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THUNDER BAY, ON ----   October 4, 2010   ---As a courtesy to the MNR Thunder Bay District, the OFAHO.F.A.H. is helping notify hunters about these no hunting areas..  For more information, please contact MNR Thunder Bay District Office at 1-807-475-1471.




  Overview Map showing all "No Hunt" areas Download 56.3 MB
Map Region   File Size
TBS-01 Kingfisher Outdoor School (year round closure) Download 0.95 MB
TBS-02 Michener Parry/Creigton Bay (year round closure) Download 28.8 MB
TBS-03 Adrian Lake Road Download 1.0 MB
TBS-04 Redshaw Road Download 2.8 MB
TBS-05 East of Shebandowan & N of Hwy 11 Download 7.9 MB
TBS-06 N of Hwy 11 & West of Brule Rd Download 1.1 MB
TBS-07 Heart Lake Rd (south of Greenwater Lake) Download 1.0 MB
TBS-08 Titmarsh Area Download 1.9 MB
TBS-09 RES Wind Farm Construction area (Ouimet Canyon) Download 2.7 MB
Map Region   File Size
TBN-01 Yorky Rd ( East of Dog Lake) Download 0.83 MB
TBN-02 Doodlebug Rd (between Magone & Escape Roads) Download 0.73 MB
TBN-03 Aberdeen Rd Area (off Monday Lk Rd) Download 0.60 MB
TBN-04 Roaring/Naydo Rd area Download 0.81 MB
TBN-05 Mooseland/Holinshead Rd 90/Ruffo Rd area Download 0.72 MB
TBN-06 Almond Rd Download 1.5 MB

The above table is from the OFAH website


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