo played by Lucas Harris the audience was treated to a display of baroque virtuosity seldom seen in Thunder Bay.

Even by Consortium Aurora Borealis high standards this was intended to be an exceptional concert, and the planning for this even goes back more than a year. Elizabeth Ganiatsos the groups Artistic Director now lives in Toronto and attends early music concerts regularly. Groups such as Taffelmusik and the Toronto Consort are renowned for their high standards and thrilling performances of the baroque repertoire. Naturally Elizabeth invited the performers to Thunder Bay for the concert on Saturday night.  Arts Lake Superior News  read more...>>>

Prophesies of Isaiah

THUNDER BAY ON   ---  January 18, 2011   ---   Living in Thunder Bay we often hear languages other than English spoken around town. In the past it might have been Ukrainian or Italian or a host of many European tongues. To-day we are hearing more native languages being spoken since the language is being taught in schools for natives, where they also become more conversant in English as well. This is all for the better since it takes a good two way conversation for the process of understanding one another to begin. In the early 1960’s a large number of Finnish people immigrated to Thunder Bay and have made their home in our city. Their presence contributes to the uniqueness of this city. Who has not passed by the famous Hoito restaurant for their pancake breakfast? Arts Lake Superior News read more......>

 TBSO Delivers a Stunning Performance

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   January 18, 2010   ----  While last Thursday has come and gone, the Arthur Post TBSOmemories of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s Master Works concert are still fresh. Time, talent and desire have matured this orchestra like a fine wine and under the direction of our new conductor Arthur Post it is poised to become one of the best concert listening experiences in the country. No longer do we need to go to Toronto or some other major city to hear a very good orchestra, we have our own and it plays in one of the best acoustic venues in the country, our own Thunder Bay Community

The blend of young and experienced talent on stage is one thing I like about this orchestra. While all the players must play to the standards the orchestra requires, the youthful players add energy and vitality to the performances, and the experienced players add the polish and finesse.
 Another great quality of this orchestra is the tight ensemble. Image how hard it is for the trumpet players and the timpanist to be exactly in time with the 1st violins when they are 40 to 50 feet away from them. The musicians have been playing in this venue for 25 years and they all know which part of the conductor’s beat pattern will produce a unified sound as the tones of the orchestra sail past the conductor.
   Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>

What is a Theorbo? Consortium Aurora Borealis

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   January 8, 2010  ---  For the first time ever in Thunder Bay baroque music Lucas Harris with Theorbolovers will get to hear a real Theorbo played bay a master. All they have to do is attend the Consortium Aurora Borealis concert on Saturday January 22nd. Below is the description of the instrument and the concert by the groups Artistic Director, Elizabeth Ganiatsos. The concert will be held at 8:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s United Church, 349 Waverley Street. Admission is by donation at the door.

All will be revealed at our January 22, 2011 concert of Italian baroque music! In the meantime, we may say that the theorbo, a plucked stringed instrument belonging to the lute family, was developed during the late 16th-century in Italy. It was a type of long-necked bass lute, reaching up to two metres in length! It developed as a result of the demand for an extended bass range in opera, as was produced by the Florentine Camerata. It also functioned as a continuo instrument along with organ or harpsichord in vocal and instrumental works from the 16th to the 18th century. It may be heard in performances of music from Monteverdi to Vivaldi, and is enjoying a revival today.  Arts Lake Superior News read more...>


Winter Plein Air Painting Festival

Grand Marais, Minnesota – January 8, 2011 – Preparations are underway for the 2nd annual Winter Plein Air Painting Festival Gunflint TrialPlein Air Painting Festival slated for February 1-6, 2011 up the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  Grand Marais is a quaint harbor and arts village located on the North Shore of Lake Superior – a mere 90 miles north of Duluth.  Grand Marais, and the surrounding area, is known for its rustic beauty and inspirational landscape that has drawn artists and outdoor enthusiasts to its shores for generations.

The Winter Plein Air Painting Festival is organized by the Grand Marais Art Colony, a historic arts education center.  The Grand Marais Art Colony is Minnesota’s oldest Artist Colony, founded in 1947 as the Outdoor School of Painting.  In its over 60 year history, the Art Colony has grown to include a diverse range of mediums such as glass, print, pottery, photography and writing through hands-on classes and studio rental.  Additionally the Art Colony organizes several art events and exhibits throughout the year. Arts Lake Superior News read more.....>




 The (Post) Mistress

THUNDER  BAY, ON   ---   January 20, 2011  --  Magnus Theatre of Thunder Bay, is proud to be Magnus Threatre  producing the world premiere of this new musical work by world renowned playwright, novelist, and composer Tomson Highway. "It is always exciting to work on a new play," said Artistic Director Mario Crudo, "and the music adds so much fun. And of course we are very honoured to have been entrusted to mount the very first production of this engaging, hot, and sexy new work."

 The (Post) Mistress recounts the adventures of a small-town postmistress who divines the contents of sealed letters that pass through her hands.  After having worked at the same post office for many years the postmistress has come to know the emotional lives of her clients.  Through song (the letters), she shares with us details and episodes of their lives.

 The preview performance of THE (POST) MISTRESS is Thursday, January 27, with the Gala Opening on Friday, January 28. The play runs until February 12. Lake Superior News  read more...>

Dulcisono; A celebration of Excellence

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----    December 10, 2010  ----   Dulcisono women’s choir has all the hallmarks of Dulcisono women’s choira well run organization, held together by one of the strongest bonds there is, the joy of singing.

A well run organization has things going for it. It means work that needs to get done for publicity, concert preparation, financial management are all are all accomplished. It comes as no surprise then that a choir that works so well together can also sing well. All of these things were apparent at last Sunday’s concert “A Celebration of Christmas”. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Plaid Tidings

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----   December 8, 2010   ---It was the first visit of the extra-terrestrial Plaids that convinced me that  Thunder Bay's Magnus is a good thing for the community. I guess part of the revelation came about because the first show was better than the hype so it easily exceeded expectations. Whenever something like that happens you have a happy audience.

Now that the “Plaids” have returned for a second visit, can they have to live up to the high standard of the first performance, and having seen the first on I knew this crew would have their work cut out for them.

Nobody knows the inner workings of Magnus Theatre like Mario Crudo, often other directors come to do a production. So it is a treat to have a master assemble the talent on stage. This is the second musical production at Magnus this season and it comes in time for the Christmas season. Mario remembered the success of the original production and eagerly went about making plans to bring “Plaid Tidings” to Thunder Bay. He began by assembling an incredibly talented team, Danny Johnson serves as music director, while Jade Elliott, Chad McManmara, Jeff Moulton and Adam Stevenson make up the members of the Plaids, a 1950’s concert quartet whose promising career was cut short by a traffic tragedy. Lake Superior News   read more.....>



Back to the Glory Days

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  November 24, 2010  ---- Thirty-two years ago Consortium Aurora Borealis Robert Van Wyckbegan its first concert series in Thunder Bay. Then the young and energetic Elizabeth Ganiatsos was a music history teacher working out of the infamous Black Shack at L.U’s campus. Her passion then and now is the performance of early music, especially that from the Elizabeth the 1st of England.

