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Outdoor Tourism

Sault hosting Crank The Shield cycling race - Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sault hosting Crank The Shield cycling race this weekend

Sault hosting Crank The Shield cycling race  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Circletour  #LSN_Tourism

SAULT STE MARIE, ONTARIO - August 16, 2018 (LSN)  Mountain bike enthusiasts from across North America are descending on Sault Ste. Marie this weekend. From August 17 to 19, the community is hosting Crank T


Sault Ste. Marie is hosting Crank The Shield this weekend. The cycling adventure is taking place from August 17 to 19 at various locations. It features nearly 200 cyclists from across North America. As members of the media, you are invited to all portions of the event. 

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Coast Guard Rescue 3 People - Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Coast Guard Rescue 3 People Isle Royale

Coast Guard Rescue 3 People Isle Royale  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Outdoors  #LSN_CircleTour

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -  August 8, 2018  (LSN)  A helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Michigan conducted a medevac from Isle Royale in Lake Superior, Tuesday.


Watchstanders in the Coast Guard District Nine Command Center were contacted by a Park Ranger on Isle Royal shortly after 9 p.m. local time, Monday, about an 18 year-old woman experiencing severe dehydration and slipping in and out of consciousness. The woman was part of a 3-person hiking party who set out on Monday morning.

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Join the “EARTH EX” - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Join the “EARTH EX” Preparedness Event

Cook County  EARTH EX” Preparedness Event
#LSN_News #LSN_CookCounty #LSN_PublicSafety

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA - August 15, 2018 (LSN)   As we become more dependent on interconnected utilities and technology (including energy grids, communications, data systems, etc.) we also become more vulnerable to catastrophe from damages to those systems.


Think it can’t happen to you? Just this January 2018 large parts of Cook County experienced an extended power outage during frigid temps. In 2010, Lake County experienced the 2010 fiber-optic failure and couldn’t make phone calls, buy gasoline or make bank transactions. Every wind storm or blizzard has the potential to damage our grid systems. 

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Downton Abbey Road Paramount Live - Sunday, August 12, 2018

The laughs are on at the Paramount!

Downton Abbey Road Paramount Live  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Arts   Paramount 

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  August 12, 2018  (LSN) Audiences have been flocking to the Paramount this August to catch a local summer theatre production of Downton Abbey Road. Now heading into its last week of performances, Downton Abbey Road is written by  Randy Apostle of Celebrations and Jubilations Dinner Theatres and tells the story of the Crawley family being abuzz for Lady Mary’s birthday celebration until a mysterious visitor claims they know a dark secret about someone in the house.

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Great Lake Shipping


Lutsen Bridge Complete Ahead of Schedule - Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lutsen Bridge Complete and Open to Traffic Ahead of Schedule

New Lutsen Bridge   Lake Superior News
#LSN_News #LSN_CookCounty

LUTSEN, MINNESOTA - August 15, 2018  (lLSN)  After a congested summer of road construction between Eagle Ridge Resort and Papa Charlie’s, Cook County’s Highway 5 bridge is now open.  


The new $823,000 concrete structure, funded by Cook County’s Transportation Sales Tax, replaced a load-restricted steel bridge with deteriorated timber abutments. Last winter’s first draft schedule for this project forecasted a completion date at the end of September

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Victoria Removes John A. Macdonald Statue - Sunday, August 12, 2018

Victoria Removes John A. Macdonald Statue

John-A_-Macdonald-Statue-Removed  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion   Spencer Fernando

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  August 12, 2018  (LSN)  In a disgusting and shameful move, the Victoria City Council has removed a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, the latest in a growing example of radical left attempts to destroy Canadian history.

This is a terrible moment, and unless Canadians speak out against it and vote out the leftists, it will keep happening.

The radical left has a clear agenda: Wipe out Canadian national pride, and replace it with a globalist ideology that rejects the idea of a unified Canadian nation.

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Trudeau illegal border crossers, Crisis  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion   Spencer Fernando

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -  Auguest 4, 2-018   (LSN)  The effort by Trudeau and the elites to downplay the crisis has failed miserably.
A new survey by Angus Reid shows a clear majority of Canadians rejecting Justin Trudeau’s do-nothing approach to the illegal border crossing crisis

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Liberals sabotaged the trade negotiations - Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trudeau and the Liberals sabotaged the trade negotiations with the USA

Butts Trudeau   Rebel Media  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion  Butts  Trudeau   Rebel Media

TORONTO, ONTARIO - July 29, 2018   (LSN) There now is no doubt Trudeau and the Liberals sabotaged the trade negotiations with the USA. This was planned to start a trade war and rally patriotic Canadians to the Liberal vote in the coming 2019 election.

It has seemed to Manny Montenegrino, President & CEO Think Sharp Inc, that Trudeau and Gerald Butts are more interested in satisfying anti-Trump Canadians for political reasons, than they are in reaching an agreement with Trump and now he has seen the smoking gun.

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Caribou Charity Ride - Thursday, August 9, 2018

Caribou Charity Ride Celebrates Ten Years

Caribou Charity Ride Celebrates Ten Years  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Health  John Sims, Andrea Docherty, Alan Cranston, Devon Sokoloski

Thunder Bay, ON) –  During a lifetime, everyone will be affected by cancer. Ten years ago, the Caribou Charity Ride was created to give all kinds of people the motivation to challenge themselves while contributing to exceptional cancer care in Northwestern Ontario.

Organizers are thrilled that this year’s Ride, on Sunday, September 9, marks a real milestone in the event’s history. “To have an event run for ten years is pretty remarkable,” said John Sims

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Tuberculosis outbreak - Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tuberculosis Update:
TBDHU continues to manage tuberculosis outbreak

TBDHU Tuberculosis Update  Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  August, 8, 2018  (LSN)  The Thunder Bay District Health Unit is continuing to manage an outbreak of tuberculosis in the city of Thunder Bay.  The outbreak was declared at the beginning of March.

To date, TBDHU has identified eleven cases of active tuberculosis in Thunder Bay associated with this outbreak. Most cases identified have occurred in individuals who lack adequate housing.  TBDHU staff has identified and are continuing to screen individuals who may have been exposed to active tuberculosis. TBDHU expects to identify additional cases through this screening process.

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Tom “The Bomb” Nesbitt - Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tom “The Bomb” Nesbitt
Rice Lake (WI) Speedways Hall of Fame

Tom “The Bomb” Nesbitt  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Sports   Story By Jeff Caldwell

RICE LAKE, WISCONISN  -  August 12, 2018   (LSN)   After 50 years working, some are honoured with a gold watch. When you haul a race car all over North America, win hundreds of Feature races, 30 season championships over 50 years, you get inducted into several Halls of Fame. Tom was honored this past weekend, August 11with his induction into Rice Lake (WI) Speedways Hall of Fame. Tom was a regular in the Late Model class at Rice Lake Speedway in the late 60’s, winning 14 features 1968-2002 and, the season points twice.

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Miners’ Sweet-Coulter Joins World Junior A Challenge - Friday, August 10, 2018

Miners’ Sweet-Coulter Joins World Junior A Challenge

Derek Sweet-Coulter  SIJHL   Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  – August 10, 2018  (LSN)  After helping Team Canada West mine gold at last year’s World Junior A Challenge in Nova Scotia, Derek Sweet-Coulter of the Superior International Junior Hockey League’s freshly-renamed Red Lake Miners has earned an opportunity to repeat.

Hockey Canada has announced that the Miners’ head coach and general manager has been once again named to the Canada West coaching staff for this year’s WJAC, which goes December 9-15 in Bonnyville, Alta.

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