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Cambrian Players Darn Plot

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   April 29, 2014  ----  Cambrian Players, Thunder Bay, is taking to the stage this week with their final play of the 2013-14 season “That Darn Plot” Cambrian Players That Darn Plowinner of the 2000 Samuel French Canadian Playwriting Contest written by David Belke. “That Darn Plot” is directed by Gabe Ferrazzo. Mr. Ferrazzo is a veteran director and actor last scene on stage in Cambrian’s hit farce, “The Ladies Man”.

Originally produced by Shadow Theatre at the 1998 Edmonton Theatre Fringe Festival, the play takes place in the real and fictional world of Mark W. Transom (Norm McDougall) most notably his work area and the rehearsal hall of the Harvest Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.

Transom, one of world's greatest playwrights, is at the end of his rope. In order to fulfill his contract to artistic director and old friend Jo Harber (Treena Maylen), he has to create a play in one night or lose everything. Half asleep and half drunk, Transom starts putting theatrical personalities he knows into a simple comedy about putting on a play. As the characters come to life, like the aspiring young actor (Micheal Bogensberger ) and the older yet wiser veteran (Richard Pepper) before his eyes the play seems to be progressing well until, unbidden and without warning, Transom's son Lloyd (Chris Jason) appears as a character and the play takes on a life of its own. Or is it his life? Add in a feisty Stage Manager (Felicia Seyfert) to the mix and watch as the playwright struggles to maintain the upper hand. This out of control writing process brings him closer and closer to the heart of his estrangement with his son.

Photo of Micheal Bogensberger, Chris Jason, Gabe Ferrazzo, Treena Maylen and Richard Pepper. HUMOUR AND FUN ABOUND IN NEW CAMBRIAN SHOW.

Hilarious and heartfelt, “That Darn Plot” is a comedy about playwriting, rehearsals, rewriting and rehabilitating reality as well as a sympathetic look at a creative writer who is unable to connect with the people around him, including his only child.

Performances take place at the Paramount Theatre in Thunder Bay on April 30 to May 3, and May 7 to10th at 8pm daily. Advance tickets available from: Steepers, Fireweed and Calico and at the theatre door. $10 discount tickets are available for April 30, May 1, 7 and 8th performances. All other performances are $20 adult and $15 for students and seniors. 

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