It was easy for her to recruit students and musicians from the university to help her produce these concerts and many of her history students found themselves on stage at one time or another. As the season’s progressed the group began to perform in period dress. Elizabeth would scour the fashion journals of the era and over a period of years managed to costume the entire troop. It was all part of the show, no matter that the bloomers would not stay up. The addition of costumes and dancers to the productions added a visual element to her concerts and the largely amateur musicians did an admirable job they too relied on the visual element to help make the concert a success. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Romantic Muses Consortium Aurora Borealis

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  November 15, 2010  ---  Consortium Aurora Borealis has a reputation for providing some truly memorable concerts for Thunder Bay audiences. The Chopin-Schumann Anniversary concert (They both would have celebrated their 200th birthday this year) was  played by pianists Heather Morrison and Derek Oger, and clarinettist Peter Shackelton.  The performers, the music and perhaps even the weather outside seemed to be the right combination to get people coming to the concert in record numbers.

Once inside, the audience was treated to a feast of romantic piano works beginning with Frederik Chopin’s “Prelude in C# minor” beautifully played by Heather Morrison.  She then followed the music with some tasteful and relaxed and definitely humorous readings from the period. I found her readings added insight and variety to the programme and more importantly added a human element to the programme. Lake Superior Newsread more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  November 5, 2010   ----   Award-winning vocalist, harmonica player and Tracy Ksongwriter Tracy K brings her versatile talent, energy and charisma to the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra in a cabaret concert a la Cotton Club featuring a tribute to the music of Billie Holiday. The TBSO is celebrating it's 50th Gold Anniversary and the concert promises to be an enchanted evening of romantic blues ballads and toe-tapping hot jazz reflecting an era when men wore hats and ladies dressed in evening gowns. The second half of the show will feature songs from the roaring twenties and five Tracy K original blues and swing-style compositions. St. Ignatius High School's own music teacher Mr. Ted Vaillant arranged the scores and will be performing on trumpet. Other local musicians involved are Rodney Brown on banjo, Damon Dowbak on mandolin, and Jamie Steinhoff on acoustic guitar and dobro.

After a decade of jazz and blues performances as a solo artist under her belt, Tracy K has reached an apex in her performance stature after being selected to perform with the orchestra. Having always dreamed of performing her favourite Billie Holiday classics the way they were originally recorded, she claims that she "can hear the orchestration in my head even when singing these songs with a trio or quartet - talk about a dream come true!" But this dream also comes with a bittersweet lining - Ms. K lost her mother on Mother's Day weekend. Tracy was anticipating her mother's attendance for the glamourous event, a sort of reward after years of watching her last born build a music career in the sometimes harsh performance climates - better known as paying your dues. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Thunder Bay Art Gallery Sells Inukshuks to China

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 5, 2010 – The power of the Internet and a local business in Thunder PR Armstrong opens new facility in China 28-10-2010Bay came together in the sale of Canadian art to China. “Lake Superior Art Gallery was proud to provide 80 Inukshuks to Armstrong Fluid Systems for the official opening of their Shanghai Facility in China,” stated JP Fraser, owner of the Lake Superior Art Gallery Art Gallery.Lake Superior Newsread more...>



 Review By Thomas Joseph Harperland: The Politics of Control

 THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  Octobert 22, 2010  ---  Lawrence Martin’s book should be an immediate read for HarperLandevery Canadian. As a Globe and Mail political columnist in Ottawa covering Parliament Hill, he has been front and centre observing the workings of Parliament and the antics of our parties and politicians.

This book chronicles the political behavior and tactics of Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government. It briefly traces Harper’s victory over Stockwell Day for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance Party and the subsequent merging with the Progressive Conservative Party. The main focus begins with the 2004 federal election and continues through to the present. Martin’s account is peppered with observations and comments by key Harper advisors and staff.

Thomas W. Joseph is a long-time observer of Canadian politics having taught Canadian Studies at Confederation College and Lakehead University for over 30 years  Lake Superior News read more....>

  “Sing for the Health of it” Fort William Male Choir

THUNDER BAY, ON  -------  Octobert 21, 2010   -----  This year the Fort William Male Choir will do something Sing for the Health of itdifferent for their annual “Prelude to Christmas” concert. Thunder Bay’s oldest musical institution has teamed up with “Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Thunder Bay” to help promote awareness of this disease.

Accordingly the theme for this season’s concert will be “Sing for the Health of it” and a portion of the proceeds will go to Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Thunder Bay. In the photo above choir president Gerald Trembley , Phil Junnila, spokesperson for PCCN-Thunder Bay, and choir vice-president Don Harris Jr. are taking part in a meet and greet event at the Prosvita hall on Simpson Street. Members of the two organizations will use a beef on a bun occasion to get to know one another. It is important if the two groups are to maximize the promise of this collaboration. Don Harris Jr. and Phil Junnila agree that this project is a perfect fit for their respective organizations.  Lake Superior News read more  ........>

 TEMPTING PROVIDENCE Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s production

Thunder Bay, ON –    October 20, 2010     ----     In celebration of the International Year of the Nurse, Magnus TEMPTING PROVIDENCETheatre proudly presents its second show of the main stage season, Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s production of TEMPTING PROVIDENCE by Robert Chafe.  Hailed by critics internationally as “spectacular,” “extraordinary,” and “a beautifully crafted artwork that speaks to an entire nation built by people such as Bennett,” TEMPTING PROVIDENCE has toured extensively since its premiere in 2000, playing more than 350 performances across Canada and abroad. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Moving towards an Arts & Culture Policy for Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   September 24, 2010  -----  The common area of Confederation College’s Callie Hemsworth and Todd Dufresne Shuniah building was the site of a public forum the developing Arts and Culture Policy for Thunder Bay. The event was organised by Leah Bailey, arts and culture co-ordinator for the city of Thunder Bay.

Naturally the room was full of people interested in the Arts of all descriptions. In this photo, Callie Hemsworth (Coordinator Recreation and Culture Planning, City of Thunder Bay) is in conversation with Todd Dufresne (Director of the Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture). Todd’s group will present Lewis Milestone’s classic 1928 silent film “The Garden of Eden” Saturday September 25th at Lakehead University’s Centre Theatre 1017. The silent film will be professionally accompanied by Andrei Streliaev at the piano. The free event begins at 7:00 pm. Lake Superior News   read more.....>


Where on Earth is My Bike?

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   October 10, 2010   ----  “Where on Earth is My Bike?” is a documentary film Paul Morralee in Afticiaby local filmmaker Paul Morralee that follows the activities of donated bicycles in Africa and was produced by Bicycles for Humanity - Thunder Bay.

In March he travelled with the Chairman of Bicycles for Humanity – Thunder Bays’, Steve Klassen, to see how the investment of bikes to Africans have changed lives. The documentary featuring ten bicycle owners expressing their journey since receiving their donated bike. Featured also is the micro-businesses climate that has developed in the opening of bicycle shops and repair facilities. Lake Superior News  read more......>






Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  October 28, 2010  ------ The 10th Annual Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour is the perfect warm up for the holiday season..

