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A Conversation with Gregory Lewis


Gregory Lewis

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  May 18, 2015  ---- When Gregory Lewis was a small boy of about 4 years old, audience members recall him standing up in the balcony playing an imaginary violin at a Thunder Bay's  Consortium Aurora Borealis concert. From that time onwards many people in Thunder Bay have been watching his musical development with interest.

In my first ever Facebook interview I have posed some questions about one of our own classical musicians.

I have been watching you develop as a promising musician for years now and have attended
numerous recitals. Will you be playing the recital more than once? If so where and when?

Hi Bert, Nice to hear form you, and thank you for your interest in my recital. Help promoting is always welcome. Q: Will you be playing the recital more than once? If so where and when? A: This is my only recital performance. While I have performed the repertoire in numerous competitions and auditions over the past year (alongside other repertoire that I won't be performing in the recital for the sake of time), this will be my only solo recital performance. This is due mostly to the amount of  time that organizing and advertising a recital consumes. Because I only do one solo recital a year, I always present it in Thunder Bay. My hometown was very supportive of my musical growth and was quite present in my musical upbringing, and so it makes great sense that I return to Thunder Bay to show my appreciation.

Q: As a soon to be professional, do you favour a career as an orchestra musician or a chamber musician?

A: This is a tough question. At the point in my life, solo performance takes up a large majority of my focus. However, I still provide great focus to chamber and orchestral playing, as they are both fundamental aspects of growth as a musician. I have had a very large increase of interest in orchestra performance over the past three years, though, and so this is a very possible career outcome.

Q: What is your pursuit in terms of education, a degree in music, teaching or perhaps masters in performance?

A: I just finished my 2nd year studying Violin Performance with Oleg Pokhanovski at the University of Manitoba. Once I have finished this degree, I plan on auditioning at American conservatories to pursue a diploma in violin performance. As much as I enjoy teaching my studio here in Winnipeg, I don't see teaching as a long-term career. I get more enjoyment and satisfaction from performing.

Things to add if you have room:

1. I give all credit of my musical development to my Thunder Bay teacher Olga Medvedeva and my Winnipeg teacher Oleg Pokhanovski. I also have incredibly supportive parents who are by my side as I continue pursuing violin.

2. Perhaps include a few accomplishments? I will be performing in Carnegie Hall May 25th, and will be touring Canada with the 2015 National Youth Orchestra of Canada. I won an Award of Excellence through NYOC, proving myself to a "most advanced student who will likely hold section leadership positions". I also won First Prize in the 2015 American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition and Second Prize in the 2014 Enkor International Piano and Violin Competition.

3. My favourite composers are Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and R. Strauss.

Gregory also mentioned that there is a non musical aspect to his life, and he loves to have coffee with friends and acquaintances. He is looking forward to his time in Thunder Bay as much to perform as to catch up with friends and supporters.

June 11, 2015    6:30 pm
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Brodie Street Across from Thunder Bay City Hall

Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

Magnus Theatre


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