Last year over 800 people supported the Art Gallery through their purchase of House Tour tickets and attendance.

Four executive homes, as well as the Art Gallery, are given the royal decorating treatment by five professional businesses.

The public gets a chance to take a self-guided tour of each home to discover what’s hot in the latest decorating trends.

The Candlelight Tour is unique, taking place Saturday, November 13, from 6pm – 9pm, culminating in an enchanting reception at the Art Gallery from 8pm – 10pm.

The House Tour is one of the Gallery’s major annual fundraising events. All money raised stays at the Gallery to assist in the delivery of Gallery programs. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Review “Tempting Providence”

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   October 23, 2010   ----   Magnus Theatre’s current production, “Tempting Providence” tells a remarkable story. Newfound & Labradors nurse Myra Bennett is a story of dedication, commitment and outright courage. Perhaps it is true that truth is stranger than fiction.

This year marks the international year of the Nurse. My companion for the evening happens to be a nurse and she was fully prepared for a great nursing story. Magnus Theatre delivered the goods. The story begins with Myra Grimsby’s (played by Deidre Gillard-Rowlings) arrival in out-port Newfoundland in the 1920’s. She was born, raised and educated in England where she also nursed for 10 years. When hearing of the urgent need for nursing care in Saskatchewan she headed to Canada. Somewhere along the line she was convinced to come to Newfoundland where the need for care was even more urgent.  Lake Superior News  read more.....>




Community Arts & Heritage Education Project’s Art Cards for 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  December 6, 2010   -----   Every year, local non-profit arts education Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) organization, Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) produces a series of art cards to be used as a fundraiser.  All of the proceeds from our card sales are put directly back into providing accessible, quality arts education programming for the schools and community of Thunder Bay.  The artwork on these has been created by learners participating in CAHEP’s programming.

CAHEP empowers children and youth in the community of Thunder Bay by creating and implementing accessible, multi-disciplinary arts and heritage programming and resources.  Through this, people will discover the joy of arts and heritage within their own lives and create a legacy by fostering a commitment to culture. Lake Superior News read more.......>

Art News






Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  October 28, 2010  ------ The 10th Annual Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour is the perfect warm up for the holiday season..

Last year over 800 people supported the Art Gallery through their purchase of House Tour tickets and attendance.

Four executive homes, as well as the Art Gallery, are given the royal decorating treatment by five professional businesses.

The public gets a chance to take a self-guided tour of each home to discover what’s hot in the latest decorating trends.

The Candlelight Tour is unique, taking place Saturday, November 13, from 6pm – 9pm, culminating in an enchanting reception at the Art Gallery from 8pm – 10pm.

The House Tour is one of the Gallery’s major annual fundraising events. All money raised stays at the Gallery to assist in the delivery of Gallery programs. Lake Superior News read more.....>


Thunder Bay, ON ----  October 4, 2010  ----   Due to tremendous audience response, robust ticket sales, L to R: Janna Polzin, Susan Henley, Paula Wolfson, Troy Adams, Francisco Trujilloand extraordinary demand for another chance to see the show again, Magnus Theatre is proud to announce the hold over of THE LIGHT GETS IN: The Words and Music of Leonard Cohen, conceived and directed by Bryden MacDonald. The very successful run will now be extended until Saturday October 9th, to also give those who haven’t experienced it yet, a change to see it. (In Photo L to R: Janna Polzin, Susan Henley, Paula Wolfson, Troy Adams, Francisco Trujillo)

THE LIGHT GETS IN is a reinterpretation of the previous hit at Magnus entitled SINCERELY A FRIEND. Bryden MacDonald returned to Magnus to direct the show he envisioned using some of Cohen's finest work to create the most unique of musical events showcasing the words and song of a Canadian Ic on. Lake Superior News read more  .....>

 Silent Movie a Treat

THUNDER BAY ----  September 29, 2010   --------  Lakehead University’s Batia Stolar introduces the silent movie classic “The Garden Of Eden” The Screening of Lewis Milestone’s 1928 film was accompanied at the piano by Andrei Strelieaev and by 12 members of the Kanteletar Choir directed by Dean Jobin-Bevans.

Having enjoyed the film immensely, I thought it was a good outing for a man who has grown hard of hearing. Never once did I have to strain to hear what was being said, and it makes me wonder how much of our daily conversation is  truly needed. In 1928 the new media was black and white film, and a skilled director such as Lewis Milestone had to invent the resources to get the message across to the audience without the benefit of spoken dialog. When the need to communicate gets really serious he creates the opportunity to use subtitles or show text of one kind or another, but largely it is the skill of the actors, directors and the onstage musicians who accompanied these movies the success that they were  Lake Superior News read more....>

Magnus 2010-2011 Main Stage Season


Thunder Bay, ON - September 11, 2010 --- Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre, the professional theatre of Magnus Theatre Go Live 2010  ~ 2011Northwestern Ontario, is about to launch an exciting season filled with music, song, comedy, and drama.  For this 39th Magnus Theatre season Artistic Director Mario Crudo has programmed a fast paced, inspiring, and intriguing lineup of plays and musicals. It is certain to have audiences humming along, tapping their toes, laughing together and talking about their experiences following the performances; gaining a whole new appreciation for live professional theatre.

 “I have a feeling our patrons will love the shows we’ve putting on this season,”  says Artistic Director Mario Crudo, "and I encourage people who’ve never been to a Magnus play to give it a try  Lake Superior News read more.......>


Angelique Abandoned: Isle Royale 1845-46

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 24, 2010  --- I recently had the pleasure of reading an historical novel titled, “Angelique Abandoned: Isle Royal 1845-1846, by James R. Stevens, a writer who resides on the north shore of Lake Superior in Shuniah township.

Angelique AbandonedJIm StevensAngelique Abandoned is based on the true story of a Metis woman and her husband who were abandoned on Michigan’s Isle Royale in the late summer of 1945. The novel is a remarkable tale of one woman’s heartache and struggle to survive a winter in the harsh, unforgiving landscape of dense forests, rugged coastlines and inclement weather conditions.

The story introduces us to a young Angelique Cadotte, a Metis girl born at the great rapids at Sault River, now the site of Sault Ste Marie, where her family traded with the voyageurs. Angelique’s mother, Theresa Cadotte, was an Ojibway spirit woman who had lived in the wilderness all her life and knew where to seek plants and herbs to use as medicinal remedies. Her forest name was the Green Thunderbird Woman and she was said to speak many languages, French, English, Ojibway and a fourth, it was said, to talk to the spirits in the wilderness. Lake Superior News  read more......>


 Thunder Bay Culture Days

THUNDER BAY, ON   ------    September 4, 2010  ----   Calling all artists, cultural groups and Culture  Daysorganizations! Thunder Bay will be participating in its first ever Culture Days, a nation-wide movement promoting public engagement in arts and heritage activities on September 24-26. Join the movement by offering a FREE interactive activity to the public for a behind-the-scenes look at how culture is created in Thunder Bay. Activities can include anything from demonstrations, interactive concerts, guided tours, workshops, and much more – as long as they’re free for the public to enjoy! Visit for a sample listing of activities and details on how to get involved in the local Culture Days celebration. Lake Superior News  read more.........>

Interpretive Nature Painter Shows at Lake Superior Art Gallery

THUNDER BAY, ON ------  August 19, 2010  -------   Interpretive nature painter, Pat BigelowPatricia Bigelow is showing some of her artwork at Lake Superior Art Gallery in Victoriaville Mall, Thunder Bay.  Her showing will run until September 17.

Pat is a multifaceted person, as most interesting people are. She has lived and studied in the States, and has travelled around the globe all the while painting and at the same time developing a career as a computer scientist. She now resides in Nolalu, just west of Thunder Bay. She is now retired from Computer Science, so one would think she would devote all her time to her artwork, but she divides her creative talent by making concrete sinks as well. (They are made to go with granite countertops!)

In perusing her works at the gallery I had a sense of déjà vous, I had seen works similar to this at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. She has often been told that her works resemble those of the group of 7, Lake Superior News  read more........>

Bridge Theatre "The Turning Point


THUNDER BAY, ON -----   August 7, 2010 --- Bridge Theatre is a collective of Bridge Theatreemerging, dynamic, multi-disciplinary young artists, now in their second season of generating unique festivals and events.

At last "The Turning Point" approaches.  This year's  team has been working hard to bring you a FREE!!! Music and Arts Festival in our own Waverley Park.  Lake Superior News read more.....>


SAULT STE MARIE,  ON  -----  August 7, 2010 --- Taking you to the heart of where the paintings were created. 

Michael Burtch 2010 event. On Saturday, September 25-26th  the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) in partnership with Searchmont Resort, Naturally Superior Adventures/Rocky Island Lodge, Wawa and NORDIK Institute invite you to come celebrate the 92nd Anniversary of the Group of Seven artists painting from the Algoma Central Railway.  This year’s event features the work of group member J.E.H MacDonald. Lake Superior News  read more......>

 Jean-Paul De Roover cross-Canada tour

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  August 5, 2010 -– Jean-Paul De Roover has Jean-Paul De Roover has announced his upcoming cross-Canada tourannounced his upcoming cross-Canada tour, as well as the subsequent release of his latest music video for the song “You”.  Tuesday, August 10th will be the tour kickoff as well as the exclusive video premiere, held at the Paramount Theatre (24 Court St S) starting promptly at 7:30 PM. 

“This will be my third cross-Canada tour this year” says De Roover, “and I can’t wait to get back out on the road, showing the country what I’ve been working hard on for the last few months”.  This will include new material, new merchandise, a new website and of course the new video. Lake Superior Newsread more......>


2011 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards

THUNDER BAY ON  -----  July 19, 2010 ----  Music and Film in Motion (MFM) is Northern Ontario Music and Film Awardsgearing up for the eighth annual Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards program.  Today marks the official opening of this year’s submission period.

Submission period for the 2011 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards now open!

The music award categories for 2011 are Best Album by a Solo Artist, Best Album by a Duo or Group, Best Songwriter, Best Engineer, and Best Vocal Performance on a Recording.  Lake Superior News read more...> 



Hand Made Thunder Bay Artists and Artisans Tour

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   July 4, 2010  ----   2010 is the 10th Anniversary for Hand Made Thunder Bay HandMade in Thunder Bay - a map to locations in Thunder Bay where quality, locally handmade arts and crafts are available.  To celebrate, 18 of the participants have come together to sponsor touring through the month of July - draw for prizes July 21/10. 

Choose from three designated tours to enter a ballot to win prizes.  Maps & ballots are available from participating locations, libraries, the TBV office TheHandMade in Thunder Bay map is an annual, non-profit, economic development project which started in 2001.  Lake Superior News read more......>

Krishna Culture Festival of India

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  June  21, 2010 ---   Volunteers of the Krishna Culture Festival of India raise money for charity by sharing their love for Indian dance, music, drama and food . They present an evening of exotic entertainment followed by delicious vegetarian refreshments on Tuesday, July 20,2010, at Marina Park in Thunder Bay.  Lake Superior News read more.......>



THUNDER BAY, ON  ------   June 16, 2010   ---  This summer the Rob McLeod Capitol Players are bringing Melodrama back to the Chippewa Park Pavilion with the New Moon Production of “A Streetcar Named Chippewa” by T.T. Lucky. Lake Superior News read more......>

2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   June 16, 2010 ----   The 2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards were held on Tuesday, June 15 at Magnus Theatre to celebrate the excellence, achievements, and support within the local cultural sector. 26 nominees were honoured at the awards event, 10 of which received awards ranging from cash prizes of $1,000 to works of art by local artists Lake Superior News read more.....>



Definitely Superior exhibitions opening

THUNDER BAY, ON--- June 5, 2010 --- See three exciting new exhibitions at Definitely Superior Art GalleryDefinitely Superior Art Gallery [250 Park Ave.] in Thunder Bay, June 5th to July 3rd!

Showing in gallery 1, is the critically-acclaimed... "Fashion And Mimesis" exhibition by Maria Fernanda Cardoso from Sidney, Australia, an exhibition curated by Gary Genosko [Professor of Sociology/Lakehead University].  See works from the artist's Emu Series, her most recent work, consisting of artworks, photographs, video and original fashion creations from native Australian emu bird feathers which clearly manifest the artist’s fascination with all aspects of the natural world.  It's a great opportunity to take in the artist's innovative art involving inter-species relations and natural materials, as seen at the Tate Gallery London UK, Lake Superior News read more.....>



Arts News


Definitely Superior Finalist Ont Premier’s Award for Excellence

THUNDER BAY, ON --- June 2, 2010 --- Definitely Superior Art Gallery and its Definitely Superior GArt GalleryBoard of Directors are honoured to announce that we have been selected as a Finalist for the prestigious 2010 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts, which recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution to arts and culture in Ontario. 

 We are in extremely good company alongside the Tarragon Theatre (Toronto), Images Festival (Toronto), Guelph Jazz Festival (Guelph), Public Energy (Peterborough), and the Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (Ottawa). Lake Superior News News read more....>


2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards


THUNDER BAY, ON  June 2, 2010 ---- The 2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards will be held on June 15th at Magnus Theatre 5pm - 7pm reception, hors d'oeuvres, cash bar and award presentation.
Please come share in the celebration ofexcellence, achievement and support for our cultural sector. tickets are available here at the Painted Turtle. Tickets are $15 each. Lake Superior News News read more.....>


Thunder Bay Art Gallery Welcomes new Curator

THUNDER BAY ON ---  June 1, 2010 ----  The Thunder Bay Art Gallery is Nadia Kurd Thunder Bay Art Gallerypleased to announce the appointment of Nadia Kurd as the Gallery’s new Curator who takes up her role on August 9, 2010.

Ms. Kurd earned a BFA in art from the University of Ottawa, in 2002, and an MA in art history from York University, in 2005. In addition, she will soon be receiving her PhD in art history from McGill University, in Montreal, with a focus on contemporary Islamic architecture. Lake Superior News News read more.....>



Allan Moon, Master Potter

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  May 22, 2010 ---  I spent Friday afternoon at the Alan Moonstudio of Allan Moon taking pictures and talking about his 30 years as an active potter. In Thunder Bay there are three full time potters like himself. Allan is quick to credit Kim Alexander and Fritz Lehnberg as colleagues.

If you want to learn pottery, he would suggest Jack Black a retired art teacher, Noel Keag, Edie Hashigushi and once again Fritz Lehnberg. Teaching is something that does not agree with Allan’s make-up, but he is happy to pass that task on to others who do a good job.

Pottery goes back in time almost as far as mankind itself. Basic earthen-ware pots were used by Native American Indian long before the white man showed up pottery is found in all cultures.  Lake Superior News News  read more.....>



Tougher than Ever!

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  May 16, 2010  -----  At this time of year various arts groups in Lendre KearnsThunder Bay are working very hard developing next season’s campaign.  With every passing season it seems a greater challenge to find an audience for your production. That is why the recent workshop by Lindre Kearns titled “Knock, Knock, Who’s There?” was most appropriate.

Lendre Kearns is a dynamic North American marketing and audience development specialist. This quote from her bio nicely sums up the daylong session at the Community Auditorium.
 “Today’s arts organizations are dealing with decreasing frequency of participation among existing patrons and ever increasing challenges in garnering the attention of the public to recruit new ones. Lake Superior News News  read more....>

Great Audience Relations Means Continued Success

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 16, 2010  ----- Fresh from an all day event at the Fort William Male ChoirThunder Bay Community Auditorium, I spent the day learning how to develop and grow an audience. During the presentation by course leader Lindre Kearns, I could not help but compare some of the practices she mentioned with some of the practices used by groups I have known for years.
The first group that came to mind is the City’s Fort William Male Choir.  Lake Superior News News read more.....>


TBSO Announces new Artistic Director for its 50th Season

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 23, 2010 - Through the magic of Photoshop I have been able to Paul Inksetterplace Arthur Post at to-day’s TBSO press announcement. At the moment the busy conductor is making his way to Barcelona where he will spend the summer conducting the summer opera season. To day the TBSO announced Arthur Post as the Artistic Director who will lead the symphony orchestra in the coming years.  Lake Superior News News read more...>



Cabaret Concert a Gem

THUNDER BAY, ON --- April 18, 2010 ---- Saturday night is not my usual night Stephane Potvin TBSOout to the Thunder Bay Symphony. I am a big fan of the TBSO Masterworks series, and I try never to miss a performance. After a season of guest conductors I wanted to hear Stephan Potvin our resident conductor at the podium. For the past couple of years Stephan has been one of the driving forces behind our remarkable orchestra. He is very particular about pitch and having a precise band on stage. Our orchestra can outperform many larger orchestras simple because of these qualities. For this concert the orchestra performs with the conductor that is normally rehearses with, and Stephan led the orchestra through an evening’s concert that showcased the tremendous depth and skills of our local musicians.  Lake Superior News News read more.....>



Inspire Thunder Bay - Culture Plan in the Works

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  March 24, 2010 -----  The creation of a Cultural Plan Inspire Thunder Bayfor the City of Thunder Bay is an exciting opportunity for theentire community to participate in shaping the future of one of our most valuable resources - ourunique and authentic local culture - which is a valid economic driver for our great city, and animportant contributor to its sustainability. Because a plan of this nature is only as diverse asthe individuals and groups that contribute to it, all citizens of Thunder Bay from emergingartists, avid concert fans, and cultural supporters, to those who simply want to learn more aboutlocal arts and heritage and the role they play in Thunder Bay, are invited to be a part of sculpting this Plan and our future cultural landscape.  Lake Superior News News  read more......>


Lenten Recitals an Old Tradition

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 23, 2010 - This Sunday, a traditional Lenten recital will be Sara-Kim Morangiven at St. Paul’s United Church in Thunder Bay. Organists Susan Marrier and Bert Rowson     will be providing an afternoon of contemplative music suitable for Lenten reflections.Lake Superior News News read more...>




A Master Play

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   March 14, 2010   ---  Few artists attain excellence Jo-Ann Waytowich without first making sacrifices. A life dedicated to their art is a something most regular people would never understand. Surely there must be an easier way to earn a living! What makes it all worthwhile is when you begin to be appreciated for your talent, not just at home but on distant stages also. During the twenty or more years since we have attended Lakehead Universities Music department, Jo-Ann has methodically nurtured and developed a career as a professional actress. She has performed and explored the limits of her talent on stages across Canada. It is encouraging that such talent can be nurtured here in Thunder Bay. Lake Superior News News  read  more......>






Bruce Meyer brings out readers and writers

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   March 7, 2010 -----  What makes great literature? Bruce MeyersBruce Meyer addressed this topic in his lecture at Lakehead University on Friday night. Bruce travelled to Thunder Bay at the request of Bookends, a small reading group that has been reading and discussing literature in the city for the past 20 years.

The book club has been debating who might be the great authors of the 20th century, yet the question remained, what makes literature great? Through personal connections Joan Skelton (author of The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald) knew of Bruce Meyer, professor of literature at Georgian College.

Meyer’s life has been passionately immersed in literature from the time of his childhood. His enthusiasm for literature has made him a compelling speaker and he is amongst TV Ontario’s top 10 short list for the Top Lecturer Award. Lake Superior News News read more....>

Master-classes Nurture Students

THUNDER BAY, ON,  ---  March 7, 2010 ----  Last week Andrei Streliaev, Rebeccda Gilles Straelaevorganist extraordinaire arrived in Thunder Bay for a weekend of entertainment, master-classes and a recital. Born in Riga Latvia, Andrei holds a Master of Music Degree in Organ Performance from the University of Toronto where he studied with John Tuttle. He is an associate member of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. As a musician Andrei has performed in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden and France, participated in festivals and competitions including B. Dvarionas International Competition for Young Pianists in Vilnius, Lithuania (Diploma) and Concours International de Piano Maryse Cheilan in Hyeres, France (First Award). Dean Jobin-Bevans of Lakehead University jumped at the opportunity to bring Andrei to Thunder Bay for the benefit of the music department’s organ students.  Lake Superior News News read more...>

Of Interest to Readers, Writers, and Teachers

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 26, 2010 - Joan Skelton - Of interest to reader, writers, and Bruce Meyerteachers are two talks by noted author, broadcaster, professor and electric speaker, Dr. Bruce Meyer. He will answer the often asked question What Makes Great Literature? Friday, March 5, Lakehead University, ATAC Building, Room 1001, at 7 p.m. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>




 TBSO Piano Inspiration

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   February 16, 2010  -----    Last Thursday the TBSO played another brilliant masterworks concert. This year it seems each Scott Speckmasterworks concert has brought us a different conductor, and this season was deliberately designed to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of all the candidate conductors for our very own Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.  The program was set by our last maestro, Geoffrey Moull and the three works on the program, Symphony #3 by Gary Kulesha, the piano concerto #2 op. 22 by Camille Saint Saëns, and the Brahms Serenade for Orchestra are all works that would challenge a candidate conductor. Two of the pieces are part of mainstream classics especially in Europe, but in North America the Brahms and Saint Saëns are less heard. Certainly American born Scott Speck would not likely have conducted a symphony by Canadian composer Gary Kulesha before. Lake Superior News News read more......>

 A Great Weekend For Music

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  February 15, 2010 ---  What a great Family Day Weekend, at Elizabeth and  Penderecki String Quartet.least if you like concerts. Counting the Masterworks Concert by the TBSO the weekend rang loud with the sounds of the Pembina Trails Voices at St. Paul’s United Church, Thunder Bay, on Friday night, and then the last concert of the season of the Consortium Aurora Borealis with the spotlessly clean playing of the Penderecki String Quartet. Shown to the left is the Consortium’s music director Elizabeth Ganiatsos with the members of the quartet, Christine Vlajk viola, Jacob Braun cello, Jeremy Bell and Jerzy Kaplanek violins.  Lake Superior News News read more......>



 Hyer Announces Community Arts & Heritage Funding

TERRACE BAY, ON - February 11, 2010 – From the North Shore leg of a regional Town Hall tour, Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay–Superior North, announced that the application period for Building Communities Through Arts & Heritage funding is now open, and encouraged local unincorporated community groups, Band Councils and incorporated non-profits to apply. Lake Superior News News read more...>

¨Urban Infill-Art in the Core¨ GALA OPENING RECEPTION

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 4, 2010 - FEATURING: 
Urban Infill-Art In The Core·       “UP, UP, AND AWAY!”-Jennifer Davis-Paintings-International Artist/Minneapolis, USA;
·       "DIARIES FROM METROPOLIS"-Allison Moore & Arthur Desmarteaux-Printmaking-National Artists-Montreal, Quebec;
·       "DRAWN & STAINED"-12 Northwestern Ontario Artists-Drawing, Painting & Printmaking;
·       Also:  OPENING MUSIC BY BRAD SENNE-One of the Top 10 Indie Minneapolis Singer/Songwriters-[two 30 minute sets, starting at 7pm & at 8pm;], Visiting Artist Talks [starting at 7:30pm], refreshments, artists-in-attendance~all ages/by donation. 
·       EXHIBITIONS RUN UNTIL MAR. 6 [Tues-Sat/12-6pm; all ages/by donation].Lake Superior  read more...>


Revenge of the Dead White Writer

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 1, 2010 - Drew Hayden TaylorThe current production at Magnus at first is a bit of an enigma, but yes I get it. Drew Hayden Taylor is a “blue eyed” Indian from the Ojibway First Nation of Curve Lake in Ontario. He is an accomplished playwright with many works to his name. Some such as “THE REZ SISTERS”, and “IN A WORLD CREATED BY A DRUNKEN GOD”, are memorable, original works which portray the world from an aboriginal perspective. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>



RCCO’s Jan Overduin to play in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----   January 23, 2010  ---    JAN OVERDUIN retired as Chair of the Jan OverduinOrgan and Church Music Department at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo in 2003 but that does not mean he has retired from playing the pipe organ. This year he is one of the travelling clinicians for the RCCO (Royal Canadian College of Organists). It takes many years of dedicated effort to master the organ, an like many organists playing the instrument just becomes a part of your life. This coming Friday, January 29th Jan’s duties with the RCCO will take him to Thunder Bay, where he will perform in recital on the magnificent Casavant Organ at St. Paul’s United Church. The Friday night recital will start at 8:00 p.m. and admission is a very affordable $10.00 at the door. Lake Superior  read more.....>






Alastair Willis meets the Test
THUNDER BAY, ON - January 21, 2010 - I always look forward to the TBSO masterwork Alastair Willisconcerts, they are such a joy. Last Thursday I was introduced to some music that was new to me, Dvorak’s Symphonic Variations Op. 78. Writing variations is perhaps the oldest form of composition. It is like writing a song, change the words and you have a second verse and so on until you tell your story. Doing this instrumentally presents a challenge for any composer, partly because orchestra’s don’t sing words, so the story has to be aided by your imagination, and the different tones and colours that the orchestra is able to produce. Antonin Dvorak was able to create 27 variations from his long and beautiful Slavic melody, and I was keenly listening to each variation as the piece rolled along one after another the joy of Dvorak’s creative mind being re-crafted by the musicians on stage that night. Lake Superiorread more...> 



THUNDER BAY, ON - January 21, 2010 - Magnus Theatre is excited to present
WHITE WRITER ON THE FLOOR. The play focuses on six First Nation stereotypes: Tonto (from the Lone Ranger radio and television series that began in 1933) , Injun Joe (from Mark Twain’s novel, Tom Sawyer), Billy Jack (from the 1971 movie of the same name), Old Lodgeskins (from the movie Little Big Man), Pocahontas (a two-dimensional cartoon), and Kills Many Enemies (a warrior created by Hayden Taylor to represent all warrior types), whose lives have been created in literary form.  They come to life and find themselves in a room with the dead white writer who created their adventures. They set out on a journey together to shed their literary personas to follow their dreams of taking their place in the real world. Lake Superior read more...>


Baroque and Beyond

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 - Tuesday night and the TBSO plays a Classical Steven M. BaricPlus concert at Hilldale Lutheran Church. This concert presented a number of firsts. For me it was the world premier of Steven Baric’s Chamber Symphony. It was also a first introduction of William Intrilligator to Thunder Bay audiences and many who attend the symphony take a deep interest in all the conductor candidates that step onto the orchestra’s podium. Except for the Chamber Symphony by Baric the rest of the concert program featured works by Baroque composers. A Sinfonia by Pergolesi, Telemann’s famous trumpet concerto and the first Brandenburg concerto by J.S. Bach completed the program. Lake Superiorread more...>



Prelude to Christmas

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 - The Fort William Male Choir has traditionally Fort William Male Choirbrought the city an early taste of Christmas on the first weekend of December. It is a coveted spot on the community auditorium calendar, and many other groups (mostly from out of town) would love to have this weekend. The reason is simple; it is a great time to have a Christmas concert. One reason the Male Choir can keep this spot is they are one of the few groups and who can run the same show two days in succession at the Community Auditorium and still make money.Lake Superior
read more...>

Consortium presents an all Brass Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009 - Saturday night’s Consortium Aurora Borealis concert presented Penderecki String Quartetbrass lovers a special treat. Not since the last performance in this same venue by the Canadian brass has there been such a quality recital by professional brass players. For some reason the classic chamber ensemble for brass players contains five instruments. While there are string quintets we often think of string quartets as the norm. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the effective range of the brass instruments is smaller, so the extra instrument is needed to give a full range of pitch. Lake Superiorread more...>


Dicken's Classic Christmas Carol

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009 - Rev. Deborah Kraft gets excited about Charles Rev. Deborah KraftDickens’ Classic Christmas Carol. It is a human tale as true as in Dickens’ coal smudged England as it is in the streets of Thunder Bay. The story is about a man who after a loss becomes completely isolated from the world around him, except for the world of commerce. As the anniversary of his old friend’s death approaches, he undergoes a series of transformations that gradually reconnect him with his family, employees, neighbours and so on. In the end he learns how to live once again. Lake Superior read more...>


Comfort and Joy, a Dulcisono Christmas

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009 - From the opening selection, “Magnificat” by Nancy BerglundChristine Donkin, Dulcisono women’s choir began delivery of one of the most refined choral programs the city has seen in years, certainly by a local group. The choir has many capable voices, and in this instance Nancy Berglund performed the solo.Lake Superior read more...>



LU Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Choir Christmas Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   December 5, 2009  ---   If you love choral music, then Christmas Lakehead University Vocal_Ensemblecame early this Thursday night.  Lakehead University’s Music department presented their Vocal Ensemble and Chamber choir in a concert of seasonal music. Choral Ensembles is a core part of a music education at Lakehead. All music students must participate in the department’s choir in all four years of their undergraduate program in music. Lake Superior  read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON - December 1, 2009 - A new book recently launched about Canadian music icon and trailblazer Don Messer has some interesting connections to Thunder Bay. For starters, the book -- Don Messer: The Man Behind the Music – was written by best-selling author Johanna Bertin, who is married to former Fort William resident Barry Pendrel. They now live in New Brunswick. In the book, Bertin includes an interesting tidbit about Fort William (now Thunder Bay)   during a key event in Messer’s life.Lake Superior read more...> 

Magnus; A Great Night Out!

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 1, 2009 - I am a couple of days late with this Amos Crawley & Leisa Wayreview, but it is for a good reason. A couple of times a season I will review an event and the performance is so extraordinary that there simply isn’t much left to say that would do it justice. Usually these are music performances, but in this case I am talking about Magnus Theatre’s current production Robert More/Tom Doyle musical Dads 2: The Toddler’s Revenge. Lake Superiorread more...> 




ART ZOOM 2009!

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 30, 2009 - 3rd time’s the charm! This installment of Art Art Zoom 2009Zoom in the North Core, sponsored by “The
Heart of the Harbour BIA” has 24 businesses, including galleries, supporting more than
50 artists/musicians/writers of Thunder Bay. Lake Superior
read more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON - NOVEMBER 25, 2009 - DECEMBER DREAMS –an amazing arts December Dreams Rotary Cluband crafts show featuring more than 60 local and regional artists and artisans returns this weekend. The show, produced by the Lakehead Rotary Club, will be held at the CLE Coliseum on Saturday and Sunday and offers for sale thousands of one-of-a-kind hand-crafted creations by artists living in Thunder Bay and rural communities as well as from Northwest communities including Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, Upsala, Nipigon, Terrace Bay, and Marathon.Lake Superior read more...>

TBSO A Great Season

THUNDER BAY, ON -------   November 21, 2009  ------  Another masterworks program, Gisèle Ben-Dor, guest conductor TBSOanother great concert! Our Thunder Bay,  is blessed with a very capable fully professional symphony orchestra and is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Northern Ontario. Gisèle Ben-Dor, guest conductor knows a good orchestra when she hears one. A good orchestra does not need a conductor to beat time or make the important cues for the players. The musicians come to the first practice with their music learned. The conductor’s job is to get the musicians to play together so that they all play with the same musical concept, and with intensity. Lake Superior  read more.....>


 C.A.B. Concert feature Purcell, and Astronomy?

THUNDER BAY,  ON   --------  November 21, 2009  ----  Consortium Aurora Borealis, Thunder Bay,  a vibrant local chamber music organization now in its 31st season,  is commemorating two significant historical events this weekend with a special concert. It joins the rest of the world in celebrating the International Year of Astronomy, marking 400 years since Galileo first turned his telescope heavenwards. At the same time it commemorates the 350th birthday of the illustrious English composer Henry Purcell, who died in 1695 at the age of 36, on November 21 (the date of our concert), on the Eve of St. Cecilia’s Day, the feast day of the patron saint of music, Lake Superior  read more....>

Fort William Historical Park “A Christmas Carol”

A Chtistmas Carol


 THUNDER BAY ------   November  5, 2009  ----  For December, Rogue Productions returns with their popular theatrical presentation of “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens’ classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. The production is happening December 11th to13th and 17th to 20th in the Great Hall at Thunder Bay's  Fort William Historical Park.  Lake Superior  read more.......>






Jordana Divinorum open for Misfits

THUNDER BAY  ---- November 4, 2009  ----   Jordana Divinorum will be opening for The Misfits on November 5th at Roxy’s, Thunder Bay. The Misfits, who’ve gone through numerous line-up changes of their own (including at one point, Marky Ramone), have been around since 1977, since then bringing the horror punk sub-genre into mainstream with past hits like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Astro Zombies”.  Lake Superior  read more.....>

Said the Whale, “Islands Disappear”

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - What happens when Said the Whale goes on a Said The Whaleroad-trip of Canada? Well, they have problems, get some inspiration, and make an album, of course. “Islands Disappear”, the band’s latest CD, has already made its way onto the Top 50 Alternative Albums in Canada, and for good reason; “Islands Disappear” is an awesome album. Lake Superiorread more...>



Nanabozhoo’s Teaching Lodge

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - A brightly coloured tee pee and wigwam, birch bark, drums and Nanabozhoo's Teaching Lodgeother Aboriginal cultural artefacts great the visitor to the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in a colourful depiction of Nanabozhoo’s Teaching Lodge.

The Art Gallery is pleased to continue its long standing relationship with the Aboriginal community with the presentation of Nanabozhoo’s Teaching Lodge – an exhibition of learning and discovery as portrayed by students. Lake Superiorread more...> 

New book by Thunder Bay-born best-selling author Ron Chepesiuk

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - Thunder Bay-born Ron Chepesiuk, an award-Ron Chepesiukwinning investigative journalist,  has been described as "the master of high octane journalism." He is the author of Gangsters of Harlem and Black Gangsters of Chicago, Drug Lords, a Fulbright Scholar, an adjunct professor in the journalism department of UCLA's Extension Division and a consultant to the History Channel's Gangland documentary series. He has also been interviewed by the Biography Channel, Discovery, the History Channel, Black Entertainment Television, and NBC's Dateline.  Ron's latest book -- Gangsters of Miami -- will be launched next week and looks to be another best-seller. Lake Superiorread more...>


From Russia with Music

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 28, 2009 - Sometimes the best surprises are where you Elena Denisovaleast expect to find them. New Music North opened its Thunder Bay Concert season with an astounding performance by violinist Elena Densisova, and her pianist partner Alexei Kornienko. It seems to me a little unusual that a couple born raised and educated in Russia, living in Vienna, would come to Thunder Bay to give a concert of modern music for piano and violin as well as solo violin. What the audience witnessed on Tuesday night was an astounding demonstration of the Russian school of violin performance. For it seems the world can now be divided into three schools of thought when it comes to concertizing on the violin, and the Russian School is one of them. Lake Superiorread more...>

The Fly Fisher’s Companion

THUNDER BAY  -----   October 25,  2009  ---  The second play of the season is now playing The Fly Fisher’s Companionat Magnus Theatre. As usual Friday night’s gala performance was completely sold out. For me a gala performance is all about a performing society’s very best effort, and Magnus Theatre has pulled out all the stops to make this show a success. As with all Magnus Plays Mario Crudo likes to create an atmosphere of anticipation before the audience even goes into the theatre. With this performance he used the art work of Ray Swaluk, Peter Humeniuk of Lake Superior Art Gallery and William E Burn. These local artists specialize in the out of doors landscapes of our region and I know at least one, Ray Swaluk is an avid fisherman and sportsman. Lake Superior read more....>

A New CD from Päivi Salokari

THUNDER BAY  ----  October 20, 2009  ---  Päivi Salokari is the daughter of musical Päivi Salokarparents and grew up in Finland in a home filled with music. With her mother’s encouragement she and her two siblings learned at an early age to perform in choirs and Church Christmass Concerts.

 At age 7 Päivi began violin lessons, something which she continued for the next ten years. Also at age seven she participated in a children’s recording, “I’d Rather be Little”. Because of her apparent musicality she was accepted into special music classes from grade three to grade nine and from there to the Sibelius Music High School in Helsinki where she graduated in 1987  Lake Superior read more....>


Händel’s “Utrecht Jubilate” Nov 1st at Lakeview Presbyterian

THUNDER BAY,  ----  October 18, 2009  ---  The November performance of Händel’s “Utrecht Jubilate” on November 1st at Lakeview Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Church will mark the end of nearly two years of preparation and planning for Diane Laaksonen, organist of this church. It is a large work for choir, organ, instrumentalists and soloists. In one sense this work is a gala performance celebrating the style, elegance and the ceremony of Händel and is contemporaries. In this case the “Utrecht Jubilate Deo” was written in 1713 for the London celebration at St. Paul’s Cathedral of the “Peace of Utrecht”, which ended the War of Spanish Succession. The Utrecht Jubilate Deo is a setting in English of Psalm 100.  Lake Superior  read more.......>

Händel Organ Concerto a Rare Treat 

THUNDER BAY,  ON  ---  October 18, 2009  ---  The Classical Music scene is in full swing. Consortium Handel Concerto.This Saturday city residents had their second opportunity to come and hear a Consortium Aurora Borealis Concert at St. Paul’s United Church.

Elizabeth Ganiatsos the group’s music director was on hand for the evening festivities celebrating the music of Georg Händel, and Franz Joseph Haydn. The musicians of the ensemble all drawn from the ranks of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra  Lake Superior read more......>


 It’s Time for Music

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   October 17, 2009   ----  Tania has been in the city for a week Tania Millerguest conducting the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

When she accepted the invitation to open the TBSO’s season with its first Masterworks Concert a number of doubts must of run through her mind. What kind of orchestra is this? These are masterworks for orchestra, will one week be sufficient time to prepare the concert? She need not have worried. Tania opened the concert with the statement of how wonderful our orchestra is to work with, and she is impressed with the professionalism and warmth of the musicians.

Our orchestra has always responded well to guest musicians, and they make an effort to welcome them and give them a good musical experience. The obviously liked Tania’s approach to music because you could “feel every note” she conducted. Feel every note” is the slogan on this year’s website for the Victoria Symphony where she is full time conductor and music director. My favourite piece of the night was Mozart’s Prague Symphony (#38). Mozart one of history’s most gifted composers wrote extremely well for strings. He intrinsically knew what strings can do and how string players like to play. Our orchestra is essentially a Mozart sized ensemble so his music is a perfect match for our players. This is a feel good piece when played by the gifted musicians of the symphony, and true to her Logo Tania Miller delivered on every note. Lake Superior  read more.....>

Piano Extraordinaire!

THUNDER BAY, ON - September 30, 2009 - I have been thinking about the season’s H. Morrison, N. Lehrneropening concert of the Consortium Aurora Borealis. A lot has been cooking on the kitchen stove since last season. For one thing it is the first time in 31 seasons that music director Elizabeth Ganiatsos has not been present for an opening concert.Lake Superior read more...>



Due to tremendous popular demand!

THUNDER BAY, ON - September 24, 2009 - Magnus Theatre is excited to announce that HANK WILLIAMS: THE SHOW HE NEVER GAVE by Maynard Collins, has been extended to Saturday October 3, 2009. “Hank Williams is a phenomenal success for Magnus! Many of the 20 performances, during the initial two and a half week run, are sold out. To accomodate the scores of people who would still love the opportunity to see a performance, we have decided to hold the show over for one additional week.” says Artistic Director Mario Crudo. Lake Superiorread more...> 

Season Opener A Winner

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   September 12, 2009   ---  Mario Crudo has worked long and hard to choose a season opener for Magnus Theatre. He wanted a show that will appeal to as many people as possible. In choosing Maynard Collin’s Hank Williams – The Show He Never Gave, Magnus presents a great story through song, and a touch of multimedia. The tragic story of this great country and western singer begs to be told on stage. After all the singers lifelong career was on a stage of one form or another. Lake Superior  read more.....>





Winnipeg’s best and brightest visit Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------  February 13, 2010  ---  This weekend some 54 voices of Winnipeg"s Pembina Trails Voices Winnipeg’s Pembina Trails Voices visited Thunder Bay. The opening statement on the group’s website provides a mission statement worthy of any fine organization.

“Now in its twenty-eighth season, Pembina Trails Voices is dedicated to providing boys and girls and young men and women across the Pembina Trails School Division with an exceptional choral experience. Through carefully chosen choral literature of the highest caliber, choristers expand their knowledge of music theory and vocal culture, and share with audiences the beauty and power of choral music.” Lake Superior News News read more.....>



When it is more a Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 29, 2010 - Lakehead University Music Department presented Jobin Bevans Chamber Choirits annual Spring Ensembles concert Friday March 26th. It is one occasion where people from Thunder Bay can see firsthand the quality of the University’s work.

As I was waiting for the concert to begin I kept thinking how in Bach’s time and until not so recent times organists were required to play an annual recital to show parishioners how far the organist has progressed during the year. In those days there were consequences for organists who did not meet expectations. In Bach’s time the annual recital was more than a routine concert. The organist’s future prospects depended on how well they did with the annual concert. There was a lot at stake. In many respects the LU ensembles concert has some of the same elements. Lake Superior News News read more...>



Dulcisono Women’s Choir presented “Northern Lights”

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   May May 9, 2010  ----   Sunday May 2nd Dulcisono Heather MacLeod and Kevin MacLeod Women’s Choir presented “Northern Lights” a joint concert with the Otava Finnish Men’s Choir at Hilldale Lutheran Church, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

For me the evening brought forth several pleasant surprises. The first was on entering the church parking lot. If was full and overflowing. Clearly this choir has learned a few things about enticing audiences at a time of year when it is difficult to sell tickets to concerts. Lake Superior News News  read more....>